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Et Je T'Aime Encore

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Thanks for directing me towards this fic; I like the background to it - I'm assuming that Belle & Aden will of course end up together [insert big grin here] but I'm looking forward to finding out what Belle's secret is, apart from her drugs habit of course, and also how it all works out!

Okay firstly :) The title means "I love you still"

Please don't make assumptions :P Belle does have a secret she's hiding from everybody. I'll try and update today :P

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Chapter 2

Every now and then Belle would wake up barking almost as if she were a dog, the drops of sweat slid down the side of her temple. “This is ridiculous” Belle said to herself wiping away the sweat with the side of her right hand, trying her hardest to fall back to sleep Belle closed her eyes and then opened them staring at her alarm clock she wished it was morning. At least I have work, Irene....Annie, Geoff...people who love me Belle thought to herself, as she reflected on her life. She wondered how long she would be alive for.

Morning! Colleen said in a chirpy voice.

What’s with her? Belle grumbled to Irene, “I dunno darl; she’s been in a happy mood all morning...Hey you alright? You look awful” Irene turned Belle around

looking into her eyes and then back at the chopping board. “Ah yeah, I’m fine. I just feel a bit under the weather that’s all” Belle’s face was nearly as white as a ghost. Walking over to table nine felt like she was floating, “Can I take your order” She managed to say with coughing in the customer’s faces.

The afternoon had arrived which meant one causal was due into work as well as Aden. Now Belle had mixed feelings about Aden, sometimes he acted like a complete jerk other times he would act like a mature young man. Those times he was around Roman, but in the meantime Aden loved to show off in the kitchen with Belle and Irene rolling their eyes trying to prepare meals.

“Hello gorgeous” Aden swung into the diner. “Hi” Belle mumbled not looking up to acknowledge him. “Oh wow you look terrible” Aden caught a glimpse of

Belle’s face. “Gee thanks for the complement” Belle said in a sarcastic voice still not showing any sign of acknowledgement. When she did, she felt funny inside, her stomach muscles tighten, and her heart began to pump faster. Were these indications that Belle had a thing for Aden, “Yeah right” Belle told Mattie at the dance? Aden Jefferies was the last thing on her mind. “You know Belle if you need me to catch you because you happen to pass out tonight, I’ll be sure to catch you” Aden winked at her with a cheesy grin. “Thanks” Belle finally looked up passing him a plate to take out.

7.00pm, only half an hour to go. “Hey sexy” Drew striated into the kitchen, Aden was outside serving customers. “Hey baby” Belle said with a cough. “Oh baby, what’s wrong? Don’t worry Dr. Drew is here to the rescue” Belle let out a fake laugh, kissing her behind the ear Aden walked in. “Drew” Belle said, wanting him to stop. “mm” Drew continued to kiss her neck, Aden stood there for a moment taking it all in and then proceeded to the bench preparing to make another order. “You like that?” Drew said in a sexy voice. “Mm” Belle said in a high pitched voice, for some reason she wasn’t enjoying it, could it have been the cold she was fighting once again or was it the fact that Aden was standing behind her who could have been still staring at the two. “Hey you know what I’ll meet you outside” Belle smiled. “Okay” Drew kissed her and then left.

“Why do you even date that loser, clearly he doesn’t treat you with respect” Aden couldn’t help but snap at Belle. The jealously was taking it’s toll. “Excuse me?” Belle said shocked that he was discussing her relationship with Drew, “Like you anything about respect” Belle snapped. “I tell you what I do know then, I know you shouldn’t be with him” Aden hissed. “Maybe you should mind your own business”

“Didn’t look like you were enjoying it that much” Aden continued.

“Well I was, but I know you have a thing for me so I didn’t encourage it”

“Oh bull, you think I like someone like you”

“Someone like me, what’s that suppose to mean?” Belle said angrily.

“I would never fall for a junkie”

“A what?” Belle’s voice was shaking, it was a surprise to her that people calling her a junkie when clearly she wasn’t taking anything illegal.

“Oh come on everyone knows Belle, I saw you the other night taking a hit”

“What?” Belle started to panic.

“Whenever, it’s your life do what you want” Aden brushed pass her walking out of the kitchen.

10 minutes later....

“Who thinks I’m a junkie”

“Get over it”

“No! Who tell me, answer the god damn question” Belle shouted, she was at breaking point.

“Axle told me at the dance, dunno who else knows about your dirty little secret”

The word “dirty” struck a cord in Belle and she let loose, slapping Aden across the face.

