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Et Je T'Aime Encore

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Poor Belle :( Wasn't expecting that! I really hope se manages to let Aden in and tells him. Or someone. It seems like only Rachel knows right now :(

Loved the drag racing bit. That was good. Glad that he backed out thanks to Belle :D

Can't wait for more!

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Chapter 5

“I nearly kissed Aden!” Belle squealed while Mattie looked confused “I thought you didn’t have the hots for him?” Belle snapped out of her crazed state “Oh yeah.. I mean I wouldn’t have kissed him back or anything...I...” Belle blushed Mattie could see Belle had a major crush on Aden, “I knew it!” Mattie laughed “I knew you liked Aden!” she said in a thrilled voice.”So you don’t hate me?” Belle said cautiously. “Why would I hate you? I know Aden hasn’t been the nicest person in Summer Bay, but its obvious he’s changing” Belle was shocked that Mattie had the same opinion of Aden, “Yeah I agree, the new...he’s....so.....dreamy” Belle giggled like a school girl. “You’ve got it bad....” Mattie rolled her eyes smiling. “Shut up, okay...breathe” Belle took a deep breath, pulling herself together.

“Hey dude” Axel walked up to Aden on the beach who looked incredibly happy. “What’s with you?” Axel asked Aden.

“Nothing” He smirked. “Oh come on dude..Spill it” Aden chuckled, “I nearly passed Belle Taylor” He said proudly.

“The junkie?” Axel said sounding surprised. “Mate she’s not a junkie!” Aden snapped. “Yeah right, I’ve seen her popping pills” Axel glared at him with a serious look. “Look you don’t know what you’re talking about so shut up” Aden said grumpily. “Yeah i bet it would be heaven screwing that slut” Axel smirked. “Look Axel! Belle’s not a junkie, she’s not a slut” Aden yelled. “Dude...calm down...” Axel laughed. “If you ever spread gossip about Belle again I will make you pay got that” Aden said in a threatening voice.

Later on the beach...

“Belle” Aden ran up behind her, Belle was walking along the beach very slowly. “What?” Belle said feeling breathless.

“Nothing” Aden laughed quietly. Feeling exhausted Belle continued to walk across the beach with Aden. “Belle, there’s something I want to ask you” Aden said in a mysterious voice. “Yeah” She said in a sweet voice. “Are....you....are you taking drugs?” Belle was shocked. “What? How could you even think that, I’m not a junkie? Who said I was?” Aden quickly regretted doubting her, “No, Belle. I don’t think you are, I just heard some dumb ass guys gossiping about you that’s all. But don’t worry” Belle was silent for a moment, “Well I don’t care about their opinion anyway...”

“Well whose opinion do you care about...” There was a moment of Belle and Aden looking into each other’s eyes. Belle shrugged. “Belle about before....” Aden stopped and caught a glance of her eyes. “Yeah...”

“Maybe we should....I really like you Belle...” Aden said hoping he wouldn’t blush.

“I......like.....I feel the same...but we can’t....Aden...” Before she could continue her words Aden kissed her, giving into temptation Belle kissed him back.

Morag who happened to be walking a little further up the beach spotted Belle and Aden kissing “F**kin’ teenagers”

Sorry it's so short and crappy LOL :lol:

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Awww that was sweet! ^_^

Loved Mattie and Belle's convo at the beginning. I wish we had something like that on the show. It was light and funny, yet serious and important at the same time.

Yay that Belle finally gave in to Aden :D But I hope that she tells him the truth soon :(

Aden defending Belle to Axel was kinda hot :P

Can't wait for more!

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