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Dan F

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It feels like things are moving very slowly with regards Susie, not helped by the fact that John's done his two episodes this block and disappeared off screen.At times it was easy to forget that there are actual police doing an actual investigation as Alf and Roo look into things themselves.I was not impressed by Roo continuing to insist that John couldn't possibly have really beaten Alf in the election, which is bordering on a Donald Trump level of denial: Susie might have been good at convincing people to vote the way she wanted, but I don't think she was actually stuffing the ballot boxes.

Okay, looks like I misjudged Dean: It wasn't the glitter that bothered him, it was the fact Jai (and Amber, as it turns out) was treating it as a done deal that he'd win a holiday for them.That is a lot to live up to.Especially when there might not even be a competition.

Ryder delayed telling Nikau a bit too long, resulting in him finding out about him and Chloe in exactly the way he hoped he wouldn't.I was pleased with Bella's reaction: A part of me still feels she needed to make up for believing Jade over Ryder a year and a half ago, and she did it here by being certain that Ryder wouldn't do anything to hurt Chloe.

Things take a heavy turn for Christian.Lewis' work? He's already tried to kill at least one of Christian's patients, after all.

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Apart from that brief glimpse of a couple of constables at John's and mention of Leah, Justin and Irene being interviewed by the cops we haven't heard much from them.  Even I, an ordinary person, would know someone like Susie would have several id's and goes without saying she'd have changed her appearance at the airport to escape justice - wig, glasses, contact lenses to change her eye colour.    A silly niggle, but why hasn't anyone contacted her employer back in WA to see what her track record is like, it appeared she was good at what she did. Did she get a tad greedy and wanted what all these people buying posh houses had?

Alf was a touch naive wondering why the password had been changed, of course it would be, good business practice when someone new takes over.  Alf is now looking for Gerald then, but he didn't have anything to do with the new account, only John can tell Alf about that once he comes out of keeping a low profile, could he have gone to see Jett?  No surprise Marilyn was worried about him, he's going to feel even more gutted than Leah and Justin, it wasn't just his money that's been lost but other people's which explains his resignation he blames himself, even if we know he was an innocent dupe.   I wonder if that theory, can't remember who said it, was right that 'Susie' saw John's profile on that dating app  so came to the bay to influence him into bidding for President.  It wasn't set in stone he would win, maybe it just happened it was right time, right place and the committee did want a change?  I certainly don't think there was anything underhand going on. 

Leah and Justin are going to have to find their own way through this, everyone does Leah wants to get back to working and keep as normal as possible, but Justin want's to keep a low profile at the moment, possibly  to avoid people's comments and pity.   Discreet move by Christian to take Buddy out for a walk so Tori and Justin could talk. Btw, was it just me or was Justin moving rather awkwardly?  Had Tori been away, she appeared to be unaware of what had gone on?  Christian was boasting a tad about his latest couple of ops so inevitable something would happen to burst his bubble.   As it seems Christian hasn't been at the hospital since the one he's had the call about and from we saw they come to blows, that it was  Lewis does seem to be the obvious conclusion, but it's only us that know that.

It's one of the soap rules that the truth comes out when someone delays telling people what they should, before the other person(s) find out.  Thank goodness Bella had her sensible head on and was able to convince Nik it was a good thing, after all it was what they both wanted, not only are Chloe and Ryder now talking they are  a couple.  

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I can understand Alf's perspective but I wish he hadn't been so out for blood with John.That said, he has a point that John messed up giving Susie access to surf club money when she had no official status.At least Marilyn and Roo were more sympathetic, hopefully that will continue when John gets to appear again!

I found Ziggy rather annoying with the pressure she was putting on Mackenzie but the choice is made now.

It's still not clear whether we're meant to infer Lewis is bumping off patients: The implication is there but we haven't actually been shown or told outright.It hasn't crossed anyone else's mind, with the result that Christian's behaviour is hard to defend.Lewis has certainly been needling him a lot, but Christian just walked up to him and punched him without any direct provocation.And honestly, why is the family ordering an autopsy treated as a big deal? That's exactly what they should be doing! What's the hospital been doing up to now, saying "We don't know why they died but it's not our fault so that's all right"?

