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  1. Surprisingly enough his recent scenes with Geoff didn't annoy me as much as I expected it to. But I am dissappointed about what it meant for his grief storyline. I think this episode would have worked better somewhere down the line rather then now. I don't like the way they seem to have gone from one extreme to the other in no time with him. I had a feeling it would happen this way from the way they were writing his grief but I was hoping I would be wrong. I liked his recent scene with Martha on the farm. I was worried that they'd have that scene and then he would suddenly be better. And I was pleasantly surprised when they showed him taking small steps in atleast making an effort but at the same time not going too far with it just yet. It made those scenes alot better to watch. And I was glad to see him feeling a little better. His playful scenes with Geoff didn't have that same effect. The only thing it had going for it was that there were a few funny lines. It was difficult to buy into Aden feeling the way he was and the things he was saying about his life now that Belle is gone and then suddenly one neath death experience and he is grinning and coming out with joke after joke. I think one playful moment where he smiled and made a joke would have been enough. It would have been good to see him be able to see the humor in something even with all he his going through but still kept it believable. Not to mention it also felt like nothing more then a weak (and obvious) attempt to create some sort of friendship between the two characters because with Belle being gone Aden is going to need more people to interact with.
  2. Chapter 5 Great chapter. This is not something I say often in fic or the show but I really enjoyed Nicole's scenes. With both Roman and Geoff. Both scenes were written extremely well. Chapter 6 Aden and Belle have a really nice friendship in this fic. I like the way she opens up to him about she's feeling. I really hope she takes his advice about David. As for David right now I can't tell whether he's just a lousy boyfriend or if he could be dangerous. I wonder what's wrong with Martha. I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
  3. I found that a bit weird as well. Add to that the fact that the Belle spoiler from the last batch of SBJ spoilers turned out to be about that. It was surprising that with all the stuff that happened with Belle in the last few months that they chose a small storyline that lasted all of two episodes to go with. Maybe they will use this as a way to bring in a new character sometime in the future. He could find out about the fact that Kitty lied, come to find her, finds out and then decides to stay in Summer Bay for some reason that will make no sense whatsoever. Sounds like something the writers would do. But to be honest I think they just added that in for the sake of it.
  4. It would be good if this stuff with Aden using alcohol to try and cope with what's going on led to a scene with him visiting Larry at some point.
  5. This is something I thought H&A should have done, but they didn’t, so, yeah . I won’t post this until I finish writing it, and all my other fics are on hiatus until I do. What do people think? Sounds good. I'm looking forward to reading it.
  6. Good chapter. I liked the talk between Aden and Belle. As well as the scene between Mattie and Lucas. I'm really interested to see what's going to happen with Martha and Nicole now.
  7. While Monday's episode was a hit Friday's was defintely another miss. Aden and Gibsy - With only a few days left, do we really need most of Aden scenes to be about this? Getting Aden involved in this already dreadful storyline is bad enough but to have it happen now when that time could be spent on scenes focusing on the Belle storyline, especially with how little time there is left, makes it even worse. Irene/Leah/Diner scene - What was that? Yeah they were fussing over her but it just didn't feel like anything much. I didn't see any emotion behind it. They may as well been fussing over someone they barely know who's in a bad way or something. Nicole and Belle - The first scene was fine. Infact that's what Nicole's place in this storyline should have been like. Offerring some support and helping out at times because of her connection to Aden. Aden asking her to go check up on Belle from time to time since he had to work. I could buy that. The stuff between Nicole and Belle in the diner was fine. And that's where it should have ended. After that they seemed to fall back into that forced friendship territory again. And it once again just started to feel like one big joke. If I wasn't so frustrated that they were resorting to this again I might have laughed at Belle comment about Nicole being a great friend. Is offerring to fix up someones wedding dress, walking them to a diner and then to the beach all it takes to be seen as a great friend nowadays? They managed to take it to a whole new level of cheesiness with the constant handholding, in those times when it wasn't nessecary, throughout the episode. As for Belle asking Nicole to take care of Aden when she's gone, are we meant to feel confident about Nicole's abilty to do that? She has proved time and time again that that she can barely take care of herself. Even now, it took her all of a few days of knowing Belle's secret before she started "self-destructing". It would have been much more touching, and far more believable, to see Belle ask Irene to do this. As well as seeing Irene's reaction to her words about not having enough time left. A few lines from Belle and that last scene saved this episode for me. Well maybe not saved it but it was enough to make it feel like it wasn't a complete waste of time. That last scene with Aden and Belle was done really well.
