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Kirsty Sutherland Phillips - Christie Hayes


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But she still lied to Miles and the police. Could Kirsty ever tell the truth?

I think that's one of the interesting things they've done with her character since she came back. Although I hate the fact that she's changed so much, even I must admit that three years on the run is bound to have a huge effect on a person. While she was away she had to lie about basically everything because the consequences of telling the truth were so awful. So somehow that instinct to lie has become part of her nature. It will be interesting to see if she can grow out of it over time (personally I hope so, as at the moment she's not doing herself any favours in the likeability stakes).

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Yes, Kirsty got caught out lying to Miles and the police. She was with Trey. How could she do that to Miles? Does she really love him?

Yes but she didnt sleep with him

But she still lied to Miles and the police. Could Kirsty ever tell the truth?

Hahaha idk but she did end up telling the truth in the end? didnt she

But every show needs a ***** well sometimes she is and sometimes she isnt

it makes me sick watching real nice people all the time like everyone acting like geoff that would be boring

Kirsty is like a onion she has many layers to her personality

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Christie Hayes has said that returning to Home And Away "felt like coming home".

Since coming back to the Australian soap her character Kirsty has endured all manner of ups and downs, including the break-up of her marriage to Kane (Sam Atwell) and her bumpy romance with Miles (Josh Quong Tart).

Christie said: "It felt like coming home after I had moved out already. Everything changed but was really still the same it was refreshing and exciting."

As for her alter ego, she admitted: "Kirsty has definitely grown up even more but her rebellious streak is still intact.

"As a mum, she has become protective of her kids around her, but is still trying to figure herself out."

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I wish they would change her clothing. She is very pretty but those clothes they have her wear don't her any favors. While the writing is also to blame those clothes definitely help in making her look way older then she really is.

Still not liking her character. I don't think her relationship with Miles works. Their scenes are lot better to watch when they are away from each other. Shes nowhere near as bad as she was last year but I still can't bring myself to like her. I like characters that aren't perfect, are constantly messing up and make you frustrated yet at the same time you can't help but feel for them. With Kirsty though, it's just frustration and I can't bring myself to feel for her. I find myself just getting tired of her more often then not.

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