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Kirsty Sutherland Phillips - Christie Hayes


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More freedom? Kirsty is now an adult and a mother. It is about time that Kirsty grows up and takes responsibility for her actions and stops lying.

True, but I think the reason she's behaving that way is because she's been forced into a role that she doesn't feel ready for or comfortable with. She's already a divorcee with a young son, which is a huge responsibility for anyone that age, but on top of that she's now a mother figure to two kids who aren't that much younger than her (and troubled kids at that) and she's being pressured into having another child by a man she's only been seeing for a short time. It's no wonder she doesn't know how to handle things. Of course it's partly her own fault for letting herself get into that situation in the first place, but she was in a very vulnerable position when she got together with Miles and obviously felt grateful to have a home and a family around her again. She's making a lot of stupid decisions but I don't think it's entirely her fault by any means.

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I don't think it's fair to blame Miles.Kirsty knew he was a foster parent when she met him so nobody forced her into anything,nor do i think he's tried to force her into having a child.I don't think it's unreasonable for him to want a child and he did actually say that he'd be willing to wait until she was ready.He only got overenthusiastic when Kirsty lied and said she'd gone off the pill.It's clear he loves her,he forgives her for every lie she tells.

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I don't want to suggest Kirsty and Miles should split up because I don't want them to but they can't really go on the way they are, with a lack of honesty.I think Kirsty does love Miles, she's not just with him because he's convenient or offers security, she could have had that with Kane.Miles isn't entirely blameless in this whole thing, he went into a sulk when Kirsty first said she didn't want a baby and kept dropping hints when he should have left it alone at least for a while.But Kirsty crossed the line into deceiving him.I think they both need to sit down, talk things through properly, work out what they both want from their relationship and see if they can come up with a compromise.

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Her deliberately leading him into a false sense of security regarding her desire to have another baby is just going to lead to more pain and heartache that neither need or deserve but they cannot go on the way they are. Miles and Kirsty deserve to respect each other a lot more than they have been doing.

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It will be boring just to have everyone you love on the show i always love hating people

I love Kirsty she is the bee's knees Leah has gotten so boring lately all she does is cook or her boyfriends dies or goes to jail how fun

And its funny people make her sound like a real you know what but she isnt that bad Like Sam, Zoe, Sarah, Amanda, Angie & Josey

But i guess its ok for Zoe because she was funny

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