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  1. Thank you for another great chapter. I have my fingars crossed that Bianca has a chat with Brax about his friendship with Charlie. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
  2. Welcome back Danni. That was a great start to what looks like is going to be an interesting story. Not too sure about Brax seeing Natalie but I will wait and see what happens. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
  3. I am sorry that I have not reviewed recently. I am still enjoying your excellant story. I am curious as to who left those lilies. I have a sneaky suspicion that it is Angelos dad. It is the sort of thing I think he would do. I am loving the chax time with their new baby Joseph and Connors reaction to his baby brother. I look forward to reading the next update.
  4. Please please don't let Charlie lose pip. I am with everyone else on this. Charlie needs to have some happiness in her life after everthing that has happened. I will look forward to your next upate with bated breath.......
  5. I am enjoying this story. I feel sorry for April when Bianca reacted the way she did. Bianca should have listened even if she did not agree with what April was saying. I am glad that Charlie was there to lend a supportive shoulder. However much Brax feels for Katie he should remember he has two children that he know that are his. He was naughty when he ignored Ella just so he could coo over Katie. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Katie is not his. Because if she is I forsee big problems ahead. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
  6. I am enjoying your story. But what a rollercoaster it has been in the last few chapters. Going from cheeky Brax with he and Charlie having some happy time together to the sadness of Angelo being killed in the car crash. Roberto was horrible in whaat he said to Charlie and Connor.Poor Connor is having to deal with being in the crash with his dad and his dad being killed and his grandfather being horrible to him.I am glad that Ana was kind to Charlie despite her problems. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
  7. I am enjoying your new story. I thought Biancas reaction was very harsh. Ruby was supportive despite what April confessed to her.I am curious as to who the baby's father is. I don't think it is Brax's I think the woman is out to cause trouble. He certainly put his foor in it when he and Charlie talked about the babies father and who it could be and whether or not he cheated. I look forward to reading your next update.
  8. I am still enjoying your story. I am looking forward to seeing what happens on christmas day. It will be interesting to see how Brax and Angelo are with each other. Very funny Charlie eating tyhe cookies left out for the riendeer. I think Connor would have noticed if they had put them back in the box. I look forward to the next update.
  9. Thank you for another amazing story. I enjoyed every minute of it except when Ruby died. I was glad that Charlie and Brax made it up in the end and added to their family. Heath with Amelia was funny. I am glad that they surprised Romeo with the plane ticket. Thank you again.
  10. I am sorry that your story is coming to an end. I shall enjoy it while I can. I am glad that Amelias rash was nothing. At least the one good thing was that it made Charlie talk to Brax. A matchmaker in the making. I am glad the Charlie wants to take thing slowly. I hope that is the start of Charlie and Brax making up.
  11. Oh dear. When I read that the baby was a match for Ruby I thought great. I did not think that Ruby would die. That was a complete shock. I am glad that Miles is going to help Charlie though I think she will shout at him to begin with. I keep hoping that Brax and Charlie will make up but they have a long way to go. I lookmforward to reading the next chapter. I am enjoying your story despite the sadness of Ruby dying. I am glad that Romeo was there for Charlie at the funeral.
  12. I tried to comment last night but had computer problems. I don't blame Charlie for slapping Bianca. Yet she can't get that she slept with brax and now wants to behave as thought nothing has happened. I am glad that Heath is supporting Charlie and had a good go at Brax. I am glad that the baby is a match to Ruby dispite Charlie getting pregnant has caused great heartache. Do I detect a thawing between Charlie annd Brax I am enjoying your story and look forward to seeing what happens next.
  13. I am glad that Leah is sticking by Charlie and putting Brax and Bianca under pressure. It might cause Charlie a great deal of pain but I think she needs to know. That would be better than her finding out by a third party. I look forward to seeing what happens next. I have my fingers crossed ffor a donor.
  14. Oh no Brax and Bianca. Don't do it. I hope Bianca can stop things going further. I would not like to be in Leahs shoes. Does she tell or make something up. I think she should have knocked loudly on the door. I look forward to seeing what happens next with bated breath.
  15. I wish we had a praying emoticon available. I can understand why Brax is leaving but I wish he hadn't. I am hoping that Tracey finds out and sticks her nose in big time or they find a donor. I hope Ruby is safe and well on her camping trip. I am enjoying the drama in your story but I have my fingars crossed for a happy ending.
  16. Now I am shouting at the screen quietly!!!!! don't go there Brax. I hope it was just a moment and nothing else. I have my fingars crossed that Tracy is going to find out and put a stop to Charlies plan or they find a match for Ruby.
  17. I am glad that Charlie has gone for birth control rather than the op. At least if Charlie decides she wants a baby with Brax she will be able to. I am glad that Ruby and Romeo are getting along just fine.
  18. i am quietly shouting at the computer don't do it Charlie!!!!!! I am surprised that Grant agreed to have a saviour sibling. I thought he would be a total dirtbag and say no. I hope Tracy doesn't find out or all hell will break out...... If it happens I don't think Brax will stick around. I think he will be off and join Heath.
  19. Thank you for two great chapters. For once I liked Morag sorting Brax out when he put his foot in his mouth. I am glad that Charlie and Brax have had that talk and are starting to get back together again. I don't think Charlie will find a dr to the operation that she wants. I have the feeling that Ruby is changing her mind about giving Rachael her baby.
  20. So sad for Charlie and Angelo the first anniversary of Lily's death. Connor had the right idea always remembering Lily being happy. It is nice to see Romeo and Ruby getting on so well. They are good for each other. As for Charlie and Brax they need to sit down and have a good talk. Maybe when they have cleared the air they might have a chance of getting back together. Thank you for another amazing story. I always look forward to seeing what happens next.
  21. I am glad that Brax is going with Charlie when she goes to see Grant. Although she is pushing Brax away she should take his support to help her deal with Ruby's illness. I hope there is a match soon.
  22. Charlie might regret being sterilised. It was a shame that she and Brax broke up. They really need to sit down and talk. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
  23. I am enjoying your story. I love the way Connor has taken to Brax. He seems quite happy that Charlie is seeing Brax even though he is too young to understand what a sleepover means to Chax. I wonder if Charlie is pregnant I look forward to seeing what happens next.
  24. I love the way Charlie and Brax are taking it slowly. I'm glad that Charlie told Brax about the rape and he was supportive. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
  25. I shall be sad when this story finishes. I liked April and Dex's baby Hollie. What a lovely name. Brax taking Charlie on a picnic so romantic. It was good to see Ruby and April have some girl time. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
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