Home and Away Spoilers – Tane to choose between Felicity and kids

Next week on Home and Away in the UK, Tane faces a tough choice when Felicity tells him she’ll never change her mind about having children – is she enough for him?

With Tane (Ethan Browne) and Felicity’s (Jacqui Purvis) recent purchase of some land in New Zealand, Tane has been thoughtful about their future together. As the pair had dinner with Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) this week, Cash pointed out that his baby sister was now more grown up than he was—she’s married, a business owner, and now has a mortgage.

Until recently, everyone would have thought it impossible for Flick given her troubled past, and Tane commented how proud he was of the changes in her after overcoming her obstacles. As Flick then pointed out that she was looking forward to the future, Tane began getting ideas.

After Cash noticed that Tane had something on his mind, Tane confided that he was thinking of asking Flick if she’d like to try for a baby. Flick has always been clear in her stance of never having children—and Tane had agreed that it wouldn’t be a dealbreaker in their relationship—but he wonders whether she’ll have changed her mind on that like she did with the idea of marriage.

When Tane first returned from NZ a few weeks back, and started enthusing about seeing the family with all his baby cousins, it immediately put Flick into a panic, thinking he was hoping to start his own family. Tane eventually revealed that he was merely hoping to move back to his homeland one day, hence the later property purchase, but it’s clear now that it wasn’t enough to scratch his itch.

Cash commented that Tane would have to be a brave man to bring up that subject with Flick, but bring it up he did the next morning… to Flick’s utter horror.

As we return to the scene next week, Flick walks away intent on avoiding answering the question, reminding him that they’ve already discussed it ages ago. As Tane explains that he thought things might be different now, Flick excuses herself to go work.

Back at the house, Tane tells Cash and Eden that the conversation didn’t go the way he’d hoped. It’s down to the pair to commence damage control as Cash remains with Tane whilst Eden goes to talk to Flick. Tane’s annoyed that Flick wouldn’t just answer the question outright.

Flick is surprised that Eden even knows about the conversation Tane was intending to have with her, who soon confronts her brother, asking why he didn’t give her any warning. Cash feels it wasn’t his place to say.

Later on, it’s Eden and Tane’s turn to have a conversation. Tane explains that he’ll happily accept whatever Flick wants, insisting that he’s happy with the way things are—he just wanted to ask his wife the question on the offchance.

Eden theorises that it may be down to timing, it could be too soon after the assault for Flick to even think about having children.

In the meantime, Flick tells Cash that she’s afraid of hurting Tane all over again with her answer, and begrudges the fact that she has to live with his disappointment every time he asks the same question. Cash tells her that she simply needs to be honest with him.

Having done the rounds of talking with everyone else, Flick and Tane finally reconvene, where Tane apologises for bringing up the issue, telling her that they can revisit it at some point in the future. However, Flick tells Tane that it’s nothing to do with the timing, having children is something that she’s never going to change her mind about.

Flick reminds Tane of her own difficult childhood, with losing her parents at a young age. She’ll never be able to bring herself to bring a child into world that’s full of so much pain.

Although Tane assures Flick that it’s alright, she can see that once again he is disappointed.

Tane can’t let it go though, and he later explains to Flick that she shouldn’t base her decision on her one experiences, there’s lots of good in the world too. If she doesn’t want a baby that’s fair enough, but a decision based out of fear isn’t a good enough reason.

Flick bites back that he’d promised to respect her decision to not have children—he’d looked her in the eye and told her that she was enough for him.

Is that still the case?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 6th November (Episode 8121)

Felicity dreads disappointing Tane. Dana receives good news. Cash grapples with an uncertain future.

Tuesday 7th November (Episode 8122)

Felicity spells it out for Tane. Cash snaps at Eden. Can Justin turn away a homeless Marilyn?

Wednesday 8th November (Episode 8123)

Kirby yearns for her best friend. Marilyn gives Roo an ultimatum. “Magic Mali” goes viral.

Thursday 9th November (Episode 8124)

Tensions rise between Roo and Marilyn. Remi lashes out at Bree.

Friday 10th November (Episode 8125)

A blast from Mali’s past hits the Bay. John gives Remi food for thought. Justin resists cohabitating with Marilyn.