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    TV! Lol, I love my programmes. They are mostly American, with the only exceptions being H&A and Neighbours which I've watched since I was a kid and Dr Who.<br /><br />I love going out and just hanging wit my mates. I'm in love with the internet because it keeps me in contact with my mates and family back at home who all keep me grounded, and I can come on here and be all crazy about Adelle lol!<br /><br />I travel quite a bit. I always have, though I have to cut down now as I'm at university.<br /><br />I love sports too. And music. I can play a load of instruments. Lol.<br /><br />Not much more to tell...

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  1. hey Taniya!! u've been off the scene for awhile! hwz it going gurl? ive missed r little chats! ur expertise on fan fic writing is much appreciated!! Luv Laura xxx

  2. Yup, you certainly can call me that That chapter was just wow! I loved how you kept it from Belle's POV, even though she couldn't react or communicate in any way to Aden. Fantastic. Her thoughts were just so sad. Esp when she was glad that she was going to die, and how she hopes for another life that would be more interesting. I'm glad that Aden did help her, or least is trying to. Him crying was a great little addition. Is it because he's finally noticed her after being so rude, or because she was so hurt? Either way, it's was good. That last bit with Belle wishing that Aden would have just let her die was too sad. I hope they could perhaps start a friendship after this, but something tells me it's not going to be that easy esp with Nicole around. Can't wait for more! Please update soon!
  3. I think Irene's cottoned on now, but I'm glad that she's going to know. I think she could help Belle out more than anyone else. I'm glad that Belle's starting to let Geoff help her. It's a step towards maybe talking to him about it. Can't wait for more.
  4. Aw, yay. Belle's getting better and is coming home! I really hope that the treatment does work and there are no last minute glitches!! Nicole looking after Aden was sweet, and her becoming a chef is different, but I can kind of see it. Can't wait for more!
  5. Oooh, I hope nothing happens now that this Jamie dude is coming to visit! Though I wouldn't mind some badboy Aden Good update. I like the little amounts of info you give us, but still leave it with a lot of questions. Can't wait for more.
  6. Thanks for the message. I've finally read this whole fic, and it's realy different. I'm not really a fan of Gelle, but I like the way you've written them, and the story is really intersting! I wonder what everyone else's reaction is going to be to Belle being pregnant. Especially with Geoff's baby. I wonder how they'll handle it too... Can't wait for more.
  7. Hey Taniya,

    Not sure if you know but I have a new fic out "Two Sides to every Story' and I am hoping you will check it out :)

    Love always

    Bec x

  8. I just read this entire fic, and wow! Simply, wow! It's just fantastic. And I mean, utterly, unbelieveably, fantastic. But also, so, so, sad. I really feel for Belle. The way you write, I can actually somehow feel what she's going through. That ending to the last chapter was too sad. I really though that she was making a progress, but I guess that last rejection was too much for her. Cannot wait for more. I hope she'll be ok, and that she'll be able to get the help that she needs now.
  9. This fic is totally different to any other, and it's really great in that way. Love the idea of Belle getting her miracle, even though there was a chance of it not working. This last chapter with that message was bittersweet, but so good. Update soon
  10. Aw....! OMG, Grace and Beau are my new favorite pair! They're just too adorable, and Beau is just too cute in his big bro mode! Loved it! I love this ikkle family! They're just sooo great and funny. Using 'Nicole' as the middle name was just AOL and sweet. Abi and Geoff moving in together is waaaay awesome!! Can't wait for more, Ellen!
  11. Wow, that was so nice of Aden. He really is the perfect boyfriend! That dress was gorgeous too! Can't wait for more, and for a few answers!!
  12. Aw, Ellen! Those must have been the most terrifying and bestest, cutest, fluffiest chappies that I've ever read! They had a girl!!! I'm soooo glad everything was ok, and no added drama to it. Made it so much more special and perfect. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the t-shirts and the babygro Beau it just so cute as the big brother! I can't wait to see what he's like at home. Grace is such a beautiful name Can't wait for more!
  13. That flashback was good and a bit I really wonder what else there is to come in the diary? I'm really curious about Belle's last name too... Can't wait for more xoxo
  14. That was brill. Too cute, but that ending was just a bit Loved Aden's thoughts about Belle, and their daughter, esp when he compared them. And the relationship that they have is just too adorable. Great one-shot. Hope you write more like these xoxo
  15. Aw, that was just too brilliant, Ellen! How cute was Beau?! As always, of course LOVED all the presents, and his reactions to them. The letter from Santa made me Belle and Aden at the end made me wanna cry! It was just too sweet and happy! I'm so glad that after everything, they're so happy And the pressies were cool! Can't wait for the next Xmas chappie! xoxo
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