Kyle Braxton Returns

Further to our story last week about filming taking place in Maitland Gaol this week, details have now come to light as to exactly who was involved with the scenes – and it might not be who you expected!

A fan who went along to the gaol to catch a glimpse of the action was lucky enough to meet George Mason (Ash), Dan Ewing (Heath), Lisa Gormley (Bianca)… and former cast member Nic Westaway (Kyle).

Viewers will know that Kyle was carted off to prison earlier this year after taking the fall for Isla Schultz (Samantha Jade) when she committed an armed robbery. However, many fans were left both frustrated and disappointed by his exit, wondering why Kyle would sacrifice his freedom for a girl he barely knew.

Kyle's exit storyline did not impress his fans

Kyle’s exit storyline did not impress his fans

Whilst both Heath & Bianca’s returns have been highly publicised, Kyle’s has so far been kept under wraps.

What is interesting though is the fact that Dan Ewing also appears to be dressed as an inmate. Could Heath get sent down, or could it be part of some elaborate plan to free Kyle?

It is currenly unknown as to whether the scenes are being produced for the main show, or whether they will be part of the upcoming spin-off episode, which George Mason recently revealed he would be filming scenes for in Alice Springs soon.

Stay tuned!

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