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Moving TV Moments

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As the title suggests, this thread is about moments in TV (from dramas, comedies, docos, news, ect.) that have moved you, mine are as follows

“There’s been an accident.” – Curve Ball, 15/Love.

The characters, Megan and Sebestian were chosen to participate in a tennis contest in London, which makes some of the other characters jealous. After a day long tennis tournament at the school, news reaches them that Meg and Seb have been in an aviation crash, in which their were no survivors, the main characters then react in their own way to the news, the actors drawing from the deaths of Vadim Schneider and Jaclyn Linetsky, who played the characters, on the way to the set, Jackie and Vadim were involved in a car accident, when their driver lost control of the mini-van they were in, crashing into a tractor/trailer, Vadim was thrown out of the windscreen, being killed instantly, Jackie later went into cardiac arrest in an ambulance, and died. The driver was later sued.

Click HERE to see a clip from the episode

Life Can Change In An Instant – Home & Away

Where do I begin? There are so many, Leah breaking down after Dan’s death, or Tony running slow-mo towards Beth’s lifeless body

The Day The World Changed – News[i/]

The September 11 attacks being reported on the news, I was sick, and couldn’t get to sleep on the night of the attack, I was watching Ten news with Sandra Sully, as she reported the news about the first plane, and I watched as the second plane went in and it was declared as a terrorist attack.

Goodbye, Farewell & Amen – M*A*S*H

Watching in syndication, I found the series finale moving, especially as it dealt with the issue that medical officers during the wars all don’t remain sane, I was moved as Hawkeye dealt with the issue of being declared stress-induced insane as he watched a woman kill her own child, which he blamed himself for.

The Finale - Will & Grace

The ending just moved me, nd Jack & Karen's duet at the end almost made me cry as they sang about people thinking that they were unforgettable.

What are some of yours?

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I just have Angel's theme from Buffy playing in my head... that's heartbreaking enough as it is. In this instance, it's reminding me of Buffy telling him, "I felt your heart beat," and telling him that she wouldn't forget the day of bliss they had when he became human... but of course then the day was taken back, and she forget it all because it never happened... but Angel remembered everything... :(

Angel and Cordelia watching Doyle's terrible ad for Angel Investigations after he dies saving a bunch of people... Infinitely sadder to watch with the knowledge that the actor is now dead :(

I don't know... there are hundreds - thousands of moments. Nearly everything regarding the explosion at Babylon in QAF was hard to watch. Ugh... Not to mention peaceful, non-violent Ben beating the crap out of some random *blank* that said that Michael should have died... :angry:

I don't know. I'll pretty much cry at anything on TV these days lol.

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The OC, episode 1-14, when Ryan arrives at Oliver's New Years party in time to kiss Marissa, he tells her he loves her, she replies "Thank you," predictably mirroring their exchange at the start of the episode.

In Home and Away: Hearts Divided, when Rhys tries to pull Kirsty out of a temporarily paralyzed Kane's hospital room, and he "unexpectedly" gets to his feet and stops him.

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Roswell - When Maria screams and runs to Michael and then you find out about Alex. Plus the end with Liz when she is sorting out the pictures. Another thing that gets me is the Isabel/Alex scene in the season 2 finale where she is at his grave. It's a shame they butchered the scene by changing the song from Perfect Memory by Remy Zero.

Home & Away - The 2004 cliffhanger with the gunshots and Dani's scream. The moment that really sends me spiralling is the reveal episode when the end of the flashback begins, with Noah running after Sarah and... damn, I hated that moment because the camera work was awesome. The music made it aswell.

Alias - Season 2 finale, with the finale moments. Plus the whole Irina ending up evil in season 5 just about killed me.

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There's been many, I'm sure I'll post heaps later but a few that stand out for me...

