Home and Away 2020 Spoilers – Everything we know for the year ahead

Another dramatic season finale has just finished, drawing Home and Away to a close for 2019.

A year after the last season finale, which saw Ross make a dramatic attempt to steal back Bella, Robbo propose to Jasmine, and Brody and Simone finally share a kiss, we’ve come to the end of another jam packed year.

In the past twelve months, we’ve witnessed Robbo and Jasmine’s wedding, Ziggy and Dean get together, Leah and Justin embark on a no-strings-attached fling which led to much more, Willow hook up with new doctor Alex, Mason and Raffy embark on their own medical marijuana trial, Tori give birth, and we’ve been biting our nails (with frustration?) through Robbo’s never-ending gang troubles.

Jasmine is caught up in the siege in tonight’s Season Finale

This year’s season final was one of the most emotional in years, with a siege at Northern Districts hospital leaving a number of Summer Bay residents in danger.

We were teased that we’d be saying goodbye to “two friends”, and with countless characters caught in the crossfire, it looks like we’re set for some emotional times when the show comes back.

It looks like it’s a case of ‘How many die?’ rather than ‘Will someone die?’

The show is already off the air in the UK, and after tonight’s final it’ll also be off in Australia until at least January.

While we already know that the show returns to the UK on Monday 6th January 2020, we won’t get to find out when the show returns to Australia until the new year. But to keep you wanting more, we’ve compiled a sneak preview of what’s coming up in Home and Away in 2020.

What’s coming up in Home and Away in 2020?

With most of Home and Away’s outdoor scenes filmed at Palm Beach in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, we normally get a good idea of what’s coming up in the months ahead.

Yet over the past few months, the producers have done a good job of keeping the bigger stories under wraps.

However, we’ve done our best to piece together everything that’s out there.

So what spoilers do we know for 2020?

The show itself has treated us to a little bit of a sneak preview. Back in October at Seven’s annual ‘Upfronts’, the network teased a few things coming up next year:

“In 2020, the country’s No. 1 Australian drama will explore stories of love, romance, betrayal and psychological obsession.

“We see the introduction of a new family which will inject an exciting dynamic to the stellar ensemble cast.

“And after a tragedy rocks the town, we will watch the community come together at the most unexpected wedding the Bay has ever seen to celebrate a precious second chance at love.”

Does Mason die?

Mason Morgan was one of the characters embroiled in the siege at Northern Districts Hospital, first risking his life first by pleading with the gunmen that the hospital is full of sick people who need help, and second by squaring up to them alongside new character Ari.

As a gunshot rings out, could Mason be one of the friends we say goodbye to?

Orpheus Pledger, the actor behind Mason, hasn’t been seen filming on the beach sets of Home and Away for a number of months, fuelling speculation that Mason was set to leave the show.

His Instagram profile previously changed to state that he was living in 870km away from where the show is filmed. His profile has now changed to read “Work/Live between Australia/USA“, meaning it looks like Orpheus has joined the throngs of Home and Away actors trying to find work in the US.

Could we be saying goodbye to another Morgan sooner rather than later?

Which Summer Bay couple get married?

Ray MEagher Belinda Giblin

There are plenty of contenders for a Summer Bay wedding.

Leah and Justin or Dean and Ziggy would both be viable options, with both forming strong relationships in the last year, and with Leah recently confessing that she loves Justin more than she’s ever loved anyone before! But neither would tick the box for “the most unexpected wedding the Bay has ever seen“.

The 2020 promo showed Alf and Ryder on someone’s wedding day… but which of the pair will be tying the knot?

Nothing was more unexpected than the revelation that Alf’s long-lost love Martha was alive and well – so perhaps a couple getting married again after over 30 years apart?

We’ll just have to wait and see…

A new family calls Summer Bay home

2 years after the last family moved into Summer Bay in the form of the Astonis, Home and Away is set to get a brand new family.

They may live to regret the move, after one of the new family members gets caught up in the siege at Northern Districts Hospital.

