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  1. Joyeux anniversaire Barbara! Hope you have a nice day :)

  2. Stunning avatars Amy! The colouring is so amazing and I love the softness of the avatars! I esp love the last one and the April/Heath one
  3. OMG! So much Dex & April!!! I love the colouring and also the B/W "colouring"
  4. I love that colouring Sarah! Hope you had fun meeting Lisa and Steve
  5. Sorry to hear about your family Barbara, hope things will get better soon! That is such an amazing update with many beautiful colourings! I esp love the Sasha ones as I think they have an amazing and unique colouring
  6. Lovely update Bec! It's great to see some old characters as well! I'm in love with the last Jade one from the first batch, it has stunning colouring and the cropping is great
  7. Amazing avatars Bec! The colourings are gorgeous, I love the sort of 'soft' one on the first ones and how the colours like the red and blue really stand out on the later ones
  8. OMG Barbara! The colouring on these avatars is absolutely stunning, I love it so much!
  9. Wow, I really need to visit this thread more often! Your avatars are so beautiful and amazing and I'm so in love with your colouring! April/Dex ones are definitely my favourites but also the Nicole ones from post #5510 and the Indi ones and Ruby ones from #5518 stood out to me
  10. Warm Whispers - Missy Higgins From one of my favourite Brothers & Sisters moments
  11. Obsessions - Marina and The Diamonds
  12. Maybe It's Over (feat. Xenia) - Jon Mclaughlin Can't stop listening to it!
  13. Better late than never ;) Thank you so much, Amy! I've had a great day :D

  14. Thank you for the birthday wishes :D

  15. I'm in love with the b&w Belle/Ric one! And it's so nice to see Mattie, Cassie, Ric/Belle, Leah/Dan and Sally/Brad avatars! The colouring is simply stunning
  16. Essential Microbiology IFA Fruit pastilles SeƱor Peregrino and La Peregrina by Cecilia Samartin Yes, it's four, but I bought the two Cecilia books together and got La Peregrina signed
  17. OMG! Mattie/Lucas :wub: They are stunning and I'm definitely saving some! Love the last 4 on the 3rd row, they are very creative! And colouring is beautiful as always
  18. Yes, is it a very beautiful film! Shane's voice is amazing and I love his songs. I'm very in love with Wrecage at the moment and I prefer his version of Somewhere with you (with Ashley Arrison) over Kenny Chesney's :) I've also got my sister to like his songs :)

  19. Amy, so sorry for the late reply, the last days have been busy. I only started listening to Shane's music in May after watching Shelter again! He's not very well known, but I really love his music. Just had to put on his songs again :)

    I'm good! Really busy now that Uni is starting again, but I like it! How are you doing?

  20. Sky - Joshua Radin & Ingrid Michaelson
  21. What a beautiful update, Barbara! The Rabbit ones are amazing! I'm in love with the different colourings, but I esp like the first one. And the cropping is brilliant as well
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