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Alf was being extremely hard on John and anyway we know Soos and John had to set up a separate account for the donations as Gerald was away so they are safe.  Did Susie have access to actually do anything to them or was she only  able to view the account? I was surprised Marilyn didn't think that maybe John went to see Jett and didn't ever bother ringing him to ask if he had seen him and instead spent their time running around  the bay. It certainly occurred to me that is where he would be. For those who are bound to ask Alf had to break in as Marilyn gave her keys back to John. 

I must admit the thought entered my mind Lewis had bumped off that patient, but it seemed he wasn't on night duty, unless he crept in, did the deed and crept out again.  He was going to kill Ari but Mia scuppered that plan. Christian, as far as he was concerned, had done his job and left her(?) to recover in safe hands.  It appeared, from what I could gather, Christian hadn't made the right checks, or asked the right questions, like did they have any allergies, any other underlying health issues that might affect the op and he would, if the patient was conscious and able to understand  him told them of any risks.  But we all know patients lie. The family are within their rights to ask for an autopsy for what to them is an unexplained death.   Sadly, though, sometimes there isn't any reason why a patient dies after an op. Not an excuse, but if maybe Christian hadn't been drinking he wouldn't have reacted so strongly towards Lewis' jibe, Lewis does push his luck.  

I think Ziggy just wanted to know if Mac was doing the right thing for the right reasons.  Shallow comment time - I did like Mac's dress. 



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4 hours ago, c120701 said:

I think Susie set the account up alone. In the old days those kind of business accounts needed a double signatory to withdraw, but I wonder how that works in the days of online banking?

She may well have done, but John knew about it and it was in his name and she was able to close it down so did that mean she used John's name, have  a password he knew nothing about? 

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It looked to me as though it was the "fundraising account" that Susie was transferring money into.The whole thing seems very amateurish and also seems like another ridiculous convenience, since Susie's whole plan seemed to depend on the treasurer being away.

Alf's episode count this block:Two.

It felt like the show made a point of saying Lewis wasn't with Jasmine the night the patient died in order to make us suspicious: He did sneak back in when he wasn't on shift when he tried to kill Ari. Whilst I was a bit surprised that Irene and Willow were so anti-Christian (although to be fair they don't really know him), I'm also not convinced it was as simple as Lewis provoking him: Okay, he made a comment before Christian threw the punch, but Christian was the one that instigated the confrontation.

I don't think anyone came across that well with the abortion storyline.I can see where Dean's coming from, and I was fully in agreement that Ari should have been told back when Mackenzie was still deciding, but he is being a bit blinkered in thinking it's somehow going to be helpful to tell Ari that Mackenzie's having an abortion: He's better off not knowing.Of course, Dean doesn't know the full story there, but he probably should have just backed off and supported Mackenzie.Ziggy didn't come across any better, with her self-righteous rants and insistence on barking pro-choice slogans that are only tangentially relevant.Even when Tane called her out on her behaviour, it had less to do with what she said to Dean and more to do with her making generalisations about how terrible all men are.Of course, a lot of that is rendered moot with a rather disturbing cliffhanger, with Mackenzie convincingly in pain.

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Really liked the way Tane tried to support Mackenzie previously.  I do think she should have an abortion but on the other hand part of me feels that Ari has a right to know.  Ziggy really annoyed me when she had a go at Dean.  I didn't like the fact that he changed his mind about supporting his sister but I didn't like the way Ziggy was with him either.  Without mentioning what's in the preview, there is a concern with how Ari's going to react.

I thoroughly enjoyed the way Willow (who believes the sun shines out of her arse) smiled at Bella in the Diner thinking Bella would return it only to have Bella blank her.  Her reaction was a delight.  Shame Bella had to reconcile with her as whilst I accept that in terms of the show they couldn't really drag this out forever, I wouldn't have minded seeing it a little while longer.  Despite that Willow continues to be frustrating strutting around with that constant fake smile on her face.

Jai announcing that Amber and Dean were sleeping together and the subsequent reactions were hilarious.  I guess it was obvious Amber was fairly into Dean.  My attitude towards her getting into a relationship with him is that it's her funeral.

