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  1. Love the start of this fic Can't wait for more xoxo
  2. Just read from the beginning of this fic and its brill! I just wish that Abigail would just let Aden go as he needs to be with his true love, Belle!
  3. Wow!! That was amazing! I am in tears here Loved it xoxo
  4. Wow!!! That was awesome!! I had tears Loved it xxx
  5. Wow that was amazing I could feel all the emotions too xxx
  6. Aww that was so sweet cant wait for more one shots xoxo
  7. Awwwww.. I loved the first chapter Beau is so adorable Awww he was missing Nic Nac Can't wait for more xxx
  8. Magazines, Fool's Gold and some chocolate chip cookies
  9. I have to admit I was unsure about Liam because I just thought that he was going to come between Adelle but now I officially LOVE him. I'm looking forward to seeing more of him I am looking forward to Aden being jealous! Bring on the next few weeks thats all I need to say
  10. Happy Birthday Emma! Hope you have an awesome day. :D

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