Home and Away Spoilers – Self-harm storyline for Bella as she and Nikau take the next step

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Next week on Home and Away in the UK, as Bella decides she wants to take the next step with Nikau, an unforeseen obstacle takes her to a dark place, with devastating consequences…

Bella Nixon (Courtney Miller) has been feeling all sorts of new emotions in recent weeks, as she got to know newcomer Nikau Parata (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and realised she was falling for him.

With the teen having led a largely sheltered upbringing, Bella hasn’t had much experience with boys—and with the terrifying experience of Tommy O’Reilly trying to sexually assault her last year, there’s further reason for there to be concern for Bella’s wellbeing when it comes to relationships.

Seeing the chemistry between Bella and Nik from the off, friend Ryder (Lukas Radovich) warned Nik about Bella’s past in the hope that he’d tread carefully. Whilst this initially backfired when Nik backed off from Bella completely, things were soon back on track between the pair.

After another awkward encounter, as Bella tried to tell Nik how she felt about him by literally shouting “I like you!” at him, the pair finally shared their first kiss last week.

As they continue to enjoy each other’s company, Nik decides it’s time to ask Bella on a proper date in this week’s episodes. The only issue is they’re both strapped for cash.

Luckily the pair are able to fleece Blake (Tom Wilson) and his friend out of $50 in a game of pool, and borrowing Ryder’s car, they head off for a night at the movies.

The next day, mum Gemma (Bree Peters) brings Nik a drink from the diner as she praises him for not slacking off at work. As the conversation turns to Bella, who Gemma has noticed Nik has been seeing a lot of, Nik turns coy. Gemma then takes great pleasure in teasing Nik as Bella approaches.

As Bella takes photos of Nik, he browses through her camera and compliments her on her talent, and the pair share another tender kiss.

Shortly afterwards, Bella approaches Willow (Sarah Roberts) with an important question—when will she know when the time is right to have sex?

Willow is taken aback, having only just learned of Bella’s blossoming relationship, but after going through a list of things to think about, she imparts to Bella that she will instinctively know when the time is right.

Willow is the one Bella trusts, so she opens up to her,” Courtney told New Idea magazine. “Willow gives her some good advice. She is like a mother figure to Bella – she is Bella’s ‘family’.

Deciding that the time is now, Bella makes herself up and invites Nik over to her place, after getting rid of Colby (Tim Franklin).

Bella tells Nik that she wants to go all the way—and she wants to do so with him. Nik is very uneasy at the sudden turn of events, and repeatedly asks Bella whether she’s sure that’s what she wants, he doesn’t want her to feel pressured into doing anything.

But Bella calmly tells him that she’s ready, and leads him into her bedroom.

Bella has been through absolute trauma with her dad, with her family and with [her online stalker] Tommy,” Courtney continued. “All she wants at the moment is to live a normal life and to be with Nik, but she’s not seeing the bigger picture.

However as things start to became heated between the pair, Nik kisses Bella’s neck and starts to move on top of her—and a sudden wave of terror comes over Bella as the memories of her ordeal with Tommy come flooding back.

A panicked Bella screams at a confused Nik to get out, and locks her bedroom door behind him. As Nik tries to ask what’s wrong, she becomes more and more distraught as she orders him to leave.

Not knowing what to do, Nik tracks down Ryder and they both head back to Bella. As she still refuses to open the door to Ryder, he angrily asks Nik what he did to cause this. Nik maintains his innocence but Ryder doesn’t believe him.

As Ryder gets on the phone to Colby, Nik panics—his family don’t have a good history with the police and he realises how bad this looks—and he bolts.

When Colby eventually arrives with Willow he’s forced to break down Bella’s door, and he’s horrified by what he finds.

Bella is sitting on her bloodstained bed with a pair of scissors—she’s been cutting her arm.

Bella is feeling so much shame and embarrassment that crying is simply not enough,” Courtney told TV Week magazine. “She’s mortified that the experiences of Tommy still have such an effect on her. She feels the need to release, so she believes the pain of self-harming will allow her to briefly forget about everything.

Colby tries to comfort Bella as he rushes her to the hospital. Thankfully the cuts are only superficial, but everyone is more worried about the psychological damage.

In emotional scenes, a tearful Bella tells Willow and Tori (Penny McNamee) exactly what happened. Willow feels that she gave her bad advice, but Bella explains that it was her own fault, she’s just one big screw-up.

Tori later informs Colby that Bella is in a crisis, it’s obvious that the counselling sessions that Bella did attend have not worked for her.

Tori tells Colby that after this second incident of self-harm, there’s only one option left, and Colby is then forced to break some heartbreaking news to Bella…

Meanwhile, after another tense encounter with Ryder where he again accuses Nik of forcing Bella, a terrified Nik goes to Gemma and tells her that they need to leave the bay, right now.

Nik is forced to tell Gemma the whole story, and how he’s scared that no-one, particularly Bella’s cop brother, will believe him. But Gemma refuses to entertain the idea of Nik running away—if he runs, he looks guilty.

Gemma talks Nik into coming with her to the hospital to check on Bella, but when he gets there he finds himself face to face with Colby.

What happens next shocks Nikau, who struggles to hold back his tears. What does Colby say to him?

Here’s the full spoilers for next week in the UK:

Monday 25th May (Episode 7311)
Ben’s in turmoil after Maggie drops a bombshell. Marilyn opens up to John about why she insisted on taking the Paratas in. Tori and Jasmine bond.

Tuesday 26th May (Episode 7312)
Ziggy’s hunger for the truth could tear her family apart. A phone call threatens to derail Leah’s recovery. Willow starts to crack.

Wednesday 27th May (Episode 7313)
Colby’s thrown to learn about Mac and Ari. Leah is triggered by a diner customer. Bella and Nikau enjoy time together.

Thursday 28th May (Episode 7314)
Bella believes she’s ready to take her relationship to the next level. Ari is treading in dangerous waters by pursuing Mac. Justin finds it hard to hear the details of Leah’s impact statement.

Friday 29th May (Episode 7315)
Bella reaches crisis point. Nikau is forced to break his family’s cycle with running from police. Maggie’s ostracised by her family.

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