Kat Chapman to die in Home and Away 2017 Season Finale

Major spoilers have come to light this past week as filming for the 2017 season finale got underway, which will involve the shock death of a Summer Bay resident.

The saga began when a local resident, in the Greater Western Sydney suburb of Llandilo, shared a photo on social media of a letter drop they’d received from the Home and Away crew, informing them of upcoming filming in the area. Whilst the notice gave the essential date, time and location details of planned road closures for the 13-hour shoot, it also revealed that the filming would involve a car crash.

Predictably, this news then spread across social media like wildfire, coming to the attention of the local and national press, with Seven later confirming that the scenes would play a part in the season cliffhanger.

Earlier in the week, dramatic scenes were filmed at Palm Beach with the character of Robbo (Jake Ryan) seemingly bundling Tori Morgan (Penny McNamee) into a car before speeding away.


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Further scenes were also filmed showing Robbo being arrested by armed police as pregnant girlfriend Kat Chapman (Pia Miller) looked on.

When the Home and Away crew finally descended on Llandilo last Thursday, both fans and press were eagerly waiting. The afternoon filming involved a continuation of the driving scenes with Robbo and Tori, though we understand these were not directly connected to the crash scenes filmed later that evening.

The crash itself, filmed after nightfall, involved Kat driving a different car with Robbo as a passenger, which is then involved in a high speed accident.

Video taken by the press showed the car being t-boned by a 4×4 at a set of crossroads—the driver of this other car being the new character played by Sam Frost.

An on-set source reportedly told the Daily Mail that the accident would prove fatal—killing both Kat and her unborn child.

With our understanding that Ash, who by this point is in a relationship with Tori, is the father of Kat’s baby, how will he react to their tragic demise?

Pia Miller George Mason

The latest developments also bring up interesting questions about Robbo’s character. Having only just rocked up on-screen in the past couple of weeks—apparently suffering from amnesia with no memory of who he is, yet seemingly recognising Kat—the jury’s certainly out as to whether he’ll turn out to be a good guy or a bad guy. Does he himself even know who he really is by this point?

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As the corresponding interior scenes for the finale week are shot in the studio this week, the cast and crew will also begin filming the location scenes for the opening week of 2018, Home and Away’s 30th anniversary year.

We can only hope there’ll be some happier times ahead for Summer Bay in the show’s landmark year following the fallout from the finale!

For a full rundown of what’s to come on-air over the next couple of weeks, visit our Australian Spoilers page.

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