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Et Je T'Aime Encore

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Chapter 4

“Belle? Can you hear me?” Belle opened her eyes slowly regaining focus. “What...What’s going on?” Belle spoke in a confused tone. “You fainted, sweetheart but everything’s going to be alright” Irene stood there watching Belle with a worried expression, Aden stood beside her. “Okay...” Belle said looking at Irene then at Rachel. Belle knew Aden was watching her intently but refused to make eye contact. “Umm Darl why don’t we go and grab something to eat while Belle has a moment with Rachel” Irene said to Aden, reluctant to leave Belle he agreed. “So how are you feeling dizzy? Headache?” Rachel asked with a sympathetic tone. “No...I’m fine, just tired...” Belle could see Rachel knew Belle’s secret. “Okay....Belle I’m not going to pretend I don’t know that you have HIV. But I am going to recommend you take things slowly, you’re working way too much. You need to rest; the symptoms of this disease can be controlled.” Rachel said in a matter-fact manner.

“Rach...I know...okay. I’m not stupid. I’ve had it for 6 years now.” Rachel looked curiously at Belle, “I slept with a guy who forgot to mention he was HIV positive okay!” Belle hissed. “Belle, I don’t know how to say this...but the HIV has turned into AIDS. I’m not entirely sure how long you’ve got but...” Belle cut in, “Okay I get it, you can go now” Belle snapped. “Belle...” Rachel insisted.

“Rachel, just leave me alone!” Belle shouted. At that moment Aden heard Belle shout at Rachel glaring through the door Aden entered cautiously. “Hey...” he said in a soft, sympathetic tone. “Hi....” Belle grumbled looking down. “I was so worried about you...you know...” Aden admitted in a shy tone. “Okay...” Belle said rudely. Belle’s thoughts were all over the place, When is this all going to end? Belle asked herself. Convinced death was near Belle accepted she was falling for Aden. “I..I thought we’d lost you, I thought you weren’t gonna wake up, it really freaked me out..” Aden chuckled nervously. “So I’m all better now so you can leave as well” Belle snapped.

“But...” Aden was slightly confused. “Yeah you understand English, I said get out!” Belle finally eyed Aden looking at him angrily. “Fine....you know what I thought you might actually be civil to me considering I saved your life” Aden snapped back. “You didn’t save me life! I fainted! My heart didn’t stop.” This was it Aden tried to be nice and maybe even admit his true feelings but Belle’s words hurt, “Fine have it your way” Aden stood up and walked out of the door.

Two days later....

Belle left the hospital feeling slightly better than before still she felt like a zombie. It was almost seven thirty, feeling hot Belle informed Irene she was going for a short walk to cool down. Walking along the pathway Belle could hear a loud screeching sound. Up ahead she could see four cars with a large crowd of teenagers, concerned Belle walked quickly to investigate. “Oh no” Belle knew this was a drag racing competition. Looking around she couldn’t see anyone she recognised until she spotted Aden in the front seat on one of the cars. “Aden?” Belle said with a shaky voice. “Aden!” Belle yelled running up to the car. Knocking on the window, at first Aden didn’t respond but then as Belle continued to knocked with her heart racing he looked at her. “Belle..?” Aden said then he opened the door, “What are you doing, are you crazy?” Belle screamed at him.

“Why do you care anyway” Aden yelled at her crossly, “I’m doing this and there’s nothing you can do to stop me”. Belle wasn’t going to give up, “Fine” She slammed the door then walking around the car she opened the passenger side and got in “what are you doing?” Aden yelled over all the commotion outside. “If you’re gonna race then I’m coming with you” Belle looked him in the eye with a serious look. “No Belle” Aden said panicking. “Come on...there’s nothing to worry about, racing isn’t dangerous because if it was you wouldn’t be in the front seat would you?” Aden knew his friends would laugh at him if he didn’t go through with it but on the other hand he didn’t want Belle getting hurt. “Belle...please get out of the car...” Aden said in a caring tone. “No” Belle said stubbornly.

