Tori Morgan to Undergo IVF

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Several weeks ago, Back to the Bay exclusively teased an upcoming pregnancy storyline that could prove controversial.

We can now reveal that mother-to-be in question is Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee), who decides that she wants to have a baby. Despite being single, she pushes on, enlisting the help of good friend, Robbo (Jake Ryan) to be the sperm donor.

Tori and Robbo may have a bundle of joy soon, but what will Jasmine think?

Viewers who keep up to date with spoilers will know that Robbo and Jasmine (Sam Frost) are still an item in scenes filmed just last week.

For those not so up to date, we revealed earlier this year that Jasmine and Colby eventually break things off, and in a somewhat unexpected pairing, Jasmine later gets together with Robbo.

How Jasmine reacts to the news of her close friend wanting to have a child with her boyfriend remains to be seen… But we have a feeling it won’t be pretty.

Scenes shot today show real-life IVF and fertility expert, Dr Devora Lieberman, consulting Tori and Robbo in the hospital.

The news was broken via two tweets by Dr Lieberman herself, one showing Tori and Robbo sitting in a waiting room, and another showing Tori lying back on a hospital bed with a hospital gown covering her legs.

The tweets and associated photos have since been deleted.

These scenes are part of block 1400, slated to air the week commencing on 22nd October, however due to current erratic scheduling, this may change at a later date.

Tori’s pregnancy comes hot on the heels of the news that her brother is also potentially set to become a father! The youngest Morgan brother is set to hook up with a new character named Dempsey, played by Sophie Don, resulting in Dempsey’s pregnancy.

Whilst this development had already been confirmed to us by our own sources, BTTB forum member Ludub also witnessed scenes being filmed at Palm Beach between the pair, with Mason seemingly pleading with Dempsey to not terminate the pregnancy.

We’ve got more on that, as well as news on a marriage, adultery, three departures and another new arrival in our April spoiler roundup.

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