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  1. ^It feels more like a summary of 2010 than an actual review. I would've liked your opinions on the story lines, characters, etc.
  2. You might wanna change your link in your signature aye...?

  3. About 6-8 weeks So does that mean Wednesday and Friday's episodes were filmed 6-8 weeks ago and Thursday's episode was filmed on Thursday? It must have been extremely difficult for them to set up the wreckage again just for the live episode. Continuity would have been so hard! Not to mention they'd be bringing back Vicky Binns to film her final scenes after a 6-8 week absence.
  4. How far in advance are regular Coronation Street episodes filmed?
  5. Yes, Ashley's dead. Not a spoiler. It has been confirmed on the official site.
  6. Nathan.


    News reports suggest that Blaine might be becoming a series regular. He got an AWESOME response from fans.
  7. Nathan.


    The promo for the 'Rocky Horror' ep is AMAZING. I can't believe I have to wait two weeks for it. 'Duets' was really good. I loved to see a different, more serious side to Brittany when she was apologizing to Artie. But I really thought that the Brittana make-out scene was out-of-place.
  8. Nathan.


    Britney/Brittany - amazing episode. Really loved it. But I think I'm more looking forward to "Grilled Cheesus" next week. It looks set to be VERY emotional, and I love these eps of Glee.
  9. Nathan.


    What? Really? Since she's now at Vocal Adrenaline and still at McKinley I assumed we would be seeing more of her *shrugs*. Not the case. She's not at McKinley anymore. She's transferred to the school that Vocal Adrenaline belongs to, but we won't be seeing them until after Sectionals next year in January/February. Add to that: The previews of the songs in the Britney episode are here. I'm not really liking 'Toxic', but I'm LOVING Artie's 'Stronger'. I don't know how fitting Paramore's 'The Only Exception' is in the episode but we'll see when it airs. I'm not a fan of Brittany's voi
  10. Nathan.


    I agree with everything you said about the first episode. CAN'T WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK! It's a pity you've warmed to Charice though. This ep was her first and final appearance on Glee this year.
  11. Nathan.


    'Telephone' by Sunshine and Rachel 'Billionaire' by Sam, Artie, Puck and Finn 'Listen' by Sunshine 'What I Did For Love' by Rachel 'Empire State of Mind' by the cast ENJOY!
  12. Nathan.


    ^I have. And BECKY - "That's just embarrassing" Sue is a bad influence on her. I think so he can be closer to Quinn.
  13. Nathan.


    ^Do you not mean Quinn/Santana? I'm excited about EEK! Can't wait!
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