Home and Away Spoilers – Mac calls the defence forces on Neve!

Coming up next week on Home and Away in the UK, Theo’s criminal conviction forces Alf to take a hard look at himself, whilst Mac makes a call to the defence force…

Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) is struggling after boyfriend Logan (Harley Bonner) moved into a motel room with his ex-girlfriend Neve (Sophie Bloom), as he tried to help her realise she is suffering from PTSD.

Having been in the same situation previously with Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams), after his ex Mia (Anna Samson) turned up in Summer Bay, Mac was determined to not let history repeat itself, and agreed to let Neve stay with them in the Pier apartment in order to keep an eye on her and Logan.

But the situation became too much for Mac to bear, and when she issued Logan with an ultimatum, she was surprised when Logan chose to leave the apartment with Neve!

This week, Mac bumps into Logan as he collects dinner for himself and Neve, and he tells Mac that he has to see this through—Neve has to admit that she has PTSD if there’s any chance of helping her.

When Mac updates brother Dean (Patrick O’Connor) on the situation, he is livid. He’d warned Logan to not hurt his sister, and whilst Mac asks Dean to stay out of it, he can’t resist heading around to the motel.

When Logan opens the door, he’s met with a punch to the face!

Mac apologises when she sees Logan again and realises what Dean has done, but tells him that she can’t go on living in limbo anymore—things are over between them, and the time has come to tell the defence force of an AWOL Neve’s whereabouts.

If he doesn’t do it, then she will.

Mac later intends to stick to her word as she rings up the authorities, but in the end she’s unable to do it and puts the phone down.

When Mac then heads over to the motel, she walks in to find Neve and Logan on the cusp of locking lips again! Neve makes herself scarce as Logan desperately tries to explain to Mac that it was Neve who had initiated the kiss, and he hadn’t had chance to push her away, but Mac’s not interested.

She tells Logan that she had placed the call to dob Neve in… but didn’t go through with it. But as Neve listens outside the door, she only hears the first part of the conversation and makes a run for it. Despite the kiss, Mac tells Logan that she’s willing to wait for him.

Neve wanders around the bay in a panic, and when Mac and Logan eventually come across her in the surf club, Neve rips into Mac and physically attacks her, pushing her onto the pool table as she screams that she has no idea what she’s been through.

Unfortunately copper Cash has been witness to the whole thing, and as Neve tries to apologise and makes her exit, Cash gives chase.

Is Neve about to be found out and thrown in jail?

Elsewhere in Summer Bay, Theo (Matt Evans) has been facing the full force of a flamin’ Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) over the past few weeks, after Ryder (Lukas Radovich) nearly died when their latest online challenge video went wrong.

Although everyone has been trying to persuade Alf that Theo wasn’t solely to blame, given it was Ryder’s idea in the first place and he went into the coffin voluntarily, Alf has been determined to make Theo pay for leading his grandson astray.

When Alf told Constable Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright) that he wanted Theo charged, he was incensed to hear that no crime had actually been committed. Whilst the challenge was stupid, it wasn’t illegal.

Alf had to rethink and suddenly realised that there was something he could get Theo arrested for—stealing the surf club ATV. Theo had taken it for a joyride after distracting newly qualified lifeguard Nikau Parata (Kawakawa Fox-Reo), only for him to then run out of petrol before it could be returned.

Surf Club manager John (Shane Withington) had already dealt out his punishment to Theo, which meant that he was shocked to be arrested by Constable Murray (John-Paul Jory) several weeks later for the offence!

With the video out there online there was no denying the crime had taken place, and this week Theo’s day in court finally arrives.

Although several people including Ryder, Roo (Georgie Parker) and Justin (James Stewart) have tried to get Alf down from his high horse, they’ve had no success, and when Roo tells Alf about Theo’s impending court appearance, he couldn’t care less.

Ryder’s frustration only continues to grow with his stubborn grandfather, and it doesn’t help his mental health which is already quite fragile following his ordeal. Ryder has been suffering with panic attacks over the past few weeks, and when he gets stuck in the storeroom at Salt, it takes him straight back to being trapped inside the coffin.

Luckily Justin hears the commotion and is able to get a traumatised Ryder out pretty swiftly, but when he takes Ryder home, Justin gets another earful from Alf for daring to set foot in his house.

Ryder decides enough is enough and announces that he’s moving out into a caravan; it’s better than being in the house when the family are constantly fighting, whether it be over Theo or over Martha (Belinda Giblin) and her refusal to take Roo’s kidney.

Ryder does at least take a step forward in his road to recovery by recognising that he needs professional help, and he phones up LifeLine to talk things through.

When Justin and Theo return from court, it isn’t great news. Theo now has a criminal record, and has to partake in community service.

When they see Alf in the diner, Theo confronts him, asking if he’s happy now that his life has been ruined.

When he goes on to suggest that the only reason Alf had such a vendetta against him was to make up for his own failings as a grandfather, Alf falls quiet…

It seems Theo’s words finally make Alf see sense.

He later admits to Roo that Theo was right, he should have seen how desperate Ryder was to pay back the money he owes. With everything going on with Martha, Alf had barely paid attention to Ryder, and he feels he’s let his grandson down.

Meanwhile, Theo tells Justin that he’s considering leaving Summer Bay, after all the trouble he has caused for everyone. Justin manages to talk Theo round by reiterating that his home is with them now, and they’re later interrupted by an unexpected visitor—Alf!

Expecting another tirade, both Justin and Theo are shocked when Alf explains he’s there to apologise to both of them.

He admits that he let Ryder down and that he was blaming Theo for it, and offers his hand in the hope that they can put the whole thing behind them…

After weeks of anguish, and now a criminal record to his name, will Theo be able to accept Alf’s apology?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Home and Away episodes in the UK:

Monday 28th March (Episode 7731)

Jasmine and Cash ditch their third wheel. Felicity fights loneliness. Dean lets Karen be a grandmother.

Tuesday 29th March (Episode 7732)

Tane gives Nikau warrior strength. Chloe punishes herself. Dean plays cupid for Karen and Brett.

Wednesday 30th March (Episode 7733)

Bella reaches out to Chloe. Theo and Justin get a court-ready makeover. Tane welcomes Felicity to the family. Ryder gets trapped, again.

Thursday 31st March (Episode 7734)

Logan is caught red-handed. Dean stands up for his sister. Theo forces Alf to look in the mirror.

Friday 1st April (Episode 7735)

Jasmine makes a proposal to Cash. Neve’s revenge hits Mackenzie. Alf turns the blame on himself.