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Dan F

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I have just loved all these scenes between Lance, Martin, Celia and Norelle - so funny! I wish they would do these kinda things in the current show. Plus the scene Norelle was tickling Frank and Celia came barging in preaching to them about improper behavior, really funny.

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Awww Miss Molloy! I wish they had kept using her.

That's insane but I love it!

Does anyone know when these eps were shown in the UK originally?

I was going to express astonishment at not remembering or having any idea that Bertram came back, but if these eps aired around October/Nov 1989, there'd be a good reason - I was out of the country! :huh:

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Little Sally was absolutely SPOILT ROTTEN!!!!!!!!!!! MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean FANCY having a rock superstar singing in your own bedroom like that. People pay MILLIONS to have that kind of privilege!!!

Oh and speaking of spoilt brats, look at the way Carly is carrying on now.......

Tell ya what....

.....Carly has got PROBLEMS!!! BIG PROBLEMS!!!

Anyway, about The Nutter Walter Bertram: I thought it was quite funny him meeting John Farnham, after all the things that he did, like poisoning Nico's cow, burning down the town hall, giving Sandra a hard time after the Barlow shooting, etc.

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OMG that scene at the end of episode 183 was really freaky, I find those type of scenes much more genuinely creepy than I have any of the stalker scares in recent years.

I am so behind with these early years episode becuase I haven't had a TV at home now since the first week of May and had to watch shows via the internet. Hopefully it will be fixed soon so I can watch at 7TWO pace.

Pretty much every episode is full of memorable moments - the entire Roo/Martha/Brett saga has been fantastic as has Ailsa and Alf's reunion and all of the Lance/Martin/Norelle shenanigans plus Celia, Colleen, Fisher Floss/Nev haha its been really funny, silly, dramatic and emotional. The cast is so strong, as is the writing, I cant find fault at all.

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