Neighbours Spoilers – Harlow and Chloe go head-to-head

Coming up on next week’s Neighbours in the UK, Harlow and Chloe clash professionally when Paul offers his granddaughter a job.

These episodes will air from Monday 13th September.

There is nothing worse than feeling useless and, this week, Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) finds herself in that exact position.

For the last few weeks, Lassiters general manager Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) has been trying to seal a deal with the Quill Hotel Group. The rival company has been on the brink of collapse for some time now and, knowing that liquidation is only around the corner, their general manager Shay (Yasmin Kassim) agreed to accept a tender from Lassiters that could save their hotel company. The deal would see Lassiters invest in the Quill Hotel Group to keep them afloat.

Heavily involved in the creation of this proposed tender was Harlow (Jemma Donovan). Although she was only temporarily filling in as assistant manager whilst Chloe was on a sabbatical, she took the project in her stride and made it her own.

Her work impressed both Terese and her grandfather and Lassiters owner, Paul (Stefan Dennis). So naturally when Chloe came back for her job, there was some animosity between the women. Whilst Chloe wished to pick up where she left off, Harlow struggled to hand all the reins back over.

Slowly, she began to relinquish control, but she held firm to the Quill buy-in proposal. In her eyes, she was implicit in its foundation and, as such, will follow it through right until the very end.

However, this week, things take a turn when Paul, who has been avoiding discussion about any matters regarding the Quill Group, finally agrees to discuss the deal with Terese. The outcome is not what Terese nor Harlow wanted.

Finding Harlow with Jesse (Cameron Robbie) in his hotel room, Terese is forced to break the bad news – due to the risks involved, namely some pretty major debts held by the Quill Group, they have decided not to proceed with the investiture of the rival hotel company.

Harlow and Jesse are both distraught by the decision. Jesse because, in his mind, it was the fresh start he needed after acting as a mole for the Quills. Harlow, because of all the hard work that had been put into it and, naturally, because of Jesse’s despair.

But it seems that Harlow’s work ethic and strategizing haven’t gone unnoticed. Not long after Terese’s announcement is the young Brit approached by her grandfather with a job offer that takes her totally by surprise.

Darling, you showed me how committed you are to the family business,” he assures his granddaughter who is lamenting the fact she will have to move back to housekeeping.

Paul has another idea. He informs Harlow that if he has learnt anything over the last six weeks, it is that there is a gap in the executive team, and he believes that she is the perfect person to fill it.

Proposing the position of executive liaison, Paul explains that the role would incorporate the administration and day to day running of any events taking place at Lassiters. Harlow is concerned, believing the job would take away from Chloe’s existing role, but Paul brushes that aside, asking his granddaughter to think about it.

Later, she meets with Chloe, Paul and Terese in the latter’s office. Paul informs the trio that he has called the meeting to inform them that Harlow has accepted a new role within the hotel’s executive team.

Chloe and Terese are both taken aback as Paul explains what she’ll be doing.

It’s a blow to Chloe, who rightly believes that Harlow’s new role will take a lot of her duties away from her. Paul dismisses the concerns, leading to Chloe questioning whether this is some sort of warped punishment for her taking so much leave.

Terese assures her assistant manager that that is far from what is going on, making it known that this is news to her as well.

While Paul is enthusiastic about what the new appointment might bring, Terese puts the brakes on the entire situation. They won’t be moving forward with this until they have ironed out the kinks and have a definitive list of jobs both ladies will be doing.

After the meeting, Chloe and Harlow run into each other at Harold’s. An upset Chloe insinuates that the only reason Harlow has moved up the chain so quickly is nepotism. Harlow doesn’t react kindly to this and launches an attack on her professional opponent.

You’re the one who left to work with Leo, you almost had an affair with [Leo] and it almost broke my family,” she yells at Chloe, seething.

I want this job, so I’m going to take it whether you like it or not.

Chloe’s look says it all.

The gloves are off. Let the best woman win.

Here’s the full spoilers for next week’s Neighbours in the UK:

Monday 13th September (8687)

Melanie finds herself in the firing line when Rose accuses her of vandalising her car and she’s left mortified when Rose gets the police involved.

Paul hastily created a new job for Harlow when she begins doubting her future at the hotel, leaving Chloe to point out that it basically overtakes her job.

Tuesday 14th September (8688)

Terese is having doubts about whether they can justify Harlow’s new position, and is left furious when Paul makes a snap decision without confirming it with her.

Chloe realises that Jane isn’t coping and goes to Clive for assistance, but he only makes things worse with Jane dangerously close to her breaking point.

Wednesday 15th September (8689)

Amy wants both Ned and Levi as her dates to the launch party, but when they all decide to attend together Levi finds he has an unexpected visitor.

Hendrix is rattled by Jane’s unexpected show of aggression.

Thursday 16th September (8690)

Levi is stunned his conservative mother Evelyn has turned up, telling Amy he’ll have to push the pause button on their open relationship while she’s in town.

When Rose attempts to reignite her spark with Toadie by playing a prank on him, an amused Toadie gets swept up in the fun as they try to one-up each other, but it all ends in horror for Melanie .

Sheila is confused by Evelyn’s frosty attitude towards her.

Friday 17th September (8691)

Toadie feels completely responsible for Melanie’s accident and commits to being by her side as she recuperates in hospital.

Although Evelyn doesn’t seem to want to patch things with Sheila, Sheila takes advantage of her presence putting distance between Levi and Amy to invite her to stay longer.

Levi hates not being able to support Amy in the aftermath of the party disaster and doesn’t know how long he can keep up the façade in front of Evelyn.

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