  8. Another great chapter. And a really good way to end things. That was lovely. Her explanation of what home is was especially good to read considering what her life with Christine was like. She's certainly come along way from that. Did I happen to mention how much I love these three together? I know I've been repeating myself with that but I can't help it. Their great together. Cute and funny at the same. Naturally I loved this part. That first highlighted part and kinda sad too. And the second one was really sweet. I liked that you kept the scene with Aden short and sweet. It worked better this way. The scene with Nicole and Mel with Aden in one of the previous chapters was a bit too much. Aden really isn't a big part of this storyline so that whole part, while being written well, felt almost out of place. I enjoyed the talk between Kirsty and Melody as well. That was a good scene. This is probably the only thing I found issue with in this chapter. How is Geoff planning on affording rent, contributing when it comes to every day things like groceries and stuff, raising a kid, and supporting Nicole too since she doesn't have a job? Especially with a job that probably doesn't pay much. Wouldn't the better option be to stay with Irene until he can save up a bit. And while Geoff is old enough would Irene really be alright with him moving out? Same with Nicole. Roman asked Miles to take Nicole in for a reason. Would Miles really be okay with Nicole moving out and living with boyfriend? Especially when she has no job, which I'm sure he'd be fine with and rather have her focus on college, and most probably will need her boyfriend who already has alot on his plate to support her. I can't imagine that he wouldn't play his usual "voice of reason" role there. This is minor thing though so it didn't take away much from this chapter. That was a good ending. It had a nice feel to it.
  9. This sounds interesting. Good first chapter. I liked the character descriptions as well. Alf's one made me laugh a little.
  10. That's kinda my point. Before he knew her reasons, he was still going to be marrying someone while being in the dark about what's truly going on with her since Nicole didn't actually plan on telling him the truth but the only thing he did know is that his so called best friend, as they've been trying to say she is, who was also going to be his "bestman" has suddenly decided she's not coming to his wedding and not telling him why. Rather then doing what's best for him, it feels, to me, like Nicole was doing what she did because she believed it was the right thing to do. Or maybe because she thinks she's doing right by Aden by not going. Either way I just don't see how the way she was planning on handling this was in his best interest.
  11. I loved the scene where she told everyone. That scene was done really well. I had to smile when Annie thought she might be pregnant. That girl is just too cute at times. I felt sad for Belle but I liked the different reactions we got from Irene, Annie, and Geoff. Also the part where Belle couldn't go on and Aden had to tell them the rest. I haven't found Lincoln to be a very good actor for long time now but even he managed to impress me as well here. It was a great scene and I was happy with the way it played out. I enjoyed the Aden and Belle scenes alone as well. Especially that small scene with them when they first arrived back. I loved the scene between Belle and Irene at the end and Aden in the background. The only thing that I was a bit dissappointed about is that we didn't get to see Irene tell the others. I haven't commented on last week's episodes but to be honest apart from a couple of great moments I didn't enjoy it as much as I was hoping to. I'm still not sure what's Nicole's logic behind deciding not to go to the wedding was. Since it seems like she wasn't actually planning on telling him anyway. If she was doing it because she thought it's what's best for him then I'm not getting it. He was still going to get married and the only difference is his friend who was meant to be his "bestman" has suddenly decided she doesn't want to go to the wedding and doesn't really want to say why. How is that in his best interest? The wedding was really nice. A bit too short but I didn't mind that too much. I would have however liked to have seen Aden saying his vows. Considering the circumstances I think it would have made a great scene. I loved the fact that it was Roman's letter that helped him decide whether he could do this. The letter itself was sweet and the fact that we got it in the form of a voiceover made it even better.