Ari, played by Rob Kipa-Williams, made his first appearance in Wednesday’s season finale as he comforted Marilyn during the dramatic siege.

Rob is one of four new cast members who make up the new family.

Kawakawa Fox-Reo, who we believe either plays one of the family’s sons or another close relation, posted an Instagram photo of three of the four new family members filming on Palm Beach back in October.

On the left is Rob Kipa Williams, who makes his debut as Ariki (Ari) in the finale. Middle is Kawakawa Fox-Reo, while right is Ethan Browne.

Bree Peters joins Home and Away as part of a new family. Image from https://gcm.co.nz/artists/bree-peters

The boys will be joined by fellow Kiwi Bree Peters, previously known for playing Pania Stevens in Shortland Street.

More details on the new family can be found here.

James Stewart & Ada Nicodemou

Leah’s disappearance set to continue

While the rest of the cast took 2 weeks off over the summer for the annual production break, Ada Nicodemou (Leah) took around 6 weeks off filming to visit Greece with her son. With the production break coinciding with the filming of the finale, it means it’s likely that Leah’s mysterious disappearance will continue for the first month of the 2020 season.

We’re no closer to knowing who or what is behind her vanishing into thin air, but the internet is rife with speculation.

Could it be something to do with her dead ex-husband Vinnie, a connection to son VJ, or perhaps even Irene’s son Mick exacting further revenge after losing his daughter?

A blast from the Morgan family’s chequered past? Someone with a grievance over the content of her now-defunct blog? Or something completely different?

The last time we saw her was when she received a call with no caller ID. She answers, and tells the person “Yeah, speaking. Who is this?“. She seems to know the mysterious stranger, so it must be someone she trusts enough to meet up with. But who is it, and what would they want with her?

However, there’s no need to fear too much – Ada was eventually back filming, as seen in September’s Instagram photo above, so we’ll find out the reason behind her disappearing act soon enough.

What are the actors hoping for in 2020?

Thanks to the series of Home and Away Christmas Specials currently airing on My5 and 7Plus, we’re getting an insight into the actors and their time on the show.

In the first episode, presenter Jason Smith asks the extended Summer Bay House family for their thoughts on what they would love to see for their characters in 2020, and gives us an insight into what the actors would have in store if they were in charge of the show.

Emily Symons said of Marilyn that she’d like her to finally get a handbag dog, a suitable addition to one of the Bay’s most glamorous women. On a more serious note, she wants Marilyn and John to find happiness, perhaps in another foster child.

With Marilyn mourning the loss of Raffy and struggling to cope with an empty nest, perhaps that will bring them joy next year?

Ada Nicodemou said of Leah that it’s been nice to see her fall in love again, so maybe more of that.

She reminds us that Leah has been married three times, and that she likes “putting on a frock”, so perhaps a wedding for Justin and Leah? With wedding bells on the horizon for one Summer Bay couple, could Leah be about to embark on her fourth marriage?

But watch out Justin, as Lynne McGranger reminds her that she’s Summer Bay’s “black widow”.

Shane Withington wants to see John win a lot of money and get really pretentious – but as Lukas Radovich (Ryder) points out, perhaps it’s only the money that he’s lacking.

Georgie Parker jokes that Roo has a trip to Europe planned for the entire family –  probably blowing half of the show’s budget while she’s at it – but she’s interrupted by Ray Meagher before she can tell us her more serious suggestion for the Stewart family for 2020.

Ray Meagher comments that he thinks Alf has enough on his plate already, as he still gets used to life with long-lost Martha. She was his first love, and he asks “But will she be my last?”

Courtney Miller

Will Bella go too far for Colby’s attention?

Bella’s manipulation of Colby has been getting more extreme in recent weeks.

With Colby overhearing Bella tell Mackenzie that “I promise you you’ll be long forgotten, long before that day ever comes“, he’s finally clocked that his sister has been trying to manipulate him.

