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  1. Oranges and Sunshine. Emily Watson and Hugo Weaving were superb.
  2. It's been AGES since I've checked out your artwork. It's all stunning, as usual. I really love the Dex/Casey stuff from a few posts back. Totally ship them, too. I love the colouring on them all!
  3. I really loved the ending Jen. It was so optimistic and sweet. And as I said earlier, this is perhaps the most awesome fic I have ever read. I really enjoyed this fic, and I hope (well... can't wait until... ) you write more Dex/Casey.
  4. Again, wonderful chapter. I love drunk!Dex. I could just picture it. Am I allowed to use the word 'brilliant' again? Because that's what this chapter was. Looking forward to the next chapter.
  5. Just caught up again. I loved the last chapter. I could actually picture that happening in the actual show. I cannot wait to see what happens next. (You see, normally I would have said this chapter was brilliant, amazing or incredible, but I find that every time I comment on this fic I use those words, and was trying to be a little different this time )
  6. Witness for the Prosecution, the 1957 film with Marlene Dietrich.
  7. Thanks for adding me as a friend. I've added back, hope that's alright :)

  8. Read the last two chapters. Both brilliant, as usual. And I guess there's not much left for me to say but mirror everybody else's comments. Also, another Harry Potter reference! What are you trying to do, turn this into the most awesome fic that I've ever read .
  9. You have no idea how much this update has cheered me up. Again, so well written. I love how the story's advancing. Also... Harry Potter reference FTW! (However, I must be one of the few who finds Hermione's know-it-allness cute and endearing, not annoying...)
  10. Thanks Catherine . They were my favourite group too.
  11. Just caught up. Amazing. Yeah, I think that's the only way to describe this. And intense. Part five, especially. I'd give you a detailed rundown, like you did for my fic, but for some reason, all I can see is Dex applying hair gel to Casey. Funny, that. The characterisation of both Dex and Casey is nothing short of fantastic, by the way.
  12. Miranda's kind of summed up my feelings. It's just pure and utter brilliance. So well written and the characterisation of Dex was just so fantastic. I loved it. So much. Also, yay for more slash in the fandom .
  13. Thanks, Jen . Also, I'm thinking of writing a Dex/Casey fic if I can come up with a story. Now that you've put it in my mind, I can't unsee it.
  14. I had so much fun writing Wikipedia Said You'd Do This..., I've put The Unquiet Grave on hold for now to write another slash fic. Story Title: This Staircase Is Famous, You Know. Type of story: One Shot Main Characters: Lucas, Ric BTTB rating: T/A Genre: Fluffish Drama, Romance Does story include spoilers: No Warnings: Minor swearing, sexual references Summary: Lucas has gone to Oxford and Ric is unhappy. There’s a visit, during which Lucas pines and Ric kicks things. This isn't a sequel, and is entirely stand alone. No idea when it'll be posted, but hopefully soon.
  15. About as wrong as me replying to your reply to my reply to your reply. I ship him with Romeo. No idea why, I just do. Once I've seen a bit more of Casey, I'll probably ship them too. So yeah. More slash is on the way, I hope. Probably more Lucas/Ric.
  16. First things first. Amazing comment. Never had somebody analyse any of my fics. I guess I should be proud (and maybe a little freaked out ). And now, in response to your response... I have no idea why there is very little slash and femslash in this fandom. I mean every other fandom invokes Rule 34 with every second or third fic, so I don't see why H&A of all things should be the exception. Also, I ship Lucas/Geoff too. And Aden/Geoff. And once shipped Belle/Matilda. I may have to continue writing slash. I hate when soaps and other shows always have the character have a Big Gay Freakout. Sometimes it's so unrealistic. And I just thought Ric was the kind of character who would accept it. And it was easier to write . And my work here is done... I debated so hard on whether to put that line in. But I'd established earlier that they used to date, and Belle would be the kind of person to ask that. It seemed a pretty normal reaction to me. Can I just say, this is perhaps the greatest compliment I have ever received? So... yeah... Thanks .
  17. Thank you so much Carina and Red Ranger 1, I really appreciate your comments .
  18. Thanks Jen. Should be posted soon. I'm currently trying to decide how to end it. I want to go all angsty, but fluff is prevailing at the moment.
  19. It's been ages since I wrote anything, so I don't know how well this is going to go. I've started two fics, one almost finished, another, the first chapter has been completed... Story Title: Wikipedia Said You'd Do This... Type of story: One-shot/Short-fic Main Characters: Lucas, Ric, Belle. BTTB rating: Still undecided, probably an A though. Genre: Romance, fluff-ish angst, humor. Does story include spoilers: Nope. Any warnings: Sexual references Summary: In which the boys discover sex, and feelings and stuff. PREVIEW: For four whole days Lucas ignored him. He left for school early, so Ric got to his house every morning only to find from Matilda that he had already been gone for about half an hour. In form, Lucas sat with some of the overtly poetic and slightly pious people he was sort-of friends with in his literature class, and he disappeared off at lunchtimes to go read Shakespeare's sonnets, or translate the works of Jane Austen into binary code or whatever it was that Lucas did, and always managed to go off at the end of the day faster than Ric could catch up with him. It's slash, and Lucas/Ric. I'm probably the only person left who ships them though. The second: Story Title: The Unquiet Grave Type of story: One-shot/Short-fic Main Characters: Matilda, Ric, Cassie, Lucas, Drew BTTB rating: T or A. Genre: Drama, angst. Does story include spoilers: No Any warnings: Language Summary: On the tenth anniversary of a friends death, those closest to her gather in remembrance. These should be posted soon, hopefully.
  20. Regina Spektor - Human of the Year
  21. Thanks for the birthday wishes Reilly :).

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