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A Mothers Love (by Danni02) - comments


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Thank you for another amazing story. I enjoyed every minute of it except when Ruby died. I was glad that Charlie and Brax made it up in the end and added to their family. Heath with Amelia was funny. I am glad that they surprised Romeo with the plane ticket. Thank you again.

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OMG!! That was such a beautiful way to finish!!

I found myself tearing up :cryingsmiley: with all the goodbyes!! Especially when Heath & Brax hugged :blush:

Thankyou once again for another awesome fic .. things got a bit rocky in the middle but I know to weather the storm and normally the sun comes out shinning!! :D

Look forward to your new fic that you mentioned and I am still loving Unconditional Love :)


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AWESOME final chapter !!!!! to a FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL fic !!!!! BEYOND looooooooved that, especailly …..

 “Bee you make mummy cry.” Amelia moaned up at her as she saw tears coming from her mother’s eyes.

“It wasn’t Bianca’s fault,” Charlie sniffed back. “Mummy is just very sad to leave.”

 “You will Rocco all the time. You my best Rocco friend.” Amelia said.

 “I’ll miss you too Heath,” Charlie exhaled as Heath pulled her into a hug. “Shocking eh.”

Heath gave a little laugh as he pulled back and looked down to Amelia. “You miss me Uncle Heath?”

“Oh no,” Heath shook his head. “I can’t wait to see you go.”

Amelia opened her mouth as she widened her eyes in shock. “Well I miss you Uncle Heath.”

“Of course I’m going to miss you button.” Heath laughed. “Now come give me a squeeze.” Heath bent down to her level and Amelia ran forward and gave him a hug.

 “A pet rabbit?” Miles gasped. “I want a pet rabbit but Leah won’t let me have one.”

Amelia giggled. “You a adult you get it yourself.”

“He’ll do no such thing,” Leah said as she glanced at Miles.

 “Look, Amelia.” Brax said as he pulled something out from his pocket. It was going to be done in secret so Amelia didn’t know but she was so upset at the thought of leaving Romeo behind they’d decided to do it this way instead.

“What?” Amelia’s breathing was heavy as she tried to stop herself crying.

“It’s a plane ticket for Romeo to come see us on the 20th December till 20th January.” Brax said as he handed it to Romeo.

“Are you serious?” Romeo was stunned as he took the ticket from Brax.

“Wouldn’t be Christmas if you weren’t with your family.” Charlie smiled as she rubbed Amelia’s back. “See, so only 3 weeks and Romeo will be out to see you, okay?”

“Uh-huh.” Amelia nodded lightly.

“I’ll go put her in the car.” Charlie said before walking away towards the car.

“Thank you so much for this, I eh....wow.” Romeo exhaled.

“No worries,” Brax smiled. “I eh, I also have these for you.” Brax took the keys from his pocket and handed them to Romeo, who once again looked stunned.

“The keys to the restaurant?” Romeo questioned. “You want me to pass them on to John?”

“Nah,” Brax shook his head. “He and Alf may have bought the place but they don’t have time to run it. So, I need to leave it in good hands so, you’re the new manager, Romeo.”

 “And you know she will need the mother’s approval.”

Romeo laughed once again. “If it getting too serious we’ll pay you a visit, how does that ound?”

“Sounds great,” Charlie smiled as she leaned forward and gave Romeo a hug. “Take care Romeo. I love you.”

 The ENTIRE last sequence at Ruby’s gravesite!!!!

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Danni, I know I have been so bad with commenting on each chapter of this amazing fic, but I have read each and every chapter and each chapter has just been so great. You are an amazing writer and it shows. I loved how you ended it, still with the reminders of Ruby but also showing that they can move on with their lives. I really can't say how much I have enjoyed reading this. Thank you so much for writing this!

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A great ending to a great story Danni

I have enjoyed every chapter of this fic

So sad that Amelia didn't want to leave Romeo behind but what a nice thought having him come down for Christmas

Loved all the goodbyes and the rabbit bit with Miles actually made me laugh

looking forward to seeing where the rest of your fics go :)

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Well Done with this story It's been immense. It was a really brave move you took to have Ruby die in this.

Loved the all the goodbyes. And Miles wanting a rabbit made me smile.

Charlie's goodbye to Ruby at the end was sad but also uplifting in a way, so that was good. :)

Well done again :)

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