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Kirsty Sutherland Phillips - Christie Hayes


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I think you all know that I am a big fan of Kirsty's. But I can see how she has become quite hated within the last few months. Her lies and secrets are getting her into trouble, but it's in character and I quite like that.

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I didn't watch Home and Away much when she was first in it. I think I started watching when she was leaving so I was excited too see her come back and see what her character is like. She always seemed really popular on here. I don't like her, to be honest. She is rather annoying. When she comes on the screen, I can't wait for the scene to be over. What she is doing, lying and such is just making me dislike her even more. I'd prefer if Kane came back and they both left the Bay for good. And let Miles get with Leah. :P

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I'm a fan of Kirsty too. The reasons why I like her is that I think she is a believable character and that she makes mistakes. I liked her the first time, but I can see why a lot of people don't like her, but (as Cal said) I think her lies are in character because she spent a few years lying to her family and everyone else in the Bay about her realtionship with Kane. I hope to see her on H&A for a few more months though I hope she will get back together with Kane again soon!

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I love Kirsty!!

I think she gets a hard time from a lot of people but lately I think she has been good.

I cant wait for Kane to show himself to her she isnt going to know what has hit her!!

I just hope they will reunite,although I think Miles and Kirsty are very good for each other and suit.So I think if I had to choose who she should be with it should be Kane :wub:

KK forever

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I have just watched an episode from 2004 and Kirsty was in it and I never realised before how different she was back then to now. I prefered her when she was in it the first time but I do still like her now. Hopefully she chooses Kane over Miles, they're meant for each other.

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I will always love Kirsty, I'm not so fond of her now but back when she was a teen she stole my heart and made me feel like there was actually someone out there I could identify with. Just the fact that she made mistakes is what made her character so real to me. And along with Kane it made me believe there really is such a thing as true love :)

KK are forever.

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I love Kirsty and hope she'll stay in H&A for a good while, it hasn't been the same without her.

I actually love the lying etc it just shows that part of the old Kirsty is there, she has never lied for the sake of it, it is always her way of thinking she is doing the best thing at the time e.g lying to everyone about the escort thing, she was trying to help Kane and protect Miles at the same time.

I think H&A have done great in making her character 'grow up' I just really hope that her, Kane and Ollie stay for a very long time.

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