Isla Schultz

Samantha Jade

Isla Schultz (2016)
Samantha Jade
Episodes: 63746408

Children: Florence & Lulu Kingswood

Occupation: Prostitute

Isla Schultz arrived in Angelo’s, hoping to get a latte. Kyle Braxton informed her that they were not open yet and that she would have to leave, but she made no attempt and used her addiction to caffeine and her flirtatious charm as a means to get what she wanted. She then rang a mysterious person and told them that she had found Kyle. After growing closer to Kyle, Isla revealed that she worked for Dave Rogers, the man who Kyle was indebted to after losing in poker in Melbourne. She had been sent to collect Kyle’s debt, however he didn’t come up with the money.

When Dave began making threats, Kyle realised that he had to get himself and Isla out of town, however Dave had them kidnapped and taken out to the bush. Out in the bush, Dave gave Kyle and Isla shovels and told them to dig their own graves. When Dave was distracted, Kyle hit one of Dave’s henchmen over the head with the shovel and told Isla to run. Kyle was attacked by Dave, but then eventually got away. Kyle went to the police, and Isla learnt that they are now free of Dave. Kyle invited Isla to move in with her and the two of them slept together.

Soon thereafter, Isla’s ex-partner, Harry Kingswood arrived in Summer Bay with their two daughters, Florence and Lulu. She was allowed to spend the day with them, but later kidnapped them. Kyle and Harry frantically tried to find the girls, and when they couldn’t, Harry threatened to call the police. Kyle then found Isla working in a brothel and he convinced her to return the girls to avoid the police getting involved. She later learnt that Harry was moving interstate and was taking the girls with him.

Desperate to make money, Isla purchased a gun and attempted to rob the Reefton Lakes Golf Club. When Kyle realised what she was up to, he rushed to the Club and found that she had taken a group of workers hostage. As the police entered the building, he convinced Isla to let the hostages go and hand the gun over. Kyle was then found, and unbeknownst to the police officers, Isla was hidden in the air conditioning vent.

Kyle was then arrested and charged with armed robbery and despite Kat pressuring him to hand the real culprit in, he refused to let a mother go to prison. When Kyle learnt that Isla planned to hand herself over to police, he took the gun and the money that she stole to the police, making sure that his fingerprints were on them. Isla later went to see Ricky, who informed her that Kyle had been sentenced to thirteen years in gaol. Before leaving, Isla assured Ricky that what Kyle had done would be worth it before adding that he was the best man she had ever known.

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