McLeods / Claire Dying: The whole car hanging by a cliff with Charlotte crying in the backseat and Tess and Claire emotional as well was just heartbreaking. Then Tess finally got out along with Charlotte and when she tried to tie the back of the ute to a tree but the rope was too small; Tess's reaction to that just made me cry. And then the car finally gave way, tumbling down the hill. Tess ran back to Drovers crying with Charlotte in her arms and then the finale scene when Alex had the engagement ring on the bed and Tess saw it and then she broke down... It was all too sad. The episode was written very well. Back when the show was in its prime. Don't watch it now :P

Buffy / The Gift: It's been awhile since I last saw the episode, but from memory something along the lines of Buffy sacrifing herself for Dawn when she jumped into all that energy. The images of Dawn just standing there crying after Buffy jumped and the whole Scooby gang coming together around Buffy's body were all too sad. The way they were all staged was great. Spike breaking down in tears was also upsetting. Though the thing that probably got me the most was Buffy's speech to Dawn and the music that played over the top of it.

Friends / The Last One: When Ross went from one airport to another trying to stop Rachel and in the end she chose Paris over him :( Few scenes later when he listened to his voice message from Rachel and she began to apoligize then she starts going "What am I doing? I love you... I love you." And you hear over the answering machine Rachel trying to get off the plane and all the dialogue from there got all emotional. Something like

Ross: Did she get off the plane!? Did she get off the plane!?

Rachel: I got off the plane.

And she's standing in the doorway. Sealed with a kiss. :P Nawwwwwwwww. I couldn't help but not smile. After ten years they finally got it together :lol:

I have heaps more but these were some at the top of my head. BTW, good topic :P

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Well, I'm not gonna include the news things, here's my favourite TV moments when it comes to drama etc.


The one the morning after: When Rachel tells Ross it's over between them.

The last one: Ross comes back from the airport to find a message from Rachel. Rachel come back, and then they even manage to make it funny between all the beautifulness, when Rachel says "Okay, this is it, alright? No more messing around, this is you and me!" and then Ross says "Unless we're on a break..." Classic! :lol:

That '70s show

People might not think this one is that great, but I thought it was just fantastic when Donna went outside on New Years Eve (the series finale episode) after Eric didn't make it home in time, and then he comes back after all. Kinda similar to the Friends one really, but still a great moment.


Olymic Cliffhanger '04, when Sarah held the residents hostage while Dani and the police were trying to get to them in time, but then she ended up shooting Noah.

Queer as Folk

Season 1 finale: when Brian shows up to Justin's prom and Chris attacks Justin. It's so heartbreaking when Brian realized there's nothing he can do.

Season 3 finale: It's all very emotional in the last few scenes when Stockwell loses the election, Michael and Hunter decide to run away and Brian gives them his car.

Season 4: Vic and Debbie's last fight, Vic dying afterwards. Brian telling Debbie he has cancer.

Season 4 finale: Michael and Brian crosses the finish line and complete the Liberty ride together.

Season 5: The bomb at Babylon, Brian turning around to find Justin and Michael, and then telling Justin he loves him. Also the aftermath with Ben attacking the Prop 14 people at Drew's speech.

Season 5 finale: Probably my favourite among them all, the last scenes of the series finale from Mel and Lindsay leave, Justin say goodbye to Brian and Michael takes Brian back to dance together one last time at Babylon.

It's so hard to pick, I have so many favourites! I watch waaay too much television :P

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There is only three moments for me. All in Buffy.

Season 2 - Final episode.

- Buffy has to send Angel back to hell(?) so she "kills" him. The scene when she's walking back home with the sad music.... :(!

Season 5 - Final Episode (The Gift)

- Dawn was being a selfish cow so she didn't jump off the tower, so Buffy had to do it. :P Then we got these little Buffy voices while she was dying, then it cut to a scene where she was on top of some rubble that was conveniently placed there. During all that we had uber-sad music (which I have on my iPod), we then get taken to a scene where we see Buffy's grave. :(

Season 6 - Not sure which episode, but you WILL remember it.

- Those three idiots tried to kill Buffy, so Warren(?) shot at their house and hit both Buffy and Tara. Tara died! :(

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Season 6 - Not sure which episode, but you WILL remember it.

- Those three idiots tried to kill Buffy, so Warren(?) shot at their house and hit both Buffy and Tara. Tara died! :(

Oh god, yes :(. Seeing Red... Pretty shocking/awesome when Willow kills Warren, and then in season 7 where she becomes him... yeesh. Talk about harsh.

Oh, which reminds me of one of the best and worst moments in Buffy - Giles finding Angelus' "gift"... Jenny dead in his bed... :(

There should really be a spoiler warning on this thread :P. Although I suppose that did happen 6 years ago...

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