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Kirsty Sutherland Phillips - Christie Hayes


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Why didn't Kirsty just tell the truth for once. That she chose Miles. Kane is so manipultive. Sure Kane is Ollies dad. But couldn't Kane just go and take that job and send money to Kirsty? Ollie needs a stable home life. Not one that is spent on the run from the law and a unsertine fututre.

I think she should have but she didnt want to look stupid i know if someone broke up with me i wouldnt be i love u and i picked you but they were both stupid and Miles should have drove why run he isnt superman

what will happen is Miles and Leah will bond over the v.j thing and Kirsty will come back Jai will want Miles and Kirsty together and Jai will be pissed at Miles and want to move out has there ever been a character on this show that hasnt said i hate you im moving out

And another thing about Kirsty lying and running away is look at her family

Rhys lied for like 20 years about cheating and left to sydney but came back and later lied to Beth and the hunters when he cheated with Shelly

Shelly left and kept on comming back and leaving came back and she didnt want to give up a kidney to her daughter kinda mean i think (wish she never came back)

Dani run away to sydney after she fell out of love

Jade left after finding out she wasnt a sutherland

Kirsty run off alot of the time run from the cops 3 times once by herself to get to Kane in sydney and the others with Kane and Olly

they all run away from thier problems but Kirsty always comes back sorry

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I think Kirsty's new personality is responsible for the sudden surge of dislike towards the character. She used to be loved so much but it seems that since she has returned, people have changed their minds about her. I think this is because she used to be so young and free-spirited, but since she returned she has become more like somebody in their 30s. Now if they were to have her become close friends with Martha (someone her own age) and act her own age, then she may begin to become popular again. Then again, if that does happen, people mayb begin to complain that she wasn't acting like a mother should. Really it's not a win-win situation for her. All the same, I like Kirsty, but a tad less than I did four years ago.

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Kirsty couldn't tell the truth if it jumped up and bit her on the bum. What exsample is Kirsty setting for her son Ollie? Always lying. Kane is no better. Who would date then marry the person that raped your sister? Disgusting. If Kirsty really did love Miles then she would of told Kane the truth. Instead she chose to lie.

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Kirsty has become one of my favourite returnees. Her mother/son relationship with Jai and Ollie is great, I love the way they intereact, it would be perfect if she chose Miles but Kane will always be her first choice mainly because of Ollie.

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Im not a Kirsty fan. She is kinda growing on me though......

However i do wish she told Miles that she wanted to be with him and not Kane. I like Miles so i want to see him happy and they were a nice couple! I guess a nice little family with Jai and Oliver.

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