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  1. Ohhh sounds interesting to read! Can't wait for you to post it Hoping to start posting by the weekend.
  2. Heya guys! It’s been a number of years since I wrote any fictions. A lot of people won’t remember me or know who I am. I see a lot of new faces here nowadays. Back when I wrote fics, it was all about Adelle, things have moved on from the show since then! Well, I stumbled across a list of all my old fictions and have decided to resurrect an old idea for an abandoned fiction which I starting writing in 2007. I’m going to keep the name but state it is the 2013 edition. The older version had characters such as Drew/Belle/Lucas and Mattie. The newer version will contain different characters as stated below. Story Title: Turn Back Time (2013 Edition) Type of story: Long Fiction Main Characters: Casey/Sasha/Indi/Romeo/April/Kyle/Ryan (OC) Minor Characters: Sid/Dex/Heath/Brax/Bianca + others BTTB rating: T Genre: Romance/Drama Does story include spoilers: No Any warnings: Minor SC/L. Nothing too heavy planned. Will warn beforehand if this changes. Summary: Sasha left Summer Bay not long after she finished school. Now, she is returning with her long term partner Ryan. She is going to find out that things are very different since she left.
  3. One word: Fantastic. The emotions that Ruby was dealing with you could really see in this fic. It was very well written, I liked how you wrote it. I was hoping that Casey would turn up But he didn't. I loved the ending and how Ruby was so confused about everything she wasn't even listening to the doctor but I would think that would be very realistic as to what women would actually deal with if they were face in this situation. One thing that makes this very good is that it seem like it was real with all the emotions and how she was thinking and feeling. Well done, it was brilliant
  4. Story Title: Troubled (Working on this title...I will probably change it to something else) Type of Story: Long Fic (AU) (36 Chapters) Main Characters: Belle, Mattie, Nicole, Ric, Drew, Aden Minor Characters: Donald, Jennifer (Both OC characters) BTTB Rating: T/A Genre: Drama, Romance, Mixture really. Does the Story Include Spoilers? No Any Warnings: Sexual content, Drug use, Language. (If others, I'll warn before hand) Summary: Belle Taylor is a 23 year old female from Summer Bay. She has just completed her college degree and has been offered a job in Sydney which she takes. She moves in with 24 year old, Matilda Hunter, a girl who left home at 18 and starts a fresh life in the city. However, life is never easy which Belle is soon going to learn that no matter where you live, you will always be faced with problems. It's been a really long time since I wrote a fic but ideas came into my head. And since I love the old teens, I'm using them. I have wrote a summary for each chapter so I know how this is going to go and in what direction. I'll write the first few chapters over the next couple of days and start posting as soon as possible. Summary isn't too good but I don't want to give anything away. The first chapter will explain a lot of what I would have had in the summary. It's a completely different world and the ages of the characters are; Nicole, 22. Belle and Drew are 23 and the rest of the main characters are 24.
  5. Story Title: Return To Summer Bay Type of story: Medium Fic Main Characters: Aden, Belle Minor Characters: Ryan, Amanda + new characters BTTB rating: T Genre: Drama, Friendships, Relationships, Romance Spoilers: Nope Is this story being proof read: No Warnings: If any; mild language Summary: Belle Taylor is a struggling musician living in New York. When she gets a call from her brother Ryan, she returns to Summer Bay and faces all she left behind 6 years before-hand.
  6. Omg, that was just amazing! The ending was so sad, the last line was devastating. I really really enjoyed this fiction, even if it took a while to read your updates I'd love a sequel for this. This was brilliant.
  7. So sorry I haven't commented in so long! I have come on every couple of days seeing if there were any updates on fics, I don't know how I managed to miss like 6 lmao. Great fic! I love how this turned out I didn't see all of this coming. The cancer back and Ben is better now. Your writing is fantastic. I'm looking forward to the next update.
  8. Aww, I missed a couple of chapters...but caught up now! Poor Belle. And Aden...Will she ever be able to trust him again??
  9. Oh no Poor Belle! Please update soon, need to know what happens!
  10. I'm putting my money on Sam or Bradley. Sam - She seemed to be the only one who wasn't showed much on that episode. This could have been done to make us think it she didn't do it. And also, Sam is leaving also. Bradley - The actor is leaving in February (), when we are due to find out. I think it could be Sam more than Bradley though. I'm praying it was her. Get rid of her. I think everyone else is too obvious. But then again, I could be wrong. Can't wait for Syed and Amira's wedding now
  11. Fantastic update! Really showed how much Belle does care for her son. Hope you have a great holiday, we'll all be here waiting for an update when you get back
  12. That was fantastic. I have to agree with the others, someone is going to get hurt...And I think it could be Nicole. After all those years, she has a bond with Ben. Now Belle and Aden are back, they'll want to get to know their son, even if Ben isn't aware of who his real parents are. Please update soon!
  13. Aww, Nic and Cameron were cute together (: I loved Belle and Aden on the phone, they seemed happy, like all was forgiving for a minute. And Aden's last line Please update soon.
  14. Two fantastic updates. Really looking forward to seeing what happens when they arrive in Summer Bay
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