Home and Away Spoilers – Bob the Snob leaves… will Alf be next?

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Bob’s decision to skip town leaves Lyrik without a lead singer, while Alf accepts that his future is away from Summer Bay.

Salt owners Mackenzie (Emily Weir) and Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) are reaping the benefits of their successful relaunch last week, which saw Flick’s old friends Lyrik play a gig in the beachside restaurant.

Although Mac was at first reluctant to subject Salt’s customers to a live music night, feeling it wasn’t quite the upmarket feel they were going for, Flick wore her down and it’s just as well she did. Mac is happy to report that business is up and their socials are kicking off following the event, and as such is keen for Lyrik to return.

Flick tells Mac that Lyrik have already left town, as they have other gigs planned, but Mac promises the band a paid gig—perhaps they could even offer them a regular slot.

It’s quite the turnaround for Mac, so Flick agrees to ask and leaves some messages for Eden (Stephanie Panozzo).

Later in the week, Flick is walking along the road when someone from an approaching vehicle wolf-whistles. Flick is nervous to turn around until she hears a familiar voice… it’s Eden, the band are back already!

Eden figured they’d come back to see what all of Flick’s messages were about, and it’s not long before they’re all back at the Parata house.

Flick tells the band that Mac has a business proposition for them, a regular gig at Salt, but lead singer Bob (Rob Mallett) immediately turns his nose up at the idea with a resounding no.

It took the rest of the band overruling Bob during a vote for him to play the first gig at Salt, as a favour for Flick, but Bob is adamant that they’re now done with playing “pub gigs in hick towns“.

As Flick gives the band some time to talk, both Eden and Remi (Adam Rowlands) are keen to take the job—it will provide them some financial security—but Bob isn’t willing to compromise. Once again, it comes down to Kirby (Angelina Thomson) to decide where her loyalties lie—does she side with her boyfriend, or with the rest of the band?

When Eden, Kirby and Remi ask Flick if she can give them an offer Bob can’t refuse, she proposes to pay them double what other venues are offering them, with a guaranteed fortnightly gig, which will give them plenty of time to persue further performances elsewhere.

But it’s still not good enough for Bob, whose ego won’t let a regular gig get in the way of his big plans for the band. As Kirby is left to try and talk him round, he instead suggests that they ditch Remi and Eden and go it alone. Those two are just holding them back—with his voice and Kirby’s songwriting talents, there’s no limit to what they can achieve.

After another failed band discussion, where Bob claims that Flick is nothing but a jumped up barmaid who can’t offer them anything worthwhile, Bob tells Kirby that he’s leaving the next morning, and he wants her to come with him.

As morning breaks, Remi and Eden are surprised to find Bob packing up the van. Bob makes a final plea to Kirby, telling her that she’ll never get anywhere with losers Eden and Remi.

Kirby finally makes her decision… she’s staying.

Bob tells her she’ll regret it as he speeds off in the van, and as Eden comforts Kirby, she admits she hasn’t been happy for a while anyway.

But Lyrik have a bigger issue on their hands—they’ve agreed to Flick’s generous offer…. but they have no lead singer!

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Alf (Ray Meagher) is in a grumpy mood following his return to Summer Bay last week, but no-one can figure out why.

When Irene (Lynne McGranger) asks when he’s heading back to see his wife Martha (Belinda Giblin) again, who’s currenly convalescing at her home in Merimbula, Alf snaps back that he’ll go when he’s good and ready, before making a hasty exit.

Roo (Georgie Parker) knows that Alf was annoyed by the fact he’d returned for Nikau’s (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) bravery award ceremony, only for Nik to bottle out of attending, but both she and Irene feel that he’d be over that by now—there’s definitely something else going on.

In the meantime, Alf is busying himself going through the surf club’s books, much to the confusion of John (Shane Withington) who wants to know why…

Because I’m the club president” Alf replies simply, as John gives in.

Having spoken to Martha, Roo returns to Irene and Marilyn (Emily Symons) with a solemn look on her face…

When she meets up with Alf again later, she reveals that she knows the truth about what’s going on. Martha has decided that she’s never coming back to Summer Bay—but what does that mean for Alf?


Alf doesn’t want to talk about it, figuring that things will work themselves out.

Much to Roo’s frustration, Alf continues to avoid making a decision throughout the day, as she tries to persuade him to call Martha.

In the end, when Justin (James Stewart), offers Alf a beer at his place to take some time out, he opens up to him.

It seems that Alf has already made his decision—Martha is settled in Merimbula, her son Kieran (Rick Donald) has stepped up, and everything has fallen into place for her. Alf knows that Martha is at her happiest, how can he ask her to give that up?

Alf tells Justin that he has to move to Merimbula… but he doesn’t know how Roo will take it!

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 22nd August (Episode 7836)

Ziggy plays cupid. Mackenzie can’t get enough of Lyrik. The criminal underworld catches Tane.

Tuesday 23rd August (Episode 7837)

The Bikies have a plan for Tane’s gym. Xander loses his paramedic cool. Cash and John make unlikely mates.

Wednesday 24th August (Episode 7838)

Xander reveals his battle scars. Nikau becomes Chloe’s paranoid bodyguard. Lyrik are back in the bay. Alf is wounded by Martha’s choice.

Thursday 25th August (Episode 7839)

Chloe catches Nikau’s paranoia. Will Bob’s ambition destroy the band? Alf must decide between Martha and Summer Bay.

Friday 26th August (Episode 7840)

Mackenzie glams up for a new guy. Is Alf leaving Summer Bay for good? Lyrik wins a gig, but loses a star.