Surprised Ryder asked Chloe if he liked her given that she kissed him although I guess he wanted some form of validation. Now that they're together, hopefully they won't be arguing as much. Have to say Chloe's cleavage in her Salt uniform isn't too bad.

Raised an eyebrow to how John thanked Susie for getting the sponsors for the Surf Club and she said she wasn't doing it for the money.  I do feel a bit sorry for John and there's a fear he will revert to being unlikeable again.  Really not liking Alf's attitude even though I also agree with what he is saying.  I also feel sorry for Justin and Leah as well.  It's going to be hard for them to come back from this.  One thing I would like to know more is what motivated Susie to target John in the first place.  She just walked up to him in the Diner and feigned romantic interest.  It's hard to believe she pre-selected him without having some prior knowledge of him.  And if she did, was she stalking him?  

I don't like Lewis at all and hope he gets what's coming to him but I have to admit, I did find it funny how he wound Christian up.  I don't blame Tori for being professional but as I keep saying this mess is all her fault and assuming it comes out, she's going to feel pretty stupid.

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Did I say, no-one but Susie and John knew about the Fund Raising account - if so apologies for 'saying' it again, 

I guess there had to be more than one recently dead patient and who had also been operated on by Christian for the bosses to get involved.  We don't know what happened with Anna, neither really does Lewis.  People do die after complex brain ops, it's nothing the surgeon - in this case Christian - has done/hasn't done, it sadly just happens.  Lewis being  a nurse would/should know that, but sometimes being a nurse/medic can have an adverse effect on your thinking because you have 'insider' knowledge' of how things ought to be.  Am I making sense? 

Had me perplexed there for a moment Red about Irene and Willow being anti-Christian - thinking what does religion have to do with anything?😄  I can see where Jasmine is coming from, she is in the middle and unfair of Lewis to expect her to chose a side, it's not really a matter of sides.  She only has Lewis' side of things and that is how he saw it at the time when naturally very distressed and as people do wanted someone to blame.  Tori has said she will back any complaint Lewis submits so I'm more concerned about her and Christian's relationship.  She's Christian's boss so has to act responsibly which she is doing, she and Jasmine were witnesses to Christian hitting Lewis. Christian, as I said, had been drinking so may have been a contributing factor, Lewis did have that dig about  having 'one sip' but Christian wasn't on duty or call so could do what he liked. 

The abortion storyline was always going to be controversial, especially the not telling Ari bit of it.  It is only Tane, Ziggy and Mac who know about the babies Mia and he lost through no fault of their own and here's Mac choosing to finish her pregnancy when she does have  a choice.  Tane does know Ari best so knows what it would do to him.  Mac, of course, can't explain that part of it to Dean, because it's Ari's 'secret' and not hers to tell.  Mac didn't want Ari to know, even before knowing his history,  as he is now with Mia, and she doesn't want that to spoil that or him to be interested because he feels he ought to be. 

I feel Dean may be looking at it wrong, Amber keeping Jai a secret from him for five years may have been wrong, but she had her reasons, but he's here now and they are getting on fine.   

Ziggy was really on full time rant, hope she feels better now she's got that off her chest. Tane was, I thought, very restrained and he was so right she was tarring all men with the same brush.  The subject of babies didn't come up with her and Brody, Dean had said he didn't want kids because of Karen's condition, does that mean if she had fallen pregnant to either Brody or Dean she may have considered an abortion because the time wasn't right?   Tane did surprise me, in a good way, that he'd like kids, lots, one day.

Did we miss something, last time we saw them, Dean said he had changed his mind and was OK with taking - or as one TV mag put it -brings -an other Americanism🤢 -  Mac to the clinic, her saying no she'd made other arrangements, his saying OK, then it is him taking her? Confused.com🤔 Good job he decided to then, otherwise......

Dean has done  a good job keeping it secret from Willow too.  Bella's not in the loop either or Nik. 

We should have guessed with Mac  keep on insisting Ziggy go out and have fun with Tane and that she would be fine on her own, something  would happen and of course in good old soap tradition it did. As, of course, are the scenes we saw that unfold today, if you've seen them, you'll know the ones I mean. 

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