Home and Away Spoilers – Ari breaks up with Mac as she discovers she’s pregnant

Coming up this week on Home and Away in Australia, Mackenzie is devastated when Ari splits up with her, particularly after making another lifechanging discovery…

It’s felt like Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams) and Mackenzie Booth’s (Emily Weir) relationship has been hanging on by a thread in recent weeks, since the arrival of Ari’s ex-girlfriend Mia Anderson (Anna Samson) and her daughter Chloe (Sam Barrett).

With Ari having not opened up about his life pre-prison, Mac was surprised to learn of Chloe’s existence. Ari explained that he considered Chloe as his stepdaughter, being the only father figure she’d had as a child, and Mac was happy for him as he started to rebuild a relationship with her.

What she hadn’t banked on however was her mother turning up, and as Mia and Chloe have decided to stick around in Summer Bay for the foreseeable future, Mac has recently felt sidelined as Ari began to spend more and more time catching up with Mia.

Realising his relationship with Mac was coming under strain, Ari treated her to a few days in the city where they rekindled their romance. But it was back to square one when, during a passionate clinch with Mac on the sofa, he threw her off him as Mia walked in. Ari admitted to brother Tane (Ethan Browne) that he’d almost felt like he was cheating on Mia.

As Ari’s feelings towards Mia have continued to resurface, he asked Mac for some space so he could figure things out. The next day, unaware of the issues Ari and Mac were facing, Mia asked Mac if she was planning to join them at the Parata house for a family barbecue. Mac admitted it was the first she had heard of it, but then followed Mia and came clean about how she was feeling.

Whilst Mac didn’t accuse Mia of trying to steal Ari away from her, she told her that she probably could do IF she wanted to, and that scared her. Mac then pleaded with Mia not to, telling her that she loved Ari.

Realising she herself may be the reason that that Mac wasn’t invited to the gathering, Mia confronted Ari who admitted that he was trying to work out his feelings for her, which she wasn’t pleased to hear about.

Ari never stopped loving Mia” Rob told Australian magazine TV Week. “Many things were left unresolved between them.

The last thing Mia wants is to come between him and Mackenzie, and she refused to discuss anything further. If Ari was seriously reconsidering his relationship with Mac, he would have to do that on his own.

This week, it seems Chloe has other ideas about her mother and Ari, and decides to get them talking again by playing matchmaker.

Telling Ari that she wants some alone time with him, Chloe asks if they can have dinner together, whilst simultaneously asking Mia if she can also join her for dinner that evening.

When Mia arrives, she’s surprised to see Ari there, and Chloe makes a quick exit leaving the two of them alone!

With Ari’s feelings for Mia all stirred up, he finally comes to a decision, and visiting Mac at the farmhouse the next day he ominously tells her they need to talk. Mac is shattered when Ari then tells her he’s splitting up with her!

After spending time in prison, Ari has decided to live by a new set of rules and tries to be as honest as possible,” Rob continued. “He loves Mia and Mac, which is why he needs to break up with Mac and figure out his feelings for Mia and what her being here means to him.

A recent promo shows Mac talking things through with housemate Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), who asks whether she’d really want to be with a man who still had feelings for his ex. But Mac then drops a bombshell of her own, as she reveals that she’s pregnant with Ari’s child!

Ziggy believes that Mac should tell Ari, but the last thing Mac wants is for Ari to feel obligated to stay with her. She’s not even sure now whether she can keep the baby.

Meanwhile Ari begins to work on winning over Mia, but she’s still cautious, not wanting to be seen as trying to steal him away from Mac.

Ari doesn’t actually tell Mia he’s broken up with Mac, so Mia remains guarded and communicates with him like he’s still in a relationship” Rob added.

With a huge amount of chemistry still between the two, it appears that it won’t take long for Ari and Mia to rekindle their relationship, with the promo showing the pair tentatively kissing before heading to the bedroom.

With Ari and Mia very much back on, will Mac choose to go ahead with her pregnancy?

Also this week… kidnap drama!

Things go from bad to worse for Ari, as Paul and his gang return and kidnap Nikau and Chloe… will they get them back before Mia finds out? Read more…

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 8th March 2021 (Episode 7504)

Ari’s old feelings for Mia are stirred up and he’s faced with a choice – Mia or Mackenzie?

Ryder and Chloe’s constant fighting reaches new heights, ruining Bella and Nikau’s alone time.

Tuesday 9th March 2021 (Episode 7505)

Mackenzie tells Ziggy a shocking secret.

Ari begins to win over a tempted Mia.

Bella and Nikau’s attempt to unite Chloe and Ryder takes an unexpected twist.

Leah and Justin’s house hunting hits a snag.

Wednesday 10th March 2021 (Episode 7506)

Ari tries to work out his future with Mia.

Four friends face danger.

Tori oversteps the line.

Thursday 11th March 2021 (Episodes 7507-7509) – Triple Episode

The Parata brothers meet their fate. Martha worries Kieran has come back to harm her family.

Amber and Jai move in with Dean. Alf and Roo stage an intervention. Mac contemplates her future.

Alf reaches breaking point. Lewis surprises Jasmine. Amber muddies the waters with Dean.

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