Dani & Ric’s Gaol


When Dani Sutherland accidentally knocked down Kane Phillips with her car in 2003, she was convicted of attempted murder and sent to gaol. The scenes were filmed at Maitland Gaol, located north-west of Newcastle in the Lower Hunter Valley around 100 miles north of Sydney.

The section seen most often on screen was the A Wing yard, where Dani had most of her encounters with ‘The Guv.’ The location was also seen in 2007 when Ric Dalby was wrongfully imprisoned for the death of Rocco Cooper. Whilst stock shots of Maitland were used in 2006 when Alf Stewart was jailed, the actual scenes were filmed elsewhere.

The gaol was taken out of use in 1998 and it is now open as a museum – see the Maitland Gaol website for more information.

Main images ©OZinOH


Maitland Gaol
6-22 John Street
East Maitland NSW 2323