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  1. That last chapter was.. great. I really like the way you've written the passion of it all, the way it has kinda overwhelmed them until they couldn't do anything but give in to it. Great chapter, looking forward to reading more
  2. This is brilliant, I have loved catching up with this. The originality of the whole Roman & Ella stories are just incredible.
  3. S'all getting a bit complicated... - oh wait, that happened a long time ago!
  4. I'm not sure if its my age and therefore my slight tendency to sometimes look at the world through my immature glasses showing, but that last line had me in stitches. Good chapter, looking forward to seeing - and being a part of how this story develops and also looking forward to RR1's addition to this blossoming parody. Good show.
  5. So much to catch up on, but it was worth it. I did like Ruff but I preferred Niff so it is a nice direction you are going in with those romances.. and also the Adelle fluff is sweet too, and very well written - I sometimes find that Adelle fluff can get a little stale very quickly these days. What with no Adelle action on screen anymore to freshen things up but this was written really well. Well Done. Looking forward to your next offering
  6. - Huge apology, our internet has been down to a large proportion of today and I'm due away for the weekend as of 3:00pm tomorrow. I also start a new job on Monday - but I hope Chapter 3 will be worth the wait. It'll be up Monday evening if all goes to plan if not it'll definitely be Tuesday. Really sorry guys, you've just caught me on a rather busy weekend!
  7. That was an opening chapter, looking forward to Red Ranger's addition to the story - As I mentioned elsewhere his work is always good. I'm also rather looking forward to getting stuck in myself, I haven't written for a while, it'll be nice to blow away the cobwebs!
  8. Just read this from start to now.. such a good fiction. It's had its twists and turns.. heartbreak, emotional warfare and even violence but that's what makes it so gripping. Looking forward to seeing the rest of it unfold, desperately hoping it has a happy ending. Geoff & Nicole seem to deserve it after such a rollercoaster ride!
  9. Such an excellent chapter, the fact Nicole got rid of the pills leaves so many routes for this story to take. I am also looking forward to seeing Ruby's reaction to the whole 'comforting' incident. Excellent writing, keep it up!
  10. :-O Woah.. that was a pretty epic chapter, looking forward to seeing how this turns out - Has Nicole gone too far?!
  11. Just read the opening chapters of this fiction. I'm looking forward to see how this all works out
  12. Some nice Adelle Fluff in this chapter, it's something I never thought I would really miss on the show - but I sort of am now! I liked the little one-sided exchange between Ruby and Nicole but find myself hoping if she is to break up anybody then it should be Geoff/Ruby as Adelle are just too cute... although Geoff/Ruby are quite cute too... but so are Niff.. Oh now I'm finding myself in a shippers dilemma!
  13. The little break gave me a chance to catch up with what I've missed! This chapter was a nice surprise and brings me up to date with the story. Looking forward to the next part!
  14. Such a brilliant first few chapters, really looking forward to were this ends up. I too really liked Ruby's line at the end of that chapter - you can almost imagine her saying it in a television episode!
  15. Good chapter. Looking forward to seeing what Nicole's 'any means possible' are. I've missed these forums. sure is good to be back
  16. This is certainly another chapter in your Roman and Ella series Have a good holiday, and we will be waiting to read more when you return.
  17. Stop putting yourself down!, that story was cute.. but it can't stay cute forever in Summer Bay
  18. Wow.. excellent chapter - certainly looking forward to that conversation!
  19. That really was the most perfect meeting between Niff... I certainly hope they become Niff anyway!
  20. Just managed to catch up with this, excellent writing - I really think the whole Roman and Ella series is some of the strongest writing on the board, really engaging and quite powerful..
  21. Brilliant chapter, can't wait to see how Geoff reacts!
  22. Hello!.. wow that was such a good chapter, Miles reaction was brilliant.. wish I could care a bit more about Annie but she did dump him.. its only natural that he would move on. I do concede that nobody expected it to be with his housemate but still..
  23. What an excellent twist! Really enjoying this fic, it's nice and different to anything else currently on the board
  24. Now it depends which half of Gaden she sets her sights on.. Personally I hope it's Geoff.. Great chapter
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