  12. I love Amanda. She was one of my favourite characters on the show. I'm not sure if I could call Holly a great actress but with the character she played I don't think it matterred. She played Amanda the way I'd expect her to be. So it worked anyway. I loved watching scenes with Amanda and Belle together. Before and after they found out that they were mother and daughter. These two had some great moments together. Amanda and Peter are still one of my all time favourite Home and Away couples. They were really good together. The writing for their relationship wasn't too great at times but apart from that I still really enjoyed watching their scenes together. I'm happy with the way things worked out for them. It's not often that couples on this show get a happy ending.
  13. There were some really good moments here. Quite a few quotes coming up. They made me smile here. They have been doing that a lot in this fic. Loved this tiny part. I'm glad that we got some interaction between Geoff and Annie, and the fact that it was a funny and kinda cute scene was a bonus. That's more like it. I even liked that bit with Geoff and Nicole. You were able to show Geoff taking a stand about this and facing up to the reality of how it's going to be from now on while still showing how much he really wants this to work with Nicole as well. And it worked really well. And the next bit of it showed Nicole taking a step in the right direction, even though she was still a bit reluctant (which I'm glad you mentioned rather then having her be perfect with it suddenly which I was kinda afraid would happen after the last few chapters). This part that I quoted here may have been two small scenes but it kinda gives me the feeling that they could actually have a chance of making this situation work, moreso then any of the last few chapters did. I liked this part. As much as I loved Geoff and Mel together on the show and do believe they truly cared about each other when I look back I kinda think this quote in some part applies to Mel's feelings for Geoff as well. Especially during Melody's second run on the show. That's sweet. I'm sure that made Mel happy. Had to mention this one. I could almost imagine Geoff reacting like that to see her. Great chapter. I enjoyed reading this one. For me, it was a big improvement from the last few chapters.
  14. Just a quick question. How much time is meant to have passed between the time they left after wedding and them coming back in this latest episode?
  15. You could well be right but this is the length my stories tend to end up being, I'm not sure I can write any longer. Like I said a slower pace or just slight changes to the scenes (you already had) could have made as much difference. I think it might have worked better to just see some signs of things going in the right direction with these characters and the their relationships with each other rather having it fully happen. Since chapter 16, it felt like you were either glossing over major stuff or kinda resorting to plot devices in an attempt to tie everything up in a neat little bow when it came to the relationships between the characters. I also felt like I had to make too many allowances in order to buy the situations you put them in, in order to achieve where you wanted the Nic/Mel and Geoff/Nic relationships to go. Anyways I just thought I'd try to explain what I meant properly. It doesn't really matter though, just felt a bit dissappointed by that. Once again Annie, Jai, and Mel were great. I'm glad that Annie was in there with her. I had to laugh at the bit where Jai came in. I'm going to miss these three and the way you write them with each other the most when this fic ends. Kirsty and Miles parts were good too.
  16. Lots of chapters to catch up with here. This review is for chapter 16 and the ones after. Good couple of chapters. Although the fic is starting to feel like one of those 40 minute long shows where you have a great 35 minute buildup to the issues, angst and whatever crisis that is going and the dynamic between all the characters involved and then everything falls into place and resolved just like that in the last five mintues. And it feels like we are in that last 5 minutes here. I like the direction you're going in, Melody and Nicole coming to an understanding. It's the only way for them to move forward. Nic and Geoff sorting everything out. I don't care about them but them being together means less reading about their relationship issues. But not really sure about the way in which to chose to have that happen. It just feels like you're on some fastrack to resolve everything now instead of just letting it happen in way that it comes off more naturally, whether a slower pace or slight changes to the scenes could have made the difference, I'm not sure. Anyways the writing is still good though. And Jai, Annie and Mel are still awesome together. BTW loved Annie's dig at Jai in the last chapter.
