Tori and Christian’s wedding previewed in Home and Away promo

A series of Home and Away promos currently airing on Seven give us our first peak of a much-anticipated event – Tori and Christian’s wedding – as well new relationships for three other characters!

Their wedding has been long overdue. Christian (Ditch Davey) and Tori (Penny McNamee) were meant to get married at the end of May, in an intimate ceremony at Brody and Simone’s vineyard in Victoria.

However, Christian’s search for a pre-wedding adrenaline rush led him to the skydiving centre, where he met Rachel Young. When Rachel suffered a hard landing during her first ever solo skydive, her spine and skull separated, and it was only the quick-thinking of neurosurgeon Christian that meant she survived the fall.

Christian found himself infatuated with his patient, believing that it was his destiny to have been at the skydiving centre that day. He was so fixated on the idea that he found himself neglecting Tori, leading to the two drifting further apart, until Tori decided to call the wedding off entirely.

The Olympic Finale saw Christian planning to propose to Tori once again, this time wanting to do things right. He wanted the proposal to be as romantic as possible, and organised a special dinner for the pair at Salt, with Justin (James Stewart) set to sing them a song before he got down on one knee.

Yet the new promo hints that things may not have quite gone to plan. It shows us that he’s set to propose in a way that’s steeped in nostalgia for the couple, as he pops the question in the lift at Northern Districts Hospital.

It was here that the pair had their first kiss, one of their many awkward encounters together at the hospital. Tori misread the signals and leant in for a kiss when Christian was simply trying to press the lift button, leaving her mortified.

However, it wasn’t long until Christian reciprocated with a kiss of his own, confirming that the feeling was mutual, and the pair have been inseparable ever since. Well, until Rachel came along.

Now, many moons later, and while both seemingly wearing surgical scrubs, the elevator proves the perfect place for him to pop the question again.

“Tori Morgan,” he starts, before continuing on almost breathless. “Will you please marry me?”

It comes as no surprise that Tori accepts his proposal, as the couple finally get back on track after two months of turbulence. They initially planned a small affair in Melbourne, but for attempt #2 they opt to keep things local, as they get married in the leafy surroundings of their garden.

One version of the promo shows that Grace is set to play a starring role as flower girl. Sporting a pink dress, she walks down the aisle scattering pink flowers in front of the bride-to-be.

Then it’s time for the ceremony itself. Christian, looking dapper in a grey suit, looks delighted to finally see his fiancée walk down the aisle.

While his face may look full of fear in some of the shots, we’re assuming it’s nothing more than pre-wedding jitters, and he has no intention of devastating his fiancée a second time.

“Let’s get married,” says Tori excitedly, showing off the biggest smile she’s had in months.

Finally, some happiness after too long dealing with Justin’s drug addiction and her husband-to-be’s existential crisis. She’s finally getting the family she’s always dreamed of.

“I didn’t find true love, it found me.”

Those are the words of Tori in the minute-long version of the promo which you can view in this article. We assume from her vows, as she finally gets to marry the man she loves.

They drive off together in a classic car, departing down the driveway as their friends and family watch on. Well… maybe just friends and Justin… we’re assuming Brody and Raffy both catch colds and can’t make the trip interstate for their sister’s big day…


As Justin and Leah wave them off, it looks like they’re firmly back on track after their own relationship troubles. The final shots of the promo also shows them kissing passionately as fireworks explode overhead.

The series of previews also tease a few other new relationships set to hit the bay over the coming months.

The car crash leaves Dean in hospital, and he’s in a pretty bad way. Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) is fearful that he won’t make it, and as she visits him in his hospital bed, she whispers to him, “I forgive you for everything.”

As she looks behind her, she sees Tane (Ethan Browne) staring sadly through the glass of the door. He knows that Ziggy still loves her ex and doesn’t know how much longer he can carry on with things as they are.

However, it looks like it won’t be long until he finds someone to take his mind off Ziggy and Dean.

We’ve known about the arrival of Jacqui Purvis as a new love interest for Tane for a while, and it looks like she’s set to arrive soon after the show’s return. Her character’s name has now been confirmed as Felicity Newman, and she’s described as “a firecracker with an abundance of confidence and no filter”.

Fans will note she shares the same surname as recent arrival Cash, so we’re anticipating quite a shock for Tane when he finds himself dating the sister of the towns’ new cop.

Felicity is seen for the first time in the new trailer. Approaching Tane in a club, she lets him know that “my friends want to know if you’re single.”

“Your friends wanna know, do they?” he asks with a cheeky smile.

As a big grin spreads across her face, it looks like the two are set to quickly hit things off.

The next shots show the confident new character dancing on a bar, as she encourages the punters with a shout of “come on guys, let’s go!”

Fans and paparazzi have snapped Ethan Browne and Jacqui Purvis filming numerous kissing scenes together on Sydney’s Palm Beach, so it looks like they’re set to couple up sooner rather than later.

There’s also a new love interest for Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir).

The mid-season return episode will introduce us to Dr Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner), who will arrive by helicopter to rescue Dean from the car wreckage. It seems he’s set to call Summer Bay home and will quickly make an impact on Mac.

“You are full of surprises,” she tells him as they chat on the beach.

“I’m just getting started!”

Whether he’ll bring her the happiness she desperately needs after her breakup with Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) and miscarriage remains to be scene.

Finally, there’s love for Jasmine (Sam Frost) and Cash (Nicholas Cartwright).

The pair met in the final week before the Olympic break, but while Jasmine was initially impressed with the new cop’s phisique when she spotted him swimming in the outdoor pool, the discovery that he was a police officer quickly put an end to any attraction.

Considering her heartbreaking history with Sergeant Robbo Shaw, her failed romance with Senior Constable Colby Thorne, and the fact she was involved in the car crash which killed Senior Constable Kat Chapman, it’s fair to say she’s cursed when it comes to Summer Bay’s finest.

Yet Irene (Lynne McGranger) encouraged her to reconsider, pointing out that Cash seems like a much more laid back cop than Robbo ever was. When the show returns, it looks like she takes her friend’s advice and gives Cash another chance.

“You’re officially my hero,” she tells him in the promo. What he’s done to deserve such an accolade is yet unknown, but it looks like he’s set to come to her rescue. Another scene shows Cash stretch out his arm, and Jasmine take his hand.

Sam Frost and Nicholas Cartwright have been spotted on numerous occasions getting up close and personal filming external scenes, so it certainly looks like they’re set to give into their mutual attraction in the months to come.

Hopefully he’ll be the cop who breaks Jasmine’s curse.

As for Kieran and Martha’s fractured relationship, it looks like there are still some bumps in the road for the estranged mother and son.

Alf still doesn’t think Kieran can be trusted, and isn’t keeping his feelings to himself when the show returns.

“You’re still searching for a happy ending,” he tells Roo, sternly. “I don’t believe there’s gonna be one.”

What of Dean, Mia and Nikau? While this promo does give a few hints as to what’s in store, there’s another full promo focussing on the aftermath of Dean, Nikau and Mia’s dramatic accident as their friends and family endure a desperate wait for news.

Read our separate article with all the info, and view the promo.

Home and Away returns to Australia on Monday 9th August. UK viewers will see these episodes in the first two weeks of September.

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