Home and Away 2020 Spoilers – A new family set to make waves

3 years after the Morgans moved to Summer Bay, and 2 years after the Astonis made the town their home, Home and Away is set to get another brand new family in the form of the Paratas.

However, the newcomers may quickly regret moving to the supposedly sleepy beachside town, as at least one of the new family members got caught up in a siege at Northern Districts Hospital, which went down in Wednesday’s dramatic season finale.

New Zealand actor Rob Kipa-Williams took to Twitter on Monday morning, posting a screengrab of this Wednesday’s 3-part season finale.

The photo shows his character, who we now known is called Ari (short for Ariki), with his arm around Marilyn Chambers, comforting her as gunmen storm Northern Districts Hospital.

Fueling speculation that this Wednesday’s finale will see one favourite bow out, he followed the post with the hashtag #someonesdead.

What Ari is doing at the hospital is currently unknown, and we’ve no idea what eventually brings him and the rest of his family to the Bay.

What we do know is that Marilyn is in the hospital to find Tori, who returns to the hospital when she realises she’s lost Grace’s memory book. As Marilyn goes in to check on her friend, she ends up caught up in the action.

Talking to Now to Love, Emily Symons who plays Marilyn comments that “She’s really freaking out. There doesn’t seem to be an end to it; they all think they’re going to die.

Unable to keep herself calm as the gunmen run riot, she’s comforted by the newcomer. Will her bond with Ari mean that Marilyn will grow close to the family when the rest of the clan arrive in early 2020?


After the finale, Rob took to Twitter again, posting a biography of new character Ari and revealing his surname as Parata.:

My name is Ariki Wiremu Parata (Ari) I was born in New Zealand and moved to Australia 12 years ago.

I’ve had a few challenges and those challenges brought me to Summer Bay.. I love my whanau (family), I’ll do anything for them, but never cross me.

I didn’t know the guy who died but my heart goes out to the family.. As for me I guess you’ll find out if I stay in the bay or if I go when @homeandaway returns in 2020.. #seasonfinale #homeandaway  #ariparata


New Zealand-born Rob, who starred as Zac in 800 Words, will be joined by fellow Kiwi actors Bree Peters, Kawakawa Fox-Reo and Ethan Browne early next year, although their exact relation to each other on-screen remains to be seen.

Bree Peters joins Home and Away as part of a new family. Image from https://gcm.co.nz/artists/bree-peters

Bree is known for playing Pania Stevens in Shortland Street.

Ethan Browne, one of the new Summer Bay family. Image from Karen Kay Management – http://actors.co.nz/actors/Ethan-Browne

Kawakawa Fox-Reo plays one of two family members set to arrive in Summer Bay early next year

Back in October, Kawakawa Fox-Reo posted a photo of himself (middle) with Rob Kipa Williams (left) and Ethan Browne (right) filming on Palm Beach, the Sydney beach that doubles as the real life home of Summer Bay.

Rob Kipa-Williams and the other actors behind the new Summer Bay family have filming for the past few months, and Rob took to Instagram yesterday to announce the news, posting a photo of himself alongside Courtney Miller (Bella Nixon), with Shane Withington (John Palmer) photobombing in the background.


In scenes reminiscent of the Morgans’ arrival in the Bay, trouble isn’t far behind the new family, and it’s not long before there’s fisticuffs on the beach.

In October, eagle-eyed paparazzi spotted the new brothers filming a scene on Palm Beach, with Rob Kippa-Williams squaring up in a fight with fellow newcomer Ethan Browne, watched on by Lukas Radovich (Ryder Jackson), Georgie Parker (Roo Stewart) and Shane Withington (John Palmer).

In the scene, Rob throws a punch at his on-screen son or brother, before Bree Peters steps in to break them up.

It’s not the only fight the new family will find themselves in, and in August paparazzi caught Kawakawa Fox-Reo’s character fighting with Ryder on the beach, with the fight broken up by Ben Astoni.

With rumours that Kawakawa’s character becomes involved with Jade, could jealousy be the reason behind the fight?

A few days later, Kawakawa also posted a photo of himself with Ethan Browne, in between filming scenes in the sea on Palm Beach.

On the same day, press photographers captured a scene featuring Ethan playing beach volleyball with Emily Weir, who plays Mackenzie Booth.

With Mackenzie and Colby drifting further and further apart thanks to Bella’s meddling, could Mackenzie turn to the mysterious newcomer for comfort?


Ari, played by Rob Kipa-Williams, will make his debut in Wednesday’s season finale, with the rest of the new family expected to arrive early next year.

If you can’t wait until Wednesday, watch a sneak peak of what’s to come in what’s been promised to be one of the most dramatic final episodes in years.

The Home and Away Season Final airs on Wednesday in a three-episode special from 7pm on Seven.

Can’t wait for 2020?

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We’re set to see:

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  • Leah’s disappearance continue for weeks into the new season – but where is she? 😟
  • Bella continuing to manipulate Colby – but how far will she push things? 🤥
  • The departure of one of 2019’s most impactful newcomers 🙋‍♀️
  • An estranged parent turn up – but will their arrival be well received? 👨‍👦

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