Neighbours Spoilers – Will Nicolette sell her baby to Paul Robinson?

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Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, David puts his career on the line to find Nicolette, but only ends up hurting Aaron. Meanwhile, Paul tracks Nicolette down and makes her a startling offer.

These episodes will air from Monday 30th August.

They say that a parents’ worst nightmare is losing a child, and it seems that David Tanaka (Takaya Honda) and Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) are finding that out the hard way.


The pair have been frantic for the last few weeks, ever since their co-parent Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) ran away from Erinsborough following a break-up with her girlfriend Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) and a massive falling out with her rival Paul (Stefan Dennis).

Unfortunately for the fathers to be, she was only a few weeks off giving birth at the time. Now, they have absolutely no idea where she is, and no clue where their unborn child is.

While most of the people involved in the search were been able to keep a level head, the tension of the situation began to take an obvious toll on David. Clashing with Nic’s mother Jane (Annie Jones), refusing to talk to Chloe and lashing out were all part of his coping strategies.

However, this week David takes things one step too far.

Knowing that Nic’s digital medical record may offer some clues to her whereabouts, David offers to work when the hospital contacts him over being short-staffed. Once at work, he positions himself at the admin computer and begins to write a note requesting that he be contacted should Nic be admitted to hospital, wherever that may be.

Unfortunately for him, he is caught in the act by Karl (Alan Fletcher). It’s a sobering moment for him, but he is buoyed when his colleague promises to keep it a secret.

Things go from bad to worse though when, noting David’s obvious irrational behaviour, Aaron calls him out.

In the moment, a seething David can’t control his tongue and takes his anger out on his husband, believing he isn’t acting like someone who has just lost a child.

I suppose you haven’t,” he says. “It’s not like you have any biological connection to her.”

No part of her is actually yours,” David finishes telling a shocked and hurt Aaron.

Realising what he has just said, the unstable doctor rushes off. Heading around to see his father, David is informed by Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) that Paul is out.

In that moment, David breaks, unable to hold himself together anymore. Collapsing in Terese’s arms, David lets out his anguish.

Will he and Aaron be able to recover from this?

Meanwhile, Paul indeed is not around. Rather, with a tip off from the private investigator he sent out to find Nicolette, he’s headed to Canberra to track her down.

With a photo on his phone of Nicolette with her friend Audrey (Zahra Newman), the ruthless businessman is determined to stop at nothing to track down the mother of his unborn grandchild.

He meets with Audrey, who eventually admits to Paul that she and Nicolette have met up since she fled Erinsborough. She assures Paul that she has only seen Nicolette the once, but she knows of a walking track that Nicolette frequents – maybe he can find her there.

Heading there, it doesn’t take Paul long to spot Nicolette. However, it looks like she’s onto him, and she shiftily darts around corner after corner, eventually evading him.

Paul heads back to his hotel. He is deflated and nervous that he won’t be able to track down Nicolette. He’s also totally unaware of David’s breakdown on Ramsay Street.

When his phone trills, he can’t believe his eyes. It’s a text from Nicolette! It seems she did spot him after all.

Are you alone?

He quickly responds and organises to meet with Nicolette.

As he stands next to Lake Burley Griffin, Paul can’t quite believe how lucky he is that she agreed to meet up with him. When she appears, he’s so thankful, but his gratitude soon turns to horror when he makes a stunning realisation: she has already given birth.

As the pair go for a small walk, she reveals that she has given birth to a healthy baby daughter – whom she named Isla Fay – five days prior. Much to Paul’s shock, she refuses to return to Erinsborough, and has every intention of making a new life for herself with Isla.

With this new information in hand, Paul decides to make Nicolette a stunning offer.

Pulling out his chequebook, Paul uses his tried and tested method of getting what he wants.

One million dollars,’ he writes on the cheque. She can’t quite believe it. Not only the amount of money he’s offering, but even his audacity at offering to buy her baby!

Handing her the cheque, Paul gives her an ultimatum – she has the rest of the day to decide. Should she wish to take up the monetary offer, she has to give the baby over and start a whole new life.

After much torment, Nicolette phones Paul to inform him of her decision.

That night at 7pm, she meets with Paul at his hotel room and hands over the baby. She’s distraught, but makes him promise to look after her and not interfere.

He agrees, on one provision. If she takes the money, she is not allowed to ever return to Ramsay Street. After all, her decision to give up the baby isn’t one that many would view lightly.

Nicolette reluctantly agrees to his terms. She says one final goodbye to her baby and leaves.

With the child safely back in the arms of Paul, it seems there’ll be much joy back in Erinsborough.

What they don’t know is what was waiting for Nicolette when she returned to her hotel room…

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 30th August (8677)

Terese’s protectiveness of Jesse intensified when she learns Shay Quill is pinning the downfall of the family company on him.

Mackenzie is determined to help Melanie with her job hunt and accidentally emails Melanie’s old CV to new prospects.

Tuesday 31st August (8678)

After Amy makes it clear that she’s not keen on the idea of polyamory, the trio try to return to their casual fun, but Levi and Ned express they both want more.

Melanie doesn’t think Toadie needs to know the details of her affair with Justin, but Toadie wants to truth.

Wednesday 1st September (8679)

Despite Melanie’s insistence that her relationship with Toadie is different to any she’s had before, Toadie can’t but worry.

While at the hospital, David plans to use the electronic patient file system to find Nicolette, a risky move that could end his career if he is found out.

Amy, Levi and Ned officially begin their polyamorous relationship by establishing ground rules, with all of them committed to making it work with their mutual girlfriend.

Thursday 2nd September (8680)

Unaware that Paul is on a secret mission to find Nicolette, Aaron and David struggle with the loss of their daughter.

Paul flies to Canberra to find Nicolette, contacting Audrey who suggests he go to a park where Nicolette is known to exercise.

Friday 3rd September (8681)

Stunned to see that Nicolette has given birth, Paul demands to be taken to his granddaughter, but Nicolette refuses.

Leo cooks up a peace offering, which slowly thaws David and the brothers talk through their issues.

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