Home and Away Spoilers – Are Dean and Ziggy over before they’ve begun?

On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, two relationships are on the line, as both Dean & Ziggy and Tori & Christian face hurdles in their newly reconciled love stories. Meanwhile, is love on the cards for Mac and Logan?

When Dean Thompson (Patrick O’Connor) crashed his car some weeks ago, he never would have thought that it would lead to his and Ziggy Astoni’s (Sophie Dillman) reconciliation.

But, with his life in danger, Ziggy couldn’t stay away. They may have been apart for almost a year, and Ziggy may have seemed blissfully happy with new boyfriend Tane (Ethan Browne), but it appears her feelings for Dean were still bubbling away under the surface.

They shared a brief kiss at Bella’s (Courtney Miller) exhibition, but when Ziggy couldn’t tell Dean that she forgave him, it was clear that she wasn’t ready for them to get back together.

However, the sight of him in a hospital bed made her realise that she didn’t want to lose him. Last week, she finally told him that she forgave him for keeping Colby’s (Tim Franklin) dark secret, and the two shared a tender kiss.

“I think Ziggy forgave Dean the second she thought she’d lost him,” Sophie Dillman told TV Week.

Dean has always harboured feelings for his ex, so for him it was a no brainer. He was over the moon to have her back.

However, this week his feelings suddenly change, as he orders her out of his hospital room!

He’s learnt from Lnew doc Logan (Harley Bonner) that he’s got months of physiotherapy ahead of him. The accident left him in a bad way, and he’s reminded of the struggles he faced last time he was in a major smash. It’s painful, it’s hard work, and he doesn’t want to put his friends and loved ones through it.

So, he begins to push them away – Ziggy included!

Explaining his worries to TV Week, Patrick explains, “Dean definitely still loves Ziggy, but it’s the situation he’s found himself in that’s causing him to revert inwards.”

When Ziggy comes to visit him in hospital, she sees just how hard he’s finding the physio routine. She asks him if he needs more pain meds, but the fact that she can see he’s struggling causes him to snap, and he orders her out of his room!

It takes its toll on his pride. He wants to be there for Zig; he doesn’t want her having to look after him physically, not after such a long time apart.

Thankfully, Ziggy keeps trying, and returns to the hospital with Logan and Mackenzie (Emily Weir) for added moral supporrt. However, it just makes things worse, and Dean is hostile to the three of them, before ordering them all to leave.

Can Ziggy talk him around before he throws away his new relationship for good?

Despite Dean’s upset, there’s love in the air this week in Summer Bay and it’s taking the seaside town by storm.

Having been through the ringer that last few months, Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee) and Christian Green (Ditch Davey) are finally moving forward.

After his proposal plans failed to come to fruition a few weeks back, he resorted to popping the question in the place they shared their first kiss – the hospital elevator.

There’s a lot of happiness between the pair at the moment, but once they begin to discuss their wedding plans, it seems that the animosity is beginning to build again.

As questions begin to circulate about the wedding venue, Tori reveals that they are going to have to find a plan B. She’s been in touch with Brody (Jackson Heywood) who has announced that Simone (Emily Eskell) is pregnant, and he is too busy to accommodate their original wedding plans at their vineyard.

Realising that they have to come up with an entirely new plans gives the pair a renewed sense of excitement… that is, until they come to blows over what their venue will be.

Will their choice of venue really drive another wedge between them?

We know that the wedding will take place in the backyard of the Morgan House, but just who will come up with the winning idea?

For a preview of Tori and Christian’s upcoming nuptials, read our article here.

Meanwhile, Mackenzie Booth is taken by surprise when she’s asked out by new doc Logan.

New doc Logan made a good first impression by saving Dean’s life. Now he’s set his sights on Dean’s sister…

Although she’s immediately struck by him when she sees him showering shirtless at the beach, Mac knows better than to be blinded by good looks.

When he arrives at Salt, Mac takes the opportunity to some detective work, which is where she learns of his past life.

Once upon a time, Logan was a part of the army and served in Afghanistan. However, it isn’t his work life that Logan wants to talk about.

“Logan has always been a bit of a nomad, but he’s interested in what Summer Bay has to offer,” Harley told TV Week.

Logan has had his eye on Mackenzie since he spotted her surfing last week

So, when he realises what Mac is doing, he taken the opportunity to flip the conversation to be about her.

It seems that Mac’s interest in Logan isn’t one-sided…

Here’s the full spoilers for the next week of Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 23rd August (7632)

Leah and Justin receive some unexpected news. Ari changes his priorities. Jasmine and Cash have an extra guest for lunch.

Tuesday 24th August (7633)

Justin and Leah celebrate the returned money, though John has other ideas. Bella is left devastated by Nikau’s misguided attempts to make things right.

Wednesday 25th August (7634)

Mackenzie makes her feelings towards Logan known. Dean’s first steps to rehabilitation create a hurdle for him and Ziggy. Alf fights for Martha’s attention.

Thursday 26th August (7635-7637)

Martha realises what Alf is fishing for. Logan discovers who is more stubborn – Dean or Mackenzie. Tori and Christian discover if mixing wine and wedding shopping is a good idea.

Ryder and Chloe pull off the unexpected. Justin pivots into expanding his business. Ziggy oversteps the line with Mackenzie.

Chloe and Ryder get through a long day. Mackenzie reads into signals. Tori must deal with Logan again.

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