Home and Away Spoilers – Kidnap drama for the Paratas and their family

On this week’s Home and Away in Australia, the Paratas’ drama is far from over, as gang members Paul and Leon return and kidnap some of their closest family members.

The start of 2021 saw the long awaited return of Heath Braxton, as he made a blink-and-you-miss-it apparence to help Tane and Ari out with their problems.

The Paratas were being blackmailed into committing armed robbery at the Reefton Lakes League Club. They knew that they risked prison if they got caught, but as gang boss Paul had incriminating photos of them carrying out another robbery, they felt backed into a corner.

Thankfully, Dean pulled in a favour and offered them help in the form of the River Boys, his old mates from Mangrove River. As Ari, Tane, Paul and Leon arrived at the leagues club to carry out the robbery, they were ambushed by Heath and his River Boy heavies. The group bundled Paul and Leon into their utes and took them for a ride, roughing them up enough to deter them from ever going after the Parata brothers again.

After weeks of being tormented, Ari and Tane finally felt safe in the belief that things were over. They didn’t believe that Paul would dare come after them knowing that they had the River Boys on their side… but it seems they were wrong.

To be fair, Paul has given the Paratas a month off. Lulling them into a false sense of security, he and his boys have lain low for a little while, allowing Ari and Tane to return to their normal lives.

In that time, Ari’s world has been turned upside down with the arrival of Mia and Chloe, his ex girlfriend and her daughter, who he lovingly refers to as his step-daughter. The trio were a happy family until Ari was sent to prison, at which point Mia was forced to tell her daughter that Ari had shot through, unable to face telling her that her beloved father figure would be spending the next decade behind bars.

Now that they’re back in town, Ari’s feelings for Mia have reignited, and he’s being forced to make the difficult decision between his current girlfriend Mac and the woman he previously planned to spend the rest of his life with.

So not the most relaxing month off.

This week, Ari finally makes the decision to break things off with Mackenzie, deciding he still has feelings for Mia and wants to pursue them. Unfortunately for him, he has no idea that Mackenzie is pregnant with his baby, news which isn’t likely to make Mia too willing to restart their relationship. Yet there’s another big thing which may put Mia off her old flame. As of yet she has no idea about his and Tane’s run-in with the drugs gang, but all of that is about to change.

This week, Paul returns, causing shockwaves for the Paratas as he takes drastic action to get their attention, by targeting their loved ones.

In scenes airing in Wednesday’s episode, Nikau and Bella tell Ari that they’re off to hang out with Ryder and Chloe for the night, telling him that “it’s going to be a big one, so don’t wait up.” With that, they head out to the bus stop, with nobody expecting them back until the morning.

Yet moments later, as the couple wait at the bus stop on the edge of the bay, a black van pulls up. As Ryder and Chloe walk towards them, they watch on in shock as the van pulls up, the side doors open, and two masked figures jump out!

The masked men grab them and pull them quickly into their van. There’s nothing Bella and Nikau can do other than scream and shout as they’re man-handled into the back.

Chloe screams and goes after them, leaving a terrified Ryder with no choice but to follow. The pair then find themselves dragged into the van alongside their friends, and the foursome are carted off.

A new promo which aired after Tuesday’s episode, and which you can view above, shows the aftermath of the kidnap.

The four young friends are dragged to a remote location in the dead of night, with a shipping container in the middle of a field. There, multiple masked and dangerous men bundle them inside, before closing and locking the door.

Bella’s screams of “what do you want with us?” are ignored, and they soon find themselves locked in the shipping container overnight, with not a clue what lies in store for them. They have absolutely no idea what’s happened, or why they’d be the targets of such a ferocious act. Back in Summer Bay, Ari is none the wiser to their situation, as he simply thinks they’re out partying for the evening.

Yet when the four are dragged out of the container in the morning, it’s no huge surprise when their captors are revealed as Paul and the gang.

Paul calls Tane and lets him know the deal – they’ll release the kids in exchange for Tane and Ari, who obviously have no choice but to go and rekindle their relationship with the gang members. What do they want this time?

And where does this leave Ari and Mia? She’s only just arrived in town, and thought Ari had left his criminal past behind him. With the bombshell that Ari and his brother are still getting involved in the kind of dodgy dealings which put him behind bars in the first place, will Mia take her daughter and run?

Talking to Australian magazine TV Week, Rob Kipa-Williams said “Ari is devastated when he finds out about the kids. Chloe has only just arrived and he’s finally convinced Mia his old life is behind him.

You may have a little more convincing to do now, Ari!

Also this week… Mackenzie’s pregnant!

Mackenzie comes to terms with the news that she’s pregnant, just as Ari breaks up with her…. where now for the love triangle? Read more…

Here’s the full spoilers for this week’s Home and Away episodes in Australia:

Monday 8th March 2021 (Episode 7504)

Ari’s old feelings for Mia are stirred up and he’s faced with a choice – Mia or Mackenzie?

Ryder and Chloe’s constant fighting reaches new heights, ruining Bella and Nikau’s alone time.

Tuesday 9th March 2021 (Episode 7505)

Mackenzie tells Ziggy a shocking secret.

Ari begins to win over a tempted Mia.

Bella and Nikau’s attempt to unite Chloe and Ryder takes an unexpected twist.

Leah and Justin’s house hunting hits a snag.

Wednesday 10th March 2021 (Episode 7506)

Ari tries to work out his future with Mia.

Four friends face danger.

Tori oversteps the line.

Thursday 11th March 2021 (Episodes 7507-7509) – Triple Episode

The Parata brothers meet their fate. Martha worries Kieran has come back to harm her family.

Amber and Jai move in with Dean. Alf and Roo stage an intervention. Mac contemplates her future.

Alf reaches breaking point. Lewis surprises Jasmine. Amber muddies the waters with Dean.

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