Home and Away Spoilers – The race is on to save Tane and Felicity

This week on Home and Away in Australia, things are looking bad for Tane and Felicity, as the pair find themselves kidnapped and tied up. What does Anne have in store for them?

UK viewers will see these scenes early next year.

What started off as some seemingly romantic red roses, left for Tane (Ethan Browne) by a secret admirer he assumed was Felicity (Jacqui Purvis), has led to weeks of stalking accusations, an AVO and an attack that left Tane on life support. But it’s not over yet!

Tane was left unconscious with the stalker’s trademark red rose on his chest

Tane’s secret admirer seemed to want to get revenge for something, and knocked him out with a sedative before filling the gym with organophosphate – a poison that’s usually used as insecticide, but which has some pretty bad effects on humans too!

Yet it seems that almost killing Tane wasn’t enough. This week, the stalker, now revealed to be Felicity’s friend Anne (Megan Smart), makes their boldest move yet.

At the end of last week, Felicity discovered that it was her best friend who had attacked Tane at the gym, and inadvertently hospitalised countless attendees of Martha’s fundraiser.

Flick went straight to Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and revealed the truth. However, with no evidence, Cash couldn’t convince Detective Nasser (Julian Maroun) to investigate Anne.

It’s been increasingly hard for Felicity to prove her innocence

It didn’t help that Nasser had just found a bottle of sedatives in Felicity’s caravan, the exact same ones used to knock out Tane!

The damning evidence gave him enough to charge Felicity; but when he went to arrest her at the Caravan Park, there was no sight nor sound of her. Worse still, her things were gone, making it seem like she’d skipped town.

Even Cash couldn’t dent that Felicity looked guilty, and for the first time started to really believe that she may have been responsible.

As we start the new week, he keeps trying to call his sister, but gets voicemail every time. As the hours go by, he becomes more and more convinced that she’s guilty and has gone into hiding.

“When Flick goes missing, Cash is distraught,” Nicholas told TV Week. “He’s seen his sister battle demons before, but nothing like this.”

In reality, Flick hasn’t shot through. She’s been kidnapped by Anne, and her former best friend and colleague has tied her to a chair in an abandoned shack. Oh dear!

It seems now that Felicity knows the truth, Anne isn’t willing to risk a prison sentence by keeping her around. She sedates her and ties her up in the dilapidated building, and it seems she’ll stop at nothing to keep Felicity quiet.

“Miss me?” are the ominous first words Flick heard when she wakes up. Just what does Anne want with her?

Is Tane’s flirtation with Felicity what angered Anne? Or is something else going on?

But there’s one missing piece of the puzzle – Tane. He’s the whole reason Felicity is in this mess, and Anne realises that she can use her friend as bait to lure Tane – her real target – to the abandoned building.

Last week, she left him another red rose, along with a note reading ‘See you soon’. It looks like that time has come.

Tane was already convinced that Felicity wasn’t to blame. She may have liked him, but he knew she would never attack a whole building full of people simply because he rejected her, and he’s the first to suspect that something’s up. When Anne gets in contact, he realises that Flick is in trouble, and rushes to try to help her.

Unfortunately, he underestimates who he’s dealing with, and finds himself knocked out with powerful sedatives almost as soon as he’s through the door of the building. Will he ever learn?!

Felicity is about to come face to face with her kidnapper

Soon after, he wakes up to find himself tied to a wooden piller with his legs bound – with Felicity in the exact same predicament on the adjacent pillar.

As the pair struggle, Anne starts mixing the chemicals that will end their lives, and will ensure that the three of them are the only ones who know the truth.

She also explains the reason why she was after Tane in the first place – and we’re looking forward to hearing what she has to say. Surely there’s more to this than just their chance encounter at the club on Ryder’s 21st? Just why did she grow so infatuated with Tane in the first place?

When Tane goes missing, Ari and Cash realise that something is badly wrong

Back in Summer Bay, with Tane fresh out of hospital and already missing, Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) is growing concerned. When he relays the news to Cash, the Senior Constable realises that the two disappearances must be connected; wherever Tane is, his sister is likely to be.

Will Cash and Ari get to Flick and Tane in time?

TV Week reports that their investigations eventually lead them to the abandoned shack. They quietly sneak towards the building in this Thursday’s triple bill, but it’s a race against time.

Inside, Anne is donning a hazmat suit and getting prepped to releasing the dangerous chemicals that could mean the end for Tane and Felicity.

Will they make it in time?

Here’s the full spoilers for the next week of Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 25th October (7684)

Marilyn has a change of attitude. Dean and Ziggy’s chemistry is strong. Logan thinks he’s missed something in his diagnosis.

Tuesday 26th October (7685)

Theo and Ryder face off in their first challenge. Dean wants to overcome his hurdle. Marilyn’s out of character behaviour continues.

Wednesday 27th October (7686)

Irene does her best with Marilyn. Cash feels helpless while Felicity’s missing. Ryder dares Theo to another challenge.

Thursday 28th October (7687–7689)

Theo chalks up a win. Tane’s in danger again. Marilyn continues on her warpath.

Will Felicity and Tane be found in time? Irene draws the line with Marilyn. Mia has to face her past.

Is Dean ready to overcome his trauma? Mia doesn’t want her past to become her present. Nikau has a career path present itself.

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