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Adelle Question

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Adelle Wedding??  

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Meh Adelle.

I think, if you look at their relationship, I dont think its strong enough at the moment to say 'lets get married' they seem to drop out of the realationship when they are needed for support the most [first Belle dumps Aden when he is in the clinic then Aden dumps Belle when she goes to rehab] With them only just getting back together again I think they need to first build a strong realtionship, in which they can learn to communicate their feelings and work through problems instead of breaking up at the first sign of trouble.

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I don't think they should at all. Maybe if they manage to get through a few years without breaking up then I would say they have the potential but right now, marriage is a huge mistake for those two

although I'm sure it will be overlooked seeing as what's going to happen with Belle. If Aden proposed when he found out she was dying then fair enough but a week or two after they've gotten back together after falling out over a huge trust issue in their relationship? I just don't find it believable at all.

I think they're both at a shaky time in both of their lives, Aden turned down his Uni offer to stay and support Belle so he might look into pursuing that again now that she doesn't need his support as much and right now Belle has no career and might want to work on getting back into photography again so I think they both need to sort out their own personal lives and what they want to do as individuals before rushing into this huge commitment.

I also find it so ludicrous that Belle would say yes seeing as she laughed in Annie's face when she thought Drew was going to propose to Belle.

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Judging by Home And Away's history of characters getting married extremely young, I think it is inevitable that Adelle will marry before Belle

snuffs it/kicks the bucket/pops her clogs/puts us out of our misery.


Martha married at 19, then again at 21.

Kim married at 19.

Robbie and Tasha married at 19 and 18 respectively.

Kirsty married at 17.

Hayley and Noah married at 21.

Gypsy and and Will married at approximately 20.

Chloe married at 19.

Shane and Angel married at 19.

Leah married Vinnie at 22.

Peta and Edward "married" at 17, but it wasn't legal.

Carly married Ben when she was under 20.

Bobby and Frank got married under 20.

With Adelle being so popular, I would be very surprised if they didn't get married before you-know-what happens.

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