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Adelle Question

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Adelle Wedding??  

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:( Oh yeah I forgot about that. Oh well we'll get two proposals :D

Belle is so selfish :unsure:

Its ok for her she will be dead

but poor Aden will be in dept because of the wedding ring, than the wedding if they have one than her funeral :angry:

cant they just bury her in the sand :o

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Quick question: Mr Jack Holden are you grumble bum?

Back on topic:

Justin Chambers who plays Alex on Grey's Anatomy said this about Izzie who is dying from skin cancer and iI think it relates perfectly when talking about Belle and Aden Chambers (who plays Axel)said "I'm going to marry her and do the right thing because she might be dead soon, so let's try and make what little time she has left beautiful" I love what he said, because its so true :wub:

No she is not me.

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Yeah but Ric & Mattie were in my opinion too immature, they weren't ready for marriage.

WOW I can't believe you just said that :o

Ric and Mattie were a lot more mature than Adelle. Their relationship lasted quite a long time before they hit rocky ground but in the end came back to each other, and it didn't become annoying because they didn't break up every tuesday and get back together every sunday. :rolleyes:

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