Home and Away Spoilers — Will Dean and Ziggy’s romantic getaway cause more issues?

This week on Home and Away in Australia, in the midst of family troubles, Dean whisks Ziggy off for a romantic getaway, but has she realised the significance behind it…?

Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) was left reeling last week when mother Maggie (Kestie Morassi) announced that she was intending to leave Summer Bay for good, following the breakdown of her marriage to Ben (Rohan Nichol).

Ziggy has found it difficult not to find herself partly responsible for her parents splitting up, after she convinced Ben to reconcile with his estranged brother Marco.

When it subsequently came out that Maggie had once slept with Marco before she was married to Ben, the timing of their liaison meant the family ended up going through a paternity test to ensure that Ziggy was in fact Ben’s daughter.

Even though the test confirmed Ziggy was Ben’s after all, it wasn’t enough to save Ben and Maggie’s marriage, and although Ziggy found herself siding with Ben initially, she eventually saw how heartbroken Maggie was and was determined to get her parents to work things out.

With Maggie believing that Ben has moved on by starting a new relationship with Gemma Parata (Bree Peters)—despite his assurances they they are just friends—she’s come to find it impossible to live in Summer Bay, and informed Ziggy that she was planning to move away.

When Ziggy later returned to find Maggie already packing, with the intention of heading to Italy the very next day, Ziggy thought her mother had gone crazy.

Maggie can’t take back what has happened or what has been said,” Sophie explained to TV Week. “And for the first time, Ziggy has to imagine life without her family together.

This week, in an attempt to take Ziggy’s mind of all her troubles, boyfriend Dean (Patrick O’Connor) surprises Ziggy with a romantic getaway into the bush.

As the couple head off on their roadtrip, which was previously teased in a recent promo, Ziggy is subdued, but Dean soon manages to pick up her spirits as she begins to sing along to some music.

After setting off on a bushwalk, where Ziggy is still sidetracked with worry about her family, the real purpose of the trip becomes clear when Dean presents Ziggy with a gift…

It suddenly dawns on Ziggy that’s she’s forgotten it’s their one year anniversary!

Although Dean tries to put on a brave face, given everything that Ziggy’s been going through, he can’t help but feel a little dejected.

They’re in this together, but Dean has had a stable family and finds it hard to relate,” Sophie continued. “Then Ziggy can’t focus, so they do feel a strain.

Dean and Ziggy first hooked up last year when they took part in a charity car rally.

With Ziggy not long out of her failed marriage to Brody Morgan, Dean had gifted a clapped out car to her as a fixer-upper to act as the perfect distraction. The pair worked hard on restoring it when they heard news of the challenge taking place in the South Australian outback.

Sparks flew between the pair on the trip, which resulted in them sleeping together, and whilst they initially avoided each other on their return to Summer Bay, they eventually gave way to their feelings and started a relationship.

Things were far from easy through the first months of their relationship, with Dean dealing with the arrival of half-sister Mackenzie, who was soon hooking up with Dean’s best mate Colby, and another run-in with his father Rick Booth.

Their relationship survived through that, and even remained intact following a visit from Dean’s mother Karen, who eventually gave Ziggy her blessing to carry her grandchild if she wished!

However the couple hit their first major hurdle when Ziggy was offered a trial as a mechanic on a pit crew away from Summer Bay. After she was subsequently offered a job, she found herself unable to bring the subject up with Dean, who accidentally found out when a message came in on Ziggy’s phone whilst she was out of the room.

As they became more and more frustrated with each other, Dean eventually called time on the relationship and Ziggy left town, only to return a few weeks later to win Dean back after quitting the job.

Amongst the drama with Ben and Maggie’s marriage over the past couple of months, Ziggy has recently completed her apprenticeship and taken on more reponsibility in her job at Summer Bay Auto, which has left little time for Ziggy and Dean to spend quality time together.

Although Dean had hoped to take part in another car rally in recent weeks, and went to Justin directly to ask if Ziggy could take some time off, Ziggy was fuming that Dean had embarrassed her by going behind her back. She did later promise that they would take a break together when the timing was right.

So will Ziggy forgetting their anniversary lead to their relationship becoming even more strained?

Whether it does or not, the future isn’t looking so rosy for the young couple…

As we’ve previously reported, there’s speculation that Dean’s life will be turned upside down within the next few months—with the rumoured arrival of an ex-girlfriend, who has Dean’s child in tow!

Actress Madeleine Jevic has been spotted filming with Patrick O’Connor and a young boy on a number of occasions earlier this year, and photos taken by fans even show Dean locking lips with the mystery lady…

Could Dean and Ziggy be heading towards the final stretch of their relationship already…?

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Here’s the full spoilers for this week in Australia:

Monday 22nd June (Episode 7355)
John finally receives some promising news. Ben’s final grand gesture. Jasmine makes an alarming claim. Leah gets back to a normal life.

Tuesday 23rd June (Episode 7356)
Maggie gives Ben one last chance to explain. Marilyn prepares for John’s return home. Jasmine’s behaviour towards Grace becomes intense.

Wednesday 24th June (Episode 7357)
Ben and Maggie come to their final decision. Ziggy and Dean celebrate a milestone. Jasmine bends the truth. John returns home.

Thursday 25th June (Episode 7358)
Ziggy learns the fate of her parents. Evan makes a heartbreaking decision. Colby reignites the diner investigation.

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