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  1. Thanks Dan. Bit of a disappointment, really, isn't it? I'm with Light of the Bay on this one. Think I'll give them a miss...except maybe the Charlie vision ep.
  2. Do we know which eps are on during Brax week? (Only one I'm really interested in, lol.)
  3. He said it was going to take a year! I don't know what's going to happen with Tony except that , but it had better be good. They've dragged it out for so long and stretched our suspension of disbelief to breaking point (Maria falling for the guy who basically admitted to her that he'd killed her husband?!), so they owe us a really good pay-off. I'm guessing it will all happen at Christmas?
  4. It's a technicality, but Trina wasn't murdered. She fell and Lucas refused to help her, then covered up the fact that he'd been there.
  5. I really want Archie to kill Janine! I agree with you that Bianca and Ricky have been a good addition (particularly with the kids) but Janine is boring me. She was brilliant before but it's got to the point where they're just rehashing her old storylines over and over again. I like that idea. Maybe it will finally cause the stars to fall from Zainab's eyes where Syed's concerned? Although I'd bet money that Masood will embark on a full-blown affair with Jane as a result, which is too predictable IMO.
  6. Really? I'm the complete opposite - I would have said that it can't possibly get any worse, so bring on the new guy! Aside from the occasional interesting storyline/character I think the show has gone downhill massively over the last few years.
  7. That's exactly what everyone else is thinking - everyone except the writers. It seemed so obviously the right thing to do, and I have real trouble believing that Sam would refuse to return for a couple of episodes if it meant finally wrapping up KK's story properly, but the writers appear to have lost interest in what the viewers genuinely want.
  8. But if she was a slim woman, they wouldn't make her character the way she is. I'd have no problem with it if she was just a loser (awful word, sorry). But the way they constantly refer to her weight makes it the overlying issue, even though it shouldn't really come into it. They constantly go on about it - even Shirley as her supposed best friend is always ridiculing her about her over-eating. It gives such a bad impression of obese people when in reality most of them lead perfectly normal lives.
  9. I just don't understand why Eastenders is constantly praised for featuring an overweight character, when all they do is make a laughing stock of her. So Heather is fat, so what? So are millions of other people in this country, it's hardly an unusual thing and it doesn't determine every aspect of a person's life. Are we really supposed to believe that the only person she could get to have sex with her is an immature young boy half her age? I think Eastenders should be ashamed of themselves for their ignorance and superficiality.
  10. I thought it was appalling. As if Eastenders couldn't sink any lower, they go and make the father Darren?! Such bad taste.
  11. Ok, I realise that the tendency to bring people back from the 'dead' in soaps over recent years has led to people being suspicious whenever a favourite character dies, but seriously, we saw her die! Aden shook her dead body and tried to wake her up, for goodness sake. The reason we don't see her get buried is because the whole storyline has been so rushed it was almost like they couldn't wait to get rid of her (or else she got cremated ). Sad as it may be, she isn't coming back.
  12. I never liked Sam (either actress) so I'm not looking forward to it, but the storyline potential is huge and if they do something interesting with her it could be good. I do think it's slightly insulting to Kim Medcalf that they're bringing Daniella back though - they're blatantly doing it because Daniella will bring in so much publicity. Personally I think they should have asked Kim first, then if she said no they should have left it at that. She played Sam really well for years and to ignore the fact that she was ever there is a little unfair.
  13. I'm finding it increasingly unlikely that Phil would attract so many women in the first place, let alone someone young and gorgeous like Dawn. He's meant to have some kind of rugged charm, but in truth he's bald and fat with an obnoxious personality, an alcohol problem and he still lives with his mother! What is there to like exactly?
  14. Cup of tea. It's cold again (the weather, not the tea!).
  15. With Libby and Owen, I just don't see how she'd ever forgive him, let alone so easily. I know he's her dad, but she seems to have forgotten all about what happened at the first sign of an apology. Let's not forget he tried to drown her! Not to mention beating up her mum on numerous occasions and taking them hostage. I do think Owen is a brilliant villain though so it will be interesting to see what he gets up to when he comes back, but as with Nasty Nick I find it gets old when characters keep on forgiving people who are blatantly evil through and through.
  16. No, they aren't back together, but they do share a house. I'm not against the idea of a gay Muslim character, but with Syed I feel that that's all he is. It's like they've taken this Muslim character and thought, what can we do with him that will get people talking? When really being gay just doesn't fit with his character. I actually think it would have been better if Tamwar had turned out to be gay (although not in a relationship with Christian, obviously!). I could totally see that happening, but with Syed I just don't buy it.
  17. Actually, quite the opposite. I think they're doing it purely for the sake of being controversial. I don't buy Syed as a gay or even bisexual character - he never showed the slightest hint of it until recently, in fact when he joined the show they billed him as the show's latest 'hunk' and made a big thing about him and Amira being the new golden couple, and consequently I get the feeling the writers have come up with the idea on a whim. Actually I don't think any of the storylines at the moment are particularly convincing. Dawn and Phil's affair, Peggy reconciling with Archie, Heather's pr
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