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  1. Shoot Jude Save Shauna Sally/Pippa?
  2. Love the start of this fic Can't wait for more xoxo
  3. Just read from the beginning of this fic and its brill! I just wish that Abigail would just let Aden go as he needs to be with his true love, Belle!
  4. Wow!! That was amazing! I am in tears here Loved it xoxo
  5. Wow!!! That was awesome!! I had tears Loved it xxx
  6. Wow that was amazing I could feel all the emotions too xxx
  7. Aww that was so sweet cant wait for more one shots xoxo
  8. Awwwww.. I loved the first chapter Beau is so adorable Awww he was missing Nic Nac Can't wait for more xxx
  9. Magazines, Fool's Gold and some chocolate chip cookies
  10. Shoot Carly Save Recebba Trey/Nicole?
  11. I have to admit I was unsure about Liam because I just thought that he was going to come between Adelle but now I officially LOVE him. I'm looking forward to seeing more of him I am looking forward to Aden being jealous! Bring on the next few weeks thats all I need to say
  12. Ada Nicodemou WYR live with Roman or Miles?
  13. Wow, I loved this one shot Louise, it was just WOW Brilliantly written! xoxo
  14. Aww that was so sad I wanted them to get back together! *tear* Loved the chapter though Cant wait for more! xoxo
  15. Happy Birthday Lise Happy 18th Birthday Tessa! Hope you both have a great day :D
  16. Roman :wub: WYR kiss Geoff or Roman?
  17. I am soooo glad that Aden knows that he is Talia's daddy LOVED this chapter! Can't wait for more xoxo
  18. Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone
  19. Akon ft Lil Wayne - I'm So Paid
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