Home and Away Spoilers – The bike gang reveal their plan for Tane

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Tane learns what the bikies have planned for him and the gym, while Xander reveals the full extent of his stress.

The mental stress Xander Delaney (Luke Van Os) faces in his line of duty as a paramedic is laid bare this week, much to the shock of his half-sister Rose (Kirsty Marillier).

It’s become obvious since his arrival in Summer Bay that Xander can become over-involved with his patients. The recent case of Millie Hudson (Zara Zoe) has been testament to that, but whilst Rose has been quick to voice any concerns, she remains unaware of just how much Xander has struggled when it comes to losing patients.

Next week, the two are called to an accident where a teenager has been knocked off his bicycle by a car. When coppers Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Rose arrive, Xander and fellow paramedic Jo (Katie Horky) are desperately performing CPR on the young man, but after half an hour they’re forced to give up.

The driver, Rodney, smells strongly of alcohol, despite his assertions that he’s only had a couple of beers, and when Cash informs him that he’s over the legal limit and is under arrest, Xander suddenly snaps.

Look at what you’ve done,” Xander yells as Cash is forced to restrain him. “He’s dead because of you! This is your fault, I hope you rot in jail!

Rose is shocked by her brother’s outburst, and after Xander has cooled down, she tells him that she’s never seen him act like that before—it really worried her. She asks if he wants to talk, but Xander blows her off.

Rose later offloads to new beau Tex (Lucas Linehan). Xander used to be such fun when they were younger; he was always pranking his family as a teen, but over the past couple of years he’s changed. He barely even smiles anymore.

Meanwhile, at the apartment, Xander has locked himself in his room and is in the midst of a panic attack as he replays the incident over and over in his head. He puts on his headphones and plays some hard rock music at full blast, but it does little to calm him.

When Rose returns and can’t get Xander to answer his door, she’s extremely concerned, particularly when she realises it’s locked from the inside.

Fearing for her brother’s safety, Rose breaks down the door, only to find Xander sitting there with his back to her, oblivious to the commotion as he continues to listen to his music.

Xander’s startled when Rose places her hand on his shoulder, and demands she leaves the room immediately!

The next morning Rose refuses to apologise, whilst Xander insists he was fine—he should be able to unwind without his sister breaking down his door.

After talking about the situation more with Cash, Rose tries to tell Xander that in life and death jobs like theirs, they need to find a way to cope without lashing out, otherwise next time it could be worse.

As Xander rebuffs Rose’s concerns that he needs help, he suddenly removes his shirt, revealing a torso full of intricate tattoos.

This is how I deal with it!” Xander yells at a shocked Rose, who has never seen the extent of her brother’s tattoos before now…

Explaining that he gets a tattoo every time he goes through a traumatic experience with a patient that he just can’t shake off, Rose realises that Xander’s coping mechanism is far from healthy.

Will Rose be able to convince Xander that he needs help?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Tane (Ethan Browne) is reeling after finding a photo of Ari and Mia on his car, alongside a note telling him “Your brother stole our money. We want it back.

Viewers have recently learned that Tex is in fact part of a bikie group, the Death Adders, who were apparently the victims of a robbery Ari committed over 10 years ago. Tex has since been keeping an eye on the comings and goings at the Parata house, and was interested to learn that Chloe (Sam Barrett) is Ari’s step-daughter.

When Tane reluctantly makes contact with the number that has been left, leader of the gang Marty (Ben Wood) decides to make him sweat for a while. The next day, Tane is told to be on Stewarts Point Road in 15 minutes’ time.

Once there, Marty pulls up, telling Tane to put a sack over his head and hop in.

Tane isn’t too keen on the idea, until Marty tells him that he knows where Tane’s girlfriend Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) is. That together with the heavies in the back of the van are enough to convince Tane to go along with it.


At the bikies’ HQ, Tane is shocked to come face to face with Tex, who he knows from his recent sessions at the gym.

Marty explains that the money Ari stole from his father is the exact amount that Ari and Mia paid for the gym, so it didn’t take long for them to put two and two together.

With Ari now dead and Mia overseas, Tane being the new owner of the gym means that he’s now responsible for paying them back… with interest, which in their view equates to $225,000.

Tane points out there’s no way he can come up with that kind of cash, but Marty explains that he’ll have to, unless he wants him to give Flick a call…

As Tex drops Tane back in the bay, he warns him to not take too long in coming up with a plan to raise the funds.

Finally letting Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) in on what’s going, Tane goes through the gym accounts but realises he only has one option—he’ll have to sell up. 

Tane meets with Tex to let him know, but Tex reveals that there’s been a change of plan. Claiming that they feel sorry for him having to deal with Ari’s problem, Tex tells him that they’re going to go into business with him instead, which will be far more useful to them.

The bikies will send someone in to look through the books and work out how much money they can put through the gym.

Tane immediately realises what Tex is getting at—money laundering!

Tane later tells Nik that they need to think of a new plan, but at the moment he’s got no choice but to go along with it…

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 22nd August (Episode 7836)

Ziggy plays cupid. Mackenzie can’t get enough of Lyrik. The criminal underworld catches Tane.

Tuesday 23rd August (Episode 7837)

The Bikies have a plan for Tane’s gym. Xander loses his paramedic cool. Cash and John make unlikely mates.

Wednesday 24th August (Episode 7838)

Xander reveals his battle scars. Nikau becomes Chloe’s paranoid bodyguard. Lyrik are back in the bay. Alf is wounded by Martha’s choice.

Thursday 25th August (Episode 7839)

Chloe catches Nikau’s paranoia. Will Bob’s ambition destroy the band? Alf must decide between Martha and Summer Bay.

Friday 26th August (Episode 7840)

Mackenzie glams up for a new guy. Is Alf leaving Summer Bay for good? Lyrik wins a gig, but loses a star.