And with Colby now doubting that his sister has been ill for the last few weeks, Bella gets more desperate, downing a bottle of pills in the season finale in an effort to make him think she wasn’t totally faking things.

She’s rushed to hospital and gets herself caught up in the siege. However, it seems the medical emergency and near death situation still isn’t enough to calm the teen, with speculation that Bella’s actions could be set to become even more dramatic in 2020.

In the trailer for the second episode of the Home and Away Christmas Specials, Jason Smith asks Courtney Miller “How far will Bella go to protect her brother?

In perhaps a joking move, but maybe a sign of what’s to come, Tim Franklin (Colby) makes a stabbing motion behind Bella’s neck. With the Nixon / Thorne family no stranger to murder, will Bella take things to a lethal end?

New doctor Alex Neilson

Dr Alex leaves?

Dr Alex Neilson (Zoë Ventoura) was drafted in to run the ED after Tori was forced into hiding, and it wasn’t long until she fell for Willow Harris. To WIllow’s own surprise, the feelings were mutual, and the two of them have been exploring their feelings for each other over the past few weeks.

However, with Tori now back and slowly gaining strength, what will the future hold for Alex once she’s back at Northern Districts Hospital?

Well, as loved as she seems to be by Home and Away fans, we haven’t spotted any photos of Zoë Ventoura on set for a few months. Is it possible the actress was only drafted in to cover Penny Mcnamee’s (Tori) own maternity cover?

Zoë Ventoura and her husband Daniel MacPherson (known for playing Joel Samuels in Neighbours) live in LA, making it’s unlikely she signed a long-term contract.

If our speculation is correct, we’re expecting to see Alex’s final scenes around March. Yet the reasons for leaving town, and leaving Willow behind, are currently totally unknown.

It seems Zoë made an impression on the cast before she left, with Kestie Morassi (Maggie Astoni) posting a photo of them together, writing:

When you’ve found a lovely friend, and together you find some lovely light and take a lovely picture. @zoe_ventoura You’re just so bloody lovely and I just absolutely legit love you

Cameron Daddo joins the cast as Ryder’s dad?

Photo thanks to @officialhomeandawaytour

Actor and musician Cameron Daddo, who played Adam Goodman in Packed to the Rafters and has guested in 24, NCIS and The Mentalist, is set to join the cast of Home and Away for a short stint later next year.

Photos taken on the Official Home and Away Tour appear to show Ryder chasing after the new character and pleading with him, seemingly trying to stop him getting on a bus.

The photo has fuelled internet speculation that Daddo will be playing Ryder’s dad, and that perhaps their reunion isn’t the smoothest.

Papparazzi photos from earlier this year also saw Daddo film with Georgie Parker (Roo) outside the Bait Shop, in a scene in which his character appears to introduce himself to Roo. Is he getting to know the rest of the Stewart family after decades of no contact?

Cameron also took to Instagram to post a photo of himself alongside Georgie, commenting:

Any chance to catch up with my “Scorched” cohort @georgieparker is one that I can’t pass up.

Ryder’s mum, Quinn, met Ryder’s father while performing on a cruise ship. He had originally wanted the family to settle on the Gold Coast, before eventually leaving Quinn to bring Ryder up on her own.

What would cause him to finally get in touch after so many years? And can the Stewart family cope with another long-forgotten blast from the past?

Belinda Giblin (Martha Stewart) posted a behind-the-scenes photo with Cameron Daddo in the makeup chair. With all of his photos featuring members of the Stewart family, it seems highly likely that he will indeed be playing Ryder’s long-lost father.

With Home and Away off the air in both Australia and the UK, we’ve got plenty of time to sit and speculate over what will be coming up in the year ahead. We’ll be keeping our Upcoming Episodes page up to date with all of the latest as soon as we get it.

If you’re having serious withdrawal symptoms, don’t forget that there’s a series of Christmas Specials airing every Monday for the next five weeks on 7Plus and My5.

You can find all of the details on ‘Home and Away: Christmas in Summer Bay‘ here.