  17. Oh, I know I'm going to do a really bad job of arguing this point and it's probably off topic anyway but here goes.The curious thing about Aden and Nicole's friendship is that, at least until very recently, it's always seemed pretty one-sided.If you think about everything Aden's been through, Nicole's almost always been close at hand.You could argue she's had an ulterior motive sometimes, you could argue she's not very good at helping him, but she's always been there.She went to the hospital to support him when his father was injured and went looking for him when he went out and got drunk.She did a food run for him when he was looking after his father(although she may not have made it there...). She went to see him at the clinic.She took him out for the day when he got out:It was wrong and Roman rightly hauled them both over the coals but she was doing her best to be a good friend to him. - She supported him all the way through the court case, handled the news of his abuse maturely and was the one that he went away with to clear his head afterwards.She encouraged him to make up with Belle and was vocal in her support of them when it all came out(I didn't agree with her but she did it). She tried to get him to go to uni, even going as far as submitting the application for him:Again, he didn't exactly appreciate her efforts but she was doing what she thought was right for him. - She was the one who had enough respect for him to tell him about Belle's addiction and she was the one who persuaded him to go back to her when he initially felt he couldn't handle it. - Even after they'd slept together, she was encouraging him to go and see her in rehab instead of cutting her out. - And she was the one he went to for help when he was planning to propose. I never said that I didn't think they were friends. I just believe they are the kind of friends who you have a laugh with or offers some nice words at times when you're not feeling good. But not the kind you turn to for help when things get tough. It's nice when you have a friend that you can do both with but nothing so far as proved, to me, that they fall in that catergory. And in this above paragraph I think you pointed quite a few of the reasons I think so. So I'll just go through some of them from top to bottom. 1. I'm not saying she didn't care for him but if his wellbeing was her first priority then she would have went straight to him when she first arrived at the hospital instead of getting catty with Belle. Has for going after him, going from all that was said, that was more about her then whats best for him. 2. Trying to get back into his good graces. Infact most of her actions was about that at the time. That and jealousy because he found someone who he liked spending time with. 3. The ditching schoolstuff is further indication what type of friendship they have. Wanting to cheer him up is one thing but a good friend is one that knows when it's time to draw the line. What Aden did was wrong and he needed to face up to the that. This wasn't doing him any good. And if you notice when they cut to his face at the surfclub after Nicole has left (after the pool stuff) it clearly shows Aden not looking to proud of himself either. 4. How else would she react? I'm not sure her reaction was any different then it would have been to finding out about anyone she knows being abused. As for the camping trip this implies that she sat with him planning how to celebrate if he got cleared of trying to kill his father and keeping 3 people hostage. Different case if after the trial he decided to go away for a few nights to clear his head and invited her along, that would be understandable. I was actually very dissappointed in Aden's character there. 5. Wanting him go to uni was fine. Hell, I wanted that. But not respecting his wishes and then going further by inferring with his job is another thing. He didn't need that kind of stress on top off all the stuff that was happening at the time. She doesn't have to agree with his decision but she needs to atleast respect the fact that it's his decision to make. 6. She didn't tell him about the drugs straight away. She only told him after seeing the necklace she bought in the pawnshop, and who exactly in that circumstances wouldn't do the same? I don't think it had anything to do with respect but rather doing what any normal person might do in that situation. As for her advice about going back to her, I didn't actually agree with it. He was wrong to walk out on her but I didn't want him going back for the reasons Nicole gave. Her's was basically "if you don't she might never forgive you". Theres so many reasons he should go back but to do so because she might never take him back if he didn't should be very low on that list. But not surprising advice coming from her. 7. The after they slept together part, I think you glossed over quite a bit there. Like when he got kicked out, rather then trying to salvage the situation by apologising to Roman and hoping he'd let Aden back, she seemed more concerned with the fact that it means her sex-buddy was gone. And then the moment she got hold of him, it didn't matter that the girl he loved walked in on them and he is now facing loosig her for good, her first and only thought was about picking up where they left of. That doesn't seem like much about his well being coming first. It was only after she found Trey and was happy again that she was suddenly able to be "there as a friend" again. Which is one of the many examples of how she only seems to be able to be there for someone when it things are going well for her. 8. He just wanted help picking out a ring. Who else is he going to go to? I'm defintely with you here. We hardly ever see him truly showing much interest in her life, except for afew accasions recently so when Nicole says something like "I only trust a few people and he is one of them" I find it hard to buy. Where exactly does this trust in him come from? All their expierances together, to me most of those don't inspire much trust. With Aden and Nicole's friendship, what their implying I don't see. It's not a case of seeing scenes with it but not really buying into it (like Geoff/Nic being in love). But more to the point that I haven't seen any actually scene that supports what they are going for. And thats it for me. I think we just see this really diferently so it's best to leave it at that. And honestly having to discuss Nicole more then I have to, which I now have to do since they decided to slot her into another storyline with them , is something I'd rather avoid.