“Look, I don’t want you to get hurt, so just get out of the car” Aden raised his voice. “No Aden, I don’t want you to....” Aden realised Belle did care for him. “I’m sorry I can’t...I have to do this” Aden refused. “Aden....I’m sorry for the things I said to you at the hospital” Belle said honestly. “It’s okay..” Aden shook off the apology. “Please Aden, Please! Please! Don’t do this” Belle begged. “I’m sorry Aden said looking straight ahead. “Please don’t do this, if you don’t do this for yourself, do it for me” Aden thought for a moment, regretting his decision to accept the race. “Hold on...” Aden pressed the accelerated, “Aden!” Belle screamed with fear, thinking he was going to race. “Aden...where are we going?” Belle realised they were driving away from the crowd. “I have no idea” Aden laughed. Belle smiled at him, “Thank you”.

The next day... 6.00pm

“Order up...” Belle handed Aden a plate of fish and chips.

“So I never thanked you for saving me” Belle giggled.

“Well I just called for help”

“Well thank you for calling for help” Belle smiled.

“Be right back gorgeous” Aden winked, walking out of the kitchen.

Going into the back room to get some pasta Belle began to cough uncontrollably. Covering her mouth she pulled her hand away from her mouth looking

down at her hand it was covered in blood. “Oh..” Belle started to panic; her eyes began to water as she struggled for breath, her face turned red. Grabbing a tissue from her pocket she covered her mouth with the tissue. “Belle?” Aden walked back into the kitchen. “Hey..yeah, be there in a tick” Belle’s face quickly went back to normal colour. “So I was wondering...would you like to go and see a movie?” Belle asked Aden. “Really?” Aden was shocked. “Really”

Belle smiled. “Sure” Aden nodded smiling.

After the movie Belle and Aden walked along the beach only to be soaked by the rain, “What are you doing?” Aden saw Belle with her mouth open catching

the rain. “Trying to taste the rain” she laughed. “You’re seriously weird, you know that right?” Aden laughed with her. “And you love it” Belle used one of his catch phrases, “Yeah I do love it.” He grinned. Turning towards each other looking into each other’s eyes, their hair soaking wet with water droplets running down their face, “Belle..” Aden whispered looking at her lips. “

Yes...” Belle looked from his eyes to his lips. Raising his right hand Aden brushed Belle’s cheek, stroking it with the back of his fingers, “You’re so beautiful” Closing their eyes Aden and Belle leaned in preparing embrace, “Belle!” Annie called from behind holding an umbrella. “Annie” Belle flinched backwards. “What are you doing you’ve just gotten out of hospital and now you’re in the rain soaking wet, you’re gonna get sick” Annie said in a bossy tone. “Okay...” Belle rolled her eyes, “I’ve got to go, but I had a lovely night” Belle touched Aden’s shoulder. “Irene is gonna straggle you” Annie continued to whinge. “I know..” Belle sighed walking with Annie. “Damn it!” Aden yelled.

Thanks everyone for your comments (Steph, Taniya, KaiyaBlake) Hope you all keep reading this fic. :wink:

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well I finally got time to check this out like you asked and I was quite surprised to find out Belle has HIV/AIDS...

You are really writing this fantastically but I wonder if she's going to tell Aden... if they are going to get clsoer!

Update soon

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Thanks Bec, some people thought she was a druggie...when sadly she has developed AIDS :(

There are multiple reasons for people to be taking pills. constant headaches, osteo arthritis, liver problems, kidney failure... and of course, STI's or STD's

and I was proud that you didn't make Belle turn out to have a drug problem... but people can perceive it that way when they dont know the full details...

So well done!

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LOL Thanks that's very sweet of you ^_^ At the start I made it out like Belle was a junkie, taking pills outside. But they were taken because she was sick. :unsure:

I loved your fic Taken! by the way :lol:

Thankyou so much, yes your first chapter had me thinking why she would be taking pills :D

And I'm glad you liked my fic, i hope you get the chance to read my new one :)

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