Home and Away releases second trailer for 2020 season

Home and Away has released a brand new trailer for the 2020 season, giving more insight into what’s to come in the year ahead.

The show has only been off the air in Australia for just over three weeks, but we’ve been treated to plenty to keep us busy.

An initial trailer dropped on the day of the season finale, and we’ve also been treated to four Home and Away Christmas Specials, each giving us a look backstage at how the show is put together. So we’ve had our fair share of Summer Bay snippets to keep us speculating about the year ahead.

Now, the show has released a brand new promo for next year, revealing a few more hints over what’s to come when Home and Away returns to Australian screens in 2020.

The minute-long promo starts with the climax of the 2019 season, the siege at Northern Districts, with Alex looking down at Mason’s body, Mackenzie holding a distressed and ill Bella, and Maz comforting Jasmine, as Dean comments that “Everyone we care about is in there”.

A voice says “We’ll get through this because we’ve got no choice. We have to. And the only way through it is by sticking together as a family.

We see a shot of a distraught Willow, closely followed by Justin breaking down on the beach.

It’s likely both are mourning Mason, who died from a gunshot while helping the hostages escape in the last few minutes of the dramatic Home and Away season finale.

Justin will have double the anguish when the show returns next year. We hear him tell somebody “She was my rock” – referring to Leah, who went missing in the penultimate week of last season.

We already know that Leah’s disappearance lasts for a number of weeks into the new season, as Ada took some additional time off from filming during the show’s usual mid-year production break, but we’re currently no closer to knowing why or where she’s gone.

One potential clue is a shot which appears to show Leah running through the woods in a wedding dress – leading some fans to speculate that a mysterious kidnapper forces her to marry him, with her escaping at the last minute!

Other fans were more dubious, pointing out that Leah made a similar dash through the bush before her wedding to Zac, but the dress she’s wearing in the 2020 trailer is clearly different to the dress she was wearing at her wedding back in 2015, shown below.

So the mystery continues…

Repeating what we were told in the season finale trailer, we see the words “They’ll say goodbye to two friends”.

One of the goodbyes is clearly Mason, but everyone is still speculating whether the second is Lance, or whether there’s another big death to come at the start of next year.

The shot shows a car travelling down a road, presumably the same one in which Scott and Robbo were travelling in the final moments, when Robbo finally realised that Scott was setting him up and had been infiltrated by the Ouroboros gang.

Jake Ryan, who plays Robbo, hasn’t been seen at Palm Beach (the real-life location where Home and Away’s beach scenes are filmed) in a number of months, prompting a lot of speculation that he’ll be the second goodbye.

However, with the actor taking some time out in late 2018 to film New Zealand movie Savage, it’s possible he’s just taking another extended break – leading to another theory is that Robbo fakes his own death and disappears for a number of months, making a reappearance at a later date.

There are some literal blink-and-you’ll-miss-it (or you-don’t-stand-a-chance-of-seeing-them-unless-you-freeze-frame) shots near the end of the trailer, seemingly showing Robbo and Scott facing off at the top of a cliff.

With Robbo precariously close to the edge, will he fall to his death, or will they come to some agreement that leads to Scott becoming one of the good guys again? We’ll have to wait and see.

Next, the trailer focusses on the new family arriving in Summer Bay next year.

We’ve already got a whole article on them here, but the Parata family are made up of Ari (played by Rob Kipa Williams), his wife, played by Bree Peters, and two other male characters, played by Kawakawa Fox-Reo and Ethan Browne.

Ari made his debut in the season finale, comforting Marilyn as they got caught up in the siege at Northern Districts hospital. We know little about the new characters, other than a short bio that Fox-Reo posted on his Instagram shortly after the finale:

My name is Ariki Wiremu Parata (Ari) I was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia 12 years ago.

I’ve had a few challenges and those challenges brought me to Summer Bay.. I love my whanau (family), I’ll do anything for them, but never cross me.

I didn’t know the guy who died but my heart goes out to the family.. As for me I guess you’ll find out if I stay in the bay or if I go when @homeandaway returns in 2020.. #seasonfinale #homeandaway  #ariparata

In the trailer, we hear one of the new family say “We just want a fresh start” over a number of shots of the boys on the beach, as another says “Maybe it’s different here. The people are different.

However, it’s not smooth sailing for the new family, with Summer Bay never turning out to be the quiet little town new residents expect it to be.

Later in the trailer, we see Ari and the character played by Ethan Browne squaring up to each other.

As we wrote in our previous article on the new family,  back in October the actors were spotted filming this scene on Palm Beach, in which the two fight while watched on by Lukas Radovich (Ryder Jackson), Georgie Parker (Roo Stewart) and Shane Withington (John Palmer).

In the scene, Rob throws a punch at his on-screen son or brother, before Bree Peters’ character steps in to break them up.

It’s never a dull moment!

As we speculated in our previous 2020 article, Alf and Martha are set to get married again after more than 30 years apart – and the trailer features the two on their wedding day, as Alf waits for Martha to walk down the aisle.

As Alf says to Martha “You were my first love, and I want you to be my last.”, hopefully the two will finally find happiness.

There’s more drama in store for Ziggy and Dean too, as we hear Ziggy say “I love you and I can’t bear to lose you“.

It sounds like she’s speaking on the phone, so could it be a desperate call to Dean in Northern District Hospital? He ran into the hospital through a side door in the final few minutes, in an attempt to end the hospital siege.

We see him hesitate in the stairwell on his way up – could he be beginning to regret taking his life into his hands?

We speculated a few weeks ago that Cameron Daddo would be playing Ryder’s dad, and the promo confirms this, with the character heard saying “I’m your dad”, and scenes showing him looking out across the grounds of Summer Bay House.

Ryder’s mum, Quinn, met Ryder’s father while performing on a cruise ship. He had originally wanted the family to settle on the Gold Coast, before eventually leaving Quinn to bring Ryder up on her own.

What would cause him to finally get in touch after so many years? And can the Stewart family cope with another long-forgotten blast from the past?

We don’t yet know when Home and Away returns to Australia in 2020, but based on previous years it’s likely to be in the last couple of weeks of January, or at the start of February. As soon as we have a definitive date we’ll let you know.

If you scrolled past it, don’t forget the whole trailer is available to watch at the top of this article.

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