  18. Gotta say I'm loving that Aden av of yours :) Even though it keeps distracting me everytime I can pass one of your posts.

  19. Aden was a lot funnier during the small scene with Tony in Friday's episode then Thursday's. Felt a little less forced. Liked his "Alfie" comment as well as the tone he used when he said "I'm getting married'. The scene between Belle and Aden after she arrived home was so sad to watch. It's no wonder though that she is so determined to to make their wedding day as great as she can for him. Her comment to Nicole about trying to make this a day "he'll be able to look back on" was really good. It's was stressed so many time this episode about Nicole and Aden have been through so much together. What hard times has Nicole ever got him through? But more importantly, what exactly have they (Aden and Nic) been through together? All I can think of is when Roman was blind. And then it took barely two days of going through that before they, instead of helping each other through it by staying strong and being there for one another, started dragging each other down by doing things that were making each other feel worse with feelings of guilt, shame and for Aden like he was betraying the man who's done nothing but be there for him, hurting the people around them and complicating their lives further. Yeah, clearly thats a sign of a strong friendship Although from the way the writers were pushing this and trying to lay it on thick in this episode, especially in that scene with Belle and Nicole when talking about the dress, I guess it's saying something they feel they have to do that.
  20. This chapter was sad yet it had an almost calm feeling to it. It actually had that feeling of watching everything thats going on through someone elses eyes, in this case Melody's. That really came across here. Don't know whether that was your intention or not, but I liked it anyway. I don't know if I'm properly explaining what I mean, it made made better sense in my head. The scene between Geoff and Mel was nice. As for Nicole, if I cared about her character I'd probably would be saying "Geoff loves you, you stupid girl so don't do anything you will regret" but I don't so I'm good with it. After all this twist of events has the potential to be interesting. Or at the very least lead to some really good scenes.
  21. I do try and get the timescale right, obviously this isn't canon because Melody isn't back and pregnant in the show but this is one of those stories where I'm imagining that other stuff that isn't directly impacted by that storyline is still happening in sort of the same way. I knew I should have phrased that line better. I was only reffering to the Aden/Belle storyline from the show. I got me wondering since theirs been no mention of anything from anyone about a wedding, whether maybe you are following the storyline because that bit fit in with that chapter of this fic but not the wedding stuff and all. To be honest I was only curious because when I read that part about her and Aden going around to tell everyone and considering when that happens in the show, I then thought back to Aden and Mel having conversation just recently (or what I thought was just recently), my first thought was, 'did all that (Aden and Belle) stuff just happen in that space of time'. I guess I just didn't realise, until I read your reply, thats it's actually been a good few weeks since that scene between Aden and Mel here. Anyways it makes sense, looks like it always as. My mistake for not keeping track properly of how much time is passing between scenes/chapters.
