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  1. Hey guys, i'm just here to say goodbye. I can't see myself continuing to watch Home and Away with the way it's been going, so that being said I no longer require this forum. Home and Away is getting worse and worse with every week that goes by. I think it's for the best that I stop watching the show now and just remember it for what it was like between 2001 - 2011. I was hanging in there because of Romigo and I quite liked the Walkers. But now Romeo and Indi are both gone and so are Dex and Sid. & the only Walker left is the one that I can't stand anymore. I was going to keep watching
  2. Happy birthday BttB! What a great achievement! I joined on April 19 2011, I can't believe I've been here for nearly 3 years!
  3. ^I don't remember Lucy singing. Shortland Street
  4. Jaffas (I'm getting addicted to these things, haha) Coronation Street calendar Pepsi Max
  5. Has it really been 5 months! It doesn't even feel like that long since your last update! Wow! time sure does fly. Absolutely gorgeous icons as per usual, Amy. I love that font on April.& That colouring goes so well with the screencaps you pick. I actually adore that colouring!
  6. Welcome back Bec!! They icons are absolutely beautiful, that colouring is just These two icons are absolutely perfect both colouring and cropping:
  7. Shortland Street Finale... definitely not an episode to miss!
  8. Just had cereal with strawberry and a bit of yogurt.
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