"Oh yeah believe your stupid mate!" Belle shouted and then stormed out of the kitchen and then out of the diner, Belle walked home

crying her eyes out. She was starting to care about Aden but his last remark ended that possibility. “What a jerk! What a loser!” Belle screamed as she walked along the side of the road.

:P Hope you thought it was okay, sorry I haven't updated been working.

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Chapter 3

Drew and Belle sat on the couch, snuggled up watching Bondi Rescue. “Baby what’s wrong?” Drew asked once the ad came on. “Nothing”, Belle quickly responded. Drew sighed, “You haven’t said a word to me all night”. Belle quickly thought of a lie “Yeah...I’m just tired”. Drew then had a idea, “You know Geoff and Annie are at Jai’s and Irene isn’t gonna be here for another 2 hours”. Feeling uncertain of their relationship Belle decided to confront the situation “Drew....there’s something I need to talk to you about”. Drew sat up and looked at her, he could tell by the look on her face it was something serious, “What is it?” Belle took a deep breath “I think...I....I don’t think we should be together anymore” Drew’s eyes widened and then smirked thinking she was joking. “I...I’ve been thinking about it for a while now and I think it’s the right thing to do” Belle spoke honestly. “You’re serious?” Drew realised she wasn’t joking. “Yeah...I’m really sorry....I just don’t think I’m in love with you anymore...” Belle could tell Drew wasn’t impressed “What! You’ve got to be joking, Taylor. What you’re not in love with me anymore? Huh? Who are you in love with then?” Drew said angrily. “I....I...I’m really sorry” Drew stood up and stormed out of the house “Whatever Taylor, if you say we’re over. We are over!” He slammed the door. Belle felt sick inside, what had she just done? Her stomach rumbled, I’m not gonna be sick it’s just in my head. But unfortunately she was sick, running quickly to the bathroom bending over the sink her dinner was now in the sink.

Wiping away the spit from her chin Belle looked at herself in the mirror, inhaling deeply trying to catch her breath.

“I can’t believe that slag slapped you!” Nicole complained in the kitchen on her home. “Yeah I know...” Aden ignored her. “Shouldn’t you be going to school you two?” Roman walked in. “Ah yeah I’m walking with Geoff” Nicole replied. Aden laughed “HA! Bible boy, you know you two would make a great couple” He joked only to receive a slap on the arm with Nicole’s textbook.

Walking along the sand Aden looked down at his feet and then back up again to see Belle walking towards him, “I don’t believe it...” He said to himself. “Oh and hello to you too” Belle said smartly, giving him a death stare. “Thank you by the way, for yesterday it was great I didn’t realise the affect I have on women” Aden said cheekily. “Just hut up will you” Belle shouted and then struggled to catch her breath. Her face was starting to return to normal. That however didn’t change the fact that she was feeling like hell inside. “What are you staring at?” Aden looked at her silently. “Nothing...” Aden said in a neutral tone. “So I just wanted to clarify from last night, I’m not a junkie” Belle spoke up, she didn’t know why but she felt like she needed Aden to know the truth. “It’s your business” Aden shook it off.

“No I’m serious Aden, I would never take drugs....” Belle stopped and thought for a moment; ever since she was thirteen she had been taking a form of drugs. But they tastes disgusting and weren’t exactly addictive. “I said I don’t care” Aden snapped. “Fine you stupid loser, I just wanted you to know, so don’t go spreading rumours about me!” Belle shouted. “I won’t” Aden yelled back. “Good!” Belle yelled back at him. Belle then started to feel dizzy, losing her balancing she quickly shouted “Shouldn’t you being going to school” Aden looked at her crossly but then he could see her losing balance “Hey you okay?” Belle placed on hand on her forehead “Yeah...I’m...I’m....” Belle collapsed “Belle!” Aden said in a panicked tone catching her. “Shh, it’s okay. I’ve got you” Aden stroked her hair as he rang for help.

Belle wasn’t moving with her eyes closed but Aden could see she was still breathing. Waiting in silence Aden spoke in a soft voice “Look....I’m sorry....I know I’m a jerk sometimes...but that’s because I don’t know how to talk to you....You’re so perfect Belle Taylor...” Kissing the top of her head Aden whispered “I wish I could tell you that....I think I’m falling in love with you...”

“Aden Jefferies?” Two paramedics ran down to him helping Belle up. “Yeah that’s me..”

“Don’t worry we’ll take care of her”

“Please do....she’s all I’ve got” Aden looked at him.

This is the last chapter I can squeeze in before I go to work. Hope you liked it. Please comment xx

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