  22. Yesterday's episode was a good one. I know it has been said so many times before but I can't help but point out once again what an amazing actress Jess Tovey is. The scene between Rachel and Belle in the hospital was brilliantly done. I really enjoyed the talk between Belle and Irene as well. This is the kind off stuff I want to see more of in this storyline. That was a nice scene with them at the beginning. I'm making the most of all these happy moments. I liked the Hen's night as well. There was some really funny moments especially with Annie and Colleen. And some sweet ones too. Aden was funny as well. I liked watching Aden and Tony getting along. I'm probably alone here but in that last scene with them together in the kitchen it looked like Tony got a bit uncomfortable there when Aden started talking about him being there for him like Roman and Morag and so on. And tried to just laugh it off and decided to give him the beer as a way to focus his attention elsewhere and stop him from going on. I wouldn't blame Tony if he did feel that way considering the things Aden was saying. After all they've really started interacting as friends a little while ago.
  23. Annie was so cute in yesterday's episode. And funny too. I couldn't help but smile everytime she was onscreen.
  24. I'm well aware of that fact. And I think it should be fairly obvious by now to anyone who reads my comments, in almost any fic, that I prefer to comment by writing down all my thoughts about the characters and plot in detail. For me it's a good thing when a fic leaves me feeling strongly about the characters, enough so that I have all these thoughts going through my head about them, if it didn't then I wouldn't bother reading it. Nice enough talk between Nicole and Mel. As for Geoff's reason for forgetting, I was holding out hope that it would be something understandable, not because I wanted to believe the best in him, but because I didn't want this to turn into a case of all talk and no follow through with Geoff. So I'm glad that doesn't look to be the case here. I still stand by what I said about Mel's reaction though in the last chapter. While it's clear that she was of the mark but I can still see things from her POV as well. Off course knowing the reasons for Geoff forgetting makes him doing so understandable and I'm glad she didn't hold it against him after she found out, not that I think she ever would... but looking at things from her POV before she did and taking into the fact that her hormones all over the place... I think it was realistic reaction. It was sweet that Mel arranged another appointment so he could see the baby. I liked the way you wrote Geoff's part at the end. First his happiness over seeing the baby and then the sadness taking over when he thought about the fact Belle won't be here by the time the baby is born. Small thing about the timescale - Considering you're following the show, does it mean since the time Aden and Mel had that small scene together, Aden found about her dying, they got married anyway, went away, and now came back and told everyone together? Seems like a lot to do in so little time, even for them. And theres the fact that their has been no mention of the wedding by Mel, Nicole, Annie or Geoff. Or is it canon yet slightly different? It's not really important, just wondering.
  25. I didn't enjoy this chapter nearly as much as the last one but it was alright. Nicole and Geoff lost me again. It doesn't bother me that their relationship is back on track, I'm guessing it is anyway, I was just dissappointed in how they got there. They talked yet didn't seem to cover any new ground, the whole scene basically consisted of an "I'm sorry""I'm sorry too" and "you're so understanding""you're so great". I wasn't happy that Geoff didn't feel the need to talk to her about the slap. Melody may not have been seriously hurt but thats just good luck that she wasn't standing someone else. What if she had fell and hit herself on something? For someone who's become this passionate about being a father it surprises me that he wasn't sitting there with those thoughts running through his head about what could have happened to the baby. Loved the scene between Miles and Melody. Miles is great in this fic. I love how supportive he is of her but also the way he has been like the voice of reason throughout this fic. And I'm glad that Melody realised that Geoff or no Geoff she isn't alone in this. I'm not surprised that Nicole tried to defend Geoff but I do think she's going to need to realise that's it's going to take a while before she, after her recent behaviour, gets to make statements like that especially when it comes to situations where the the way someone is talking to him is completely justified considering the circumstances. With Mel giving him so many chances to not be involved and that she can do this on her own only for him to insist on being apart of this and then not showing for the first thing he had to be there for. Then giving him the benefit of the doubt only to walk in and see him there with Nicole and saying he forgot, I wouldn't blame her for flying of the handle in normal circumstances let alone when her hormones are all over the place (not to mention having to deal with what happened in the last chapter). The last thing she needs to is all this stress. It'll be interesting to find out why Geoff missed the appointment. Did he really just forget or did something happen?
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