New Home and Away promo shows Maggie prepare to leave Summer Bay

Seven have dropped another new Home and Away promo this week, which teases the planned departure of a much loved character… read on for all the spoilers, and view the promo below.

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Both Ben (Rohan Nichol) and Maggie (Kestie Morassi) have found life difficult in Summer Bay since their separation, particularly Maggie who had been desperate to rekindle her relationship with Ben.

Ben has so far not been willing to forgive Maggie for keeping a huge secret for the entirety of their 22 year marriage—that she had once slept with Ben’s brother Marco, whilst Ben and Maggie were on a break less than a year before they were wed, and almost exactly nine months before daughter Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) was born.

Although the possibility of Ziggy being Marco’s child was quashed following a paternity test, Ben has not been able to get over Maggie’s betrayal, and so officially called time on their marriage.

The couple have not been able to avoid each other in such a small town though, and Maggie was heartbroken to learn that Ben had spent a night in a motel room with Gemma Parata (Bree Peters).

Although nothing happened between them, and a possible relationship was put to an end before it even started, it hasn’t stopped Maggie from lashing out at both Ben and Gemma.

This week, realising that there’s nothing more she can do to try and win Ben back, Maggie decides it’s time for her to leave town. Applying for a job transfer out of Summer Bay, Maggie tells Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) that she’s considering moving to Italy.

The emotional promo gives us a glimpse at some of the scenes leading up to Maggie’s departure over the next couple of weeks.

Seemingly shocked by his estranged wife’s decision to leave the bay for good, Ben admits to Maggie that he doesn’t want her to go, and she in turn asks him to give her one reason why she should stay.

It would seem that Ben is still struggling to find the forgiveness Maggie needs though, with Maggie’s plans remaining unchanged as she tells Ben to have a nice life.

Maggie shares a tearful moment with Ziggy, and she prepares to leave the farmhouse for the final time.

Meanwhile, Ben is receiving some sage advice from Summer Bay patriarch Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher), who is all too familiar with the art of forgiveness.

After all, Alf was forced to face the return of ex-wife Martha (Belinda Giblin) into his life after she left the family and faked her own death back in 1985. He eventually got over his bitterness towards Martha, knowing that he never truly stopped loving her, and they were remarried earlier this year.

Alf tells Ben that he should “take it from someone who’ve loved and lost before—it’s worth it“.

That is seemingly enough for Ben to make a last minute dash to stop Maggie walking out of his life for good.

As previously teased in the promo last week, with our speculation proving to be correct, Ben manages to track Maggie down and runs out in front of her car as she drives out of town. Luckily Maggie’s emergency stop prevents Ben becoming roadkill.

As Ben finally gets a hold on his feelings, he asks Maggie to look him in the eye and tell him that she doesn’t love him.

If she can do that then he’ll gladly walk away and let her go.

Will Maggie decide to leave the bay, or is she willing to give Ben another chance?

We think we know the answer, having first speculated on Ben and Maggie’s future back in our May spoiler roundup….

As we theorised back in May, scenes filmed back in December last year saw a number of the cast film what seemed to be a celebratory lunch, in what’s speculated to be a goodbye dinner for Ben and Maggie.

Alongside Ziggy and boyfriend Dean were Summer Bay stalwarts Alf, John, Marilyn, Leah and Justin, who joined the pair for the occasion outside the surf club.

Alf appeared to give a speech and make a toast to the Astonis, before Ben stood up to give a speech of his own.

While dinners on the beach are hardly a sign of an impending departure, another scene was filmed the same day which all but confirms that we’re about to see the back of Ben and Maggie.

The pair filmed a scene along Ocean Road in Palm Beach, driving past the famous “You are leaving Summer Bay” sign–a prop which is often seen as characters depart Summer Bay for the final time.

All this is set to air over the next couple of weeks in Australia. For a full round up of Home and Away spoilers, visit our dedicated spoilers page.

Here’s the full spoilers for the next two weeks in Australia:

Monday 15th June (Episode 7351)
Ryder reveals to Evan that he knows his secret. Ari is concerned that Nikau and Tane are hiding something from him. Justin worries if Leah is strong enough to get through another trauma.

Tuesday 16th June (Episode 7352)
Evan and Ryder come to loggerheads. Tane and Ari navigate a tense situation. Colby commences his investigation.

Wednesday 17th June (Episode 7353)
Evan and Ryder’s bond is put to the test. Bella celebrates a milestone. Maggie makes a heartbreaking decision.

Thursday 18th June (Episode 7354)
Bella’s newfound independence inspires everyone. Ziggy desperately tries to keep her family together. John and Marilyn face some harsh realities.

Monday 22nd June (Episode 7355)
John finally receives some promising news. Ben’s final grand gesture. Jasmine makes an alarming claim. Leah gets back to a normal life.

Tuesday 23rd June (Episode 7356)
Maggie gives Ben one last chance to explain. Marilyn prepares for John’s return home. Jasmine’s behaviour towards Grace becomes intense.

Wednesday 24th June (Episode 7357)
Ben and Maggie come to their final decision. Ziggy and Dean celebrate a milestone. Jasmine bends the truth. John returns home.

Thursday 25th June (Episode 7358)
Ziggy learns the fate of her parents. Evan makes a heartbreaking decision. Colby reignites the diner investigation.

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