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Et Je T'Aime Encore

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Story title: Et Je T'Aime Encore

Type of story: Short Fic

Main Characters: Aden & Belle

Genre: some Drama

BttB Rating: G/A

Does story include spoilers: Not sure

Warnings: mild sexual references, drug references

Is story being proof read: No

Summary: The story is set before Aden and Belle got together. Aden works with Belle at the pier diner. Belle is dating Drew. Nicole is romantically interested in Aden. Aden is starting to come to terms with his abusive past and is beginning to develop feelings for Belle. But does Aden really want to be more than friends? What secret is Belle hiding?

Chapter one

"She looks so beautiful" Ruby whispered to herself looking straight ahead. While Aden looked in another direction "Yeah she is" Aden said back to her, hypnotised by the beauty of Belle. Belle walked into the room wearing a silky blue dress with her hair down. "Annie you look gorgeous" Ruby squealed, Aden realised Ruby wasn't talking about Belle. Colleen had organised a town dance for the teens of Summer Bay to help raise money for Diabetes Australia.

Aden was about to walk up to Belle and say hi when Drew yelled from across the room "Taylor". Belle walked over and kissed Drew for a minute or two.

"Jerk" Aden thought to himself. "Don't worry; he's not nearly as hot as you" Nicole saw Aden was looking at Drew. "Nic, leave me alone" Aden wasn't in the mood for Nicole. "Oh come on, aren't you gonna ask me to dance" Nicole said in a flirtatious voice. "Look will you just leave me alone okay, I'm not here to dance, and even if I was I wouldn't dance with you" Aden snapped storming outside. "Fine!" Nicole snapped back.

"Hey sexy, you look so damn hot tonight. I must be the luckiest guy in the world" Drew said seductively with his hands on her waist. Belle chuckled nervously, "Hey, I'll be back in a minute" Drew instantly went in for another kiss, he had no problems with showing affection in public. "Okay" Drew winked at her.

Walking out in the coolness felt like the weight had lifted off Belle's shoulders. She had always been attracted to Drew but for some reason she was starting to fall out of love with him. Aden was sitting on a raised log staring out to the ocean as the wind blew he took a deep breath in and then out. Reaching into her purse Belle found the tablets she needed to take. Aden stood up and turned spotting Belle in the distance he couldn't help but smile, throwing back her head and swallowing two tablets Belle knew there was no point in taking them but they felt like a security blanket. These will help me get through the night Belle thought to herself, taking a deep breath in Belle found the courage to go back into the hall. "Hey man" Axel said out of no where. "Jesus you scared me" Aden flinched. "Didn't realise that girl was a druggie, she's seriously hot" Axel said with Aden looking at him with a confused expression. "What girl..?"

Aden asked. "Belle Taylor"

"Belle's not a druggie, she's far from it."

"You didn't see her popping pills before?" Axel was very familiar with teens taking pills and spoke about it as if it was acceptable.

"Nah mate" Aden was shocked that Belle would be taking drugs; she never seemed like the person to take drugs. Aden thought to himself 'If Belle is like my father then I don't want anything to do with her'.

"Jefferies you okay?" Aden watched Belle walk into the dance.

"Yeah I'm fine..."

"There's nothing wrong with dating a junkie" Axel smirked.

"Look Belle isn't a junkie, so can we please talk about something else" Aden hissed.

"Ah I see what's going on, you've got the hots for Belle" he teased.

"Mattie" Belle called.

"Yeah what's up" Mattie said back.

"I need to talk to you ask you something..."

"Yeah sure"

"How do you know if you've fallen out of love?" Belle asked making sure Drew wasn't around.

"What do you mean, aren't you into Drew anymore....Oh do you have a crush on someone?" Mattie asked excitedly.

"No.of course I am.." Belle said stubbornly.

"Ahh I know who you've got your eye on.."

"Who...I don't have my eye on anyone. I only have eyes for Drew"

"Oh please.." Mattie rolled her eyes with a laugh.

"Well who then? Who do you think I have a crush on?"

"Mmm maybe a boy by the name of Aden Jefferies"

"Oh please, as if" Belle shrugged off her accusation. "Come on let's dance" Belle said with enthusiasm.

Let me know what you thought of it xx

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Thanks for directing me towards this fic; I like the background to it - I'm assuming that Belle & Aden will of course end up together [insert big grin here] but I'm looking forward to finding out what Belle's secret is, apart from her drugs habit of course, and also how it all works out!

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Okay, despite not being the ideal reader for Adelle fics, I thought I'd do as you suggested and check this one out.And that was a really good start.You seem to be setting up a lot of stuff and I like how you've got all the old and newer characters there and how they seem to have a proper function. Looking forward to seeing where you take this.

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