Neighbours Spoilers – Is Terese growing too close to Jesse?

Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Paul and Terese take drastic action when the Lassiters staff go on strike!

These episodes will air from Monday 20th September.

It’s been building for quite some time now, but the tensions at Lassiters reach boiling point this week, and it’s all thanks to Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis).

Following the temporary promotion of Paul’s granddaughter Harlow (Jemma Donovan) to assistant manager in Chloe’s (April Rose Pengilly) absence, she was able to prove herself worthy of a position in the executive team.

As such, Paul was quick to promote her into a role that he specifically created for her. The role, titled ‘executive liaision’, took a huge chunk of Chloe’s workload off her. Naturally, Chloe’s feathers were ruffled by this move, but so were general manager Terese’s (Rebekah Elmaloglou). She learnt of the creation of the role at the same time as Chloe, and of Harlow’s appointment in it by a memo Paul sent out to all staff.

This week though, it all comes back to bite him in the backside.

Once they see Chloe with the HR manager Prafulla (Ravi Chand), Paul and Terese realise that things are quite serious. Although Terese defends her 2IC’s rights to go to HR, Paul is livid.

The next day, Paul finds his hotel foyer in chaos. In his search for answers, he stumbles across a frazzled Jesse (Cameron Robbie) – the only employee left. Everyone else has gone on strike!

Paul can’t believe it. It’s not long before Terese learns that Rebecca from cleaning is leading the charge. The staff are sick of being passed over for growth opportunities in favour of the executive team’s relatives, and this time they’ve decided to take a stand.

Following this discovery, Paul tasks Chloe with talking the staff down. When she returns and admits the staff won’t budge, Paul lets rip. But Chloe isn’t putting up with Paul’s berating today!

You know what? I’m out, fix this yourself,” the assistant manager says, storming out of Lassiters. While this just goes to further Paul’s annoyance, Terese goes into action mode. She tasks the remaining three staff – Jesse, Harlow and Paul – with different parts of the hotel to look after.

The gravity of the situation is quick to sink in though, when Paul receives an unexpected phone call from Lassiters big boss, and his younger sister, Lucy (Melissa Bell). She and head office have heard what’s going on in Erinsborough and want answers.

He’s able to manoeuvre his way out of explaining what’s going on, but he knows that things won’t stay that way forever. As if the situation at hand wasn’t hard enough, he begins receiving emails, reminding him that his first loan repayment – of more than $10,000 no less – is due. It seems buying Nicolette’s baby has left him in dire straits financially.

Heading into a meeting with Prafulla, Paul and Terese discuss the paths out of the strike. While Terese believes that the best thing they can do is to demote Harlow and do the appointment the right way – by advertising and interviewing – Paul gets his back up at the suggestion.

I refuse to bend to the demands of a bunch of disgruntled whingers,” he tells the Lassiters HR manager. But things go from bad to worse when Paul and Terese learn that their inability to maintain a full service is causing guests to leave.

We are haemorrhaging money,” she says.

When Terese contemplates taking out a loan to keep up with the money they’re losing, Paul knows that if that were to happen, she would find out about his paying off Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) in exchange for baby Isla.

Instead, Paul chooses to ask his son and fellow businessman Leo (Tim Kano) for $50,000.

It doesn’t take long before the lack of staff goes too far and Terese makes an executive decision.

You made a unilateral decision in promoting Harlow, and now I’m going to do the same – I’m going to reverse it,” she tells her husband.

How will Harlow react to the news that she is being demoted?

Meanwhile, after informing Harlow of their decision, Terese heads up to one of the rooms to find Jesse.

Although the pair have had a rocky relationship ever since it was discovered that he was Julie Quill’s (Gail Easdale) son, they’ve finally been able to find common ground in their hatred of the Quills and forge a close working relationship.

Terese has realised that there are a lot of similarities between Jesse and her late son Josh, not least the fact he was born on Josh and Imogen’s original due date, and it’s made her feel very protective over the young man.

When she locates Jesse, she thanks him for all his hard work to help save Lassiters. While it was only a few hours the staff were on strike, he proved himself invaluable to the team.

Asking whether she could indulge in taking her boss hat off for a minute, Terese asks to give Jesse a hug. He graciously accepts and basks in the moment, finally feeling what it is like to have a true ‘mother’ in his life.

But when Terese goes to leave, she mutters something that takes both her and Jesse by surprise.

Thanks, Josh,” she says, as she goes to leave.

Realising what she’s said, she freezes.

Is she starting to see Jesse as a surrogate Josh?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 20th September (8692)

Many of the staff at Lassiters aren’t happy about Harlow’s new role, and things are only going from bad to worse.

After their brief moment, Rose confesses to Toadie that she’s back in Erinsborough for him.

Tuesday 21st September (8693)

With the hotel staff on strike, Jesse spends the day helping out and as Terese expresses her gratitude, she makes a confronting Freudian slip.

Jane and Chloe open a package addressed to Nicolette, finding the engagement ring meant for Chloe.

Wednesday 22nd September (8694)

Harlow blames Chloe for her demotion, determine to get her job back.

David is still stewing on Paul’s request to keep Terese in the dark over the loan with Leo, sure there’s something else going on.

Rattled by her slip of the tongue, Terese quickly smooths things over with Jesse, but when Paul confronts her, she’s defensive.

Thursday 23rd September (8695)

Terese supports Jesse’s decision to not visit Julie in jail, but Paul is worried she’s letting her own feelings about the Quills cloud her judgement.

Evelyn furiously reveals to Levi that she’s discovered his relationship with Amy and she’s not happy.

Paul comes clean to David, telling him he paid Nicolette to stay away after she handed over Isla.

Friday 24th September (8696)

Amy instigates a mature heart-to-heart with Evelyn to help her understand their relationship.

Melanie is keeping her distance after Toadie and Rose’s kiss, going so far as to meet up with her ex Justin Buke.

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