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Kirsty Sutherland Phillips - Christie Hayes


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I hate what they have done with her character. I loved Kirsty back when she was around the first time but since shes come back, they've made her seem so much older than she is and shes playing mum to teenagers a few years younger than her. Shes the same age as Martha and only two years older than Belle and Aden and I keep forgetting that because of what they've done.

Lately, and I don't know why and I know it'll never happen, I've been kind of hoping for Kangelo ( Kirsty and Angelo :P ) :wub:

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I think I'm the same as Jody. I don't think she's been as annoying as she was last year but she still frustrates me. I was never a huge fan of her's when she was a teenager but she was sooo much better then. She and Kane should still be on the run. She belongs with Kane. One of the only things that saves her is that we wouldn't have Ollie if wasn't for her.

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I'm annoyed they've gone down this route again and given that she still isn't permanent I'm worried that they're going to have her break up with Miles and leave.Is all this stuff about Kirsty lying all the time actually going somewhere or is it just a case of the writers doing it too often?

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Did Cameron Welsh indicate that a storyline will ensue regarding Kirsty and her kidney problems??? Can someone refresh my memory on what's wrong with Kirsty's kidneys?

In 2004 shortly after Kirsty fell pregnant she was diagnosed with Kidney disease. She was then presented with a situation where Flynn basically said to her she that her best chance of survival was a termination. She couldn’t decide so she ran away from the hospital then Kane and Tasha found her eventually but she miscarried the baby (quite similar to the scenario that Martha had last year). Eventually Shelly donated one of her Kidneys and she had a transplant.

Something I never quite understood was that because the Kidney wasn’t her's she would have to take immune-suppressing drugs for the rest of her life (in order for her antibodies not to reject it). Now when she returned to the bay with Kane last year she said she went to Irene for help because hospitals check things i.e. Oliver. With that being the case how was she able to continue taking the drugs throughout that time without being caught out?

I hope Kirsty dies too, she's annoying, lies, she's a brat - but thank god she's done a BIT of growing up since she returned, still can't stand her though.

No offensive LilyG but seriously after posting these in the Belle, Aden/Belle discussions thread

Yeah come on you're being childish when you comes to hating Belle ever heard of empathy? Sorry but anti-Belle people are going wayyyy toooo far! Spare a thought for those who love Belle and stop spamming!!!

Can we not dwell on the "past" Belle and see the "present" Belle please. Yes she made some mistakes as a teenager. But now she is a mature 20 year old - thank you.

How can you say that?

I’ve got no problem with you disliking Kirsty or expressing you dislike for her but how can you expect people to emphasise with Belle or stop bringing up things from the past when you yourself do it?

Furthermore Belle lied to Angelo, she lied about taking the drugs and got Nicole to lie for her and TBO I find that self-centred little